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"Best of VSRF" Tonight

Attempts to discredit the New Zealand data fall short. Way short. Anyone want to bet me I got it wrong?

VSRF LIVE Tonight: Civil Rights Attorneys Dale Saran and Brian Festa

Exclusive: Stunning new charts from the New Zealand record-level data shows a large sex effect that should not happen in a safe vaccine

NZ data shows up to 20% higher mortality for males that declines after each shot. How can there be such a large dose dependency if the shot is safe?

Yet another flawed "fact check" on the NZ data

The NZ data is crystal clear evidence that the COVID vaccine is deadly. A simple, stunning example.

Tonight: The Immune Escape Pandemic and 'White Lung' Pneumonia.

My email conversation with Sarah Caul at the UK ONS

Medicare death data confirms the COVID vaccines are killing people. No more doubts. Same anomaly in all 5 countries.

Kim Dotcom discusses my New Zealand analysis with Dr. Shiva who claims it is worthless; I'm not allowed to speak.

People who run from debate challenges aren't scientists

Newly Leaked Data Shows Just How Dangerous the COVID Vaccines Are

"Shootout at the OK Corral" this Sat, 9am PST on X Spaces

VSRF LIVE Tonight: John Beaudoin, Sr. on CDC Corruption

Health New Zealand: Where is your analysis of your data? Why aren't you publishing it?

It's always the last dose that gets you

WARNING!!! MEGA and Wasabi can screw you if, in their sole opinion, they think you MIGHT have violated their AUP

Wasabi turned off my account without notice and won't reactivate it; I have a new bulletproof provider

It's time for criminal charges to be filed against the NZ Ministry of Health officials. NOW!

MIT presentation: Leaked data from Health New Zealand confirms that the COVID vaccines increased mortality

My MIT Speech, Tonight

Russell Brand joins the VSRF Roast tonight!

Which abstract do you like the best for my new paper on what the record-level data shows about the COVID vax?

Can you spot the unsafe vaccine?

Was John Senden's Parkinson's disease caused by the COVID vaccine?

Don't worry. The "Counter Disinformation Project" will go after the evildoers!

I'll be speaking at MIT on Nov 30 on what the record-level data shows about the COVID vaccines

Don't worry. The FDA and CDC looking out for your safety!

Meet Ben Haynes: Director of Media Relations for the CDC

Rob Schneider, Dr. Robert Malone, Five Times August, Joseph Arthur, Dr. Pierre Kory, Dr. Aseem Malhotra, and more.

"Is it safe?" (part II)

Did you know that metformin can be used to treat COVID? It is truly "safe and effective."

Cody's Fight is Our Fight

My MIT talk on Nov. 30: The red-pill event of the decade.

An open letter to the New Zealand Ministry of Health: an offer you can't refuse

Remembering Jane Thomsen of New Zealand

VSRF LIVE Tonight: Celebrating Music UnCancelled

Opportunities like this don't come often

I just offered MIT Institute Professor Robert Langer $10M to debate me about COVID vaccine safety on Nov 30 at MIT

Epic Fail: MedCram founder tries to prove that anecdotes are unreliable

VSRF LIVE Tonight: We the People vs. the W.H.O.

Stock Prediction #2

Something really big is going to happen in the next 90 days

The one question they cannot answer

BREAKING: Israeli MoH data released in March 2023 proves the vaccines are killing people. How come nobody noticed?? Hello!?!?

VSRF LIVE Tonight: The Legal Fight for the Soul of Medicine

Rasmussen poll: A stunning 42% of Americans would likely join a class action lawsuit against COVID vax makers if it was permitted by law

How long will it be before the public demands that the COVID vaccines be banned?

My current thinking on Moderna stock

Today only: My "double your money back" subscription guarantee

We have been vindicated. The COVID vaccine killed hundreds of thousands of Americans and now we can prove it to anyone who will listen

BREAKING: "Died Suddenly" is being caused by the COVID vaccines

If you control the data, you control the narrative

The most important poll of my life

My "Died too young" survey

"Vaccine" killed 3.5X more Americans than COVID virus

VSRF LIVE 100th Episode Tomorrow: Time To Sue Pfizer?

Please take my 90 second reader survey!

The UK government's COVID vaccine data is unreliable

Please join me at the RFK Jr. fundraiser in Silicon Valley on October 28, 2023 at 6:30pm

Exclusive: Video interview with 3 experts reveals evidence that the drug companies knew about the SV40 promoter, yet decided to conceal it from the regulators

The vaccines are adulterated. The FDA should take them off the market. New court ruling shows how vax manufacturers are liable.

MSU Professor Mark Skidmore was exonerated by MSU; his landmark paper showing over 250,000 killed by the COVID vaccine is now back in the peer-reviewed literature

How accurate are X polls? Let's find out!

If they really want to stop misinformation, the scientific literature says that they should agree to public discussions

"OK, you were right. We admit the vaccine is contaminated with SV40, but we found some experts who think it's not a problem."

Tonight on VSRF LIVE: How to defeat America's corrupt elite with Will Witt

The "died suddenly" vax vs. unvaxxed statistics tell you everything you need to know

VA study published in JAMA shows that COVID *and* flu shots don't reduce your risk of hospitalization

One of the most important health events of the year in San Jose.

Dr. Aseem Malhotra, MD Tonight on VSRF LIVE!

Why litigation is our best path forward

The US nursing home data is devastating for the narrative: FINAL GRAPHS

Tonight on VSRF LIVE: Healing Vaccine Injuries and Other Chronic Diseases with Dr. J.P. Saleeby, MD.

Join me tonight in San Mateo to peacefully protest Anthony Fauci

They are coming after our kids.

Western Australia health authority data shows we are killing 5 people for every person we might save if the vaccine worked (which it doesn't)

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Will you help sponsor "The Great Autism Debate" for just $5? It likely won't cost you a dime!

VSRF Live Tonight: I'm back!

Vax-Unvax: Let the Science Speak is highly recommended

Former Omaha police detective reveals 50% of SIDS cases happened within 48 hours post vaccine

Investment opportunities (available only to my high net worth followers)

VSRF LIVE Tonight: The Crisis of the Vaccine Injured

Further analysis of the US Nursing home data shows the COVID vaccine increased risk of death from COVID for the elderly

Even more evidence that nobody should wear a face mask

I'll be attending the RFK Jr. fundraiser in Silicon Valley on October 28, 2023 at 6:30pm

VSRF LIVE Tonight: An Update from the RFK Jr. Super PAC

Do you know what "safe and effective" means according to the CDC? I'm going to tell you.

Further analysis of US Nursing Home data proves, once again, the vaccines made it more likely for the elderly to die

Major whoops: JAMA paper shows the COVID vaccines didn't help the elderly at all

VSRF LIVE TONIGHT: The Next Covid "Crisis"

US Nursing home data shows clearly that the COVID vaccines were a disaster for the elderly; they increased the risk of dying from COVID

CDC Nursing Home Data: The vaccine increased the risk of the elderly dying from COVID

VSRF LIVE Tonight: One-on-One with Former Pfizer Executive, Mike Yeadon, PhD

Save Maui Concert this Saturday, September 2 on Rumble

Vaccinated people are over 2X more likely to get COVID than the unvaccinated. Whoops!

How many times have you had COVID?

VSRF Live Tonight: Update from Maui and the Return of the Mandates

UPenn Professor Jeffrey Morris tries to discredit me and fails...badly, very badly

The Mandates Are Back

83% of the residents of a nursing home died in a month. Can we talk about it?

US nursing home data shows clearly that the COVID vaccines made the elderly MORE likely to die from COVID. Whoops!

VSRF Live Tonight: Pediatrician Dr. Renata Moon, MD and the Purging of Academic Dissent

New police testimony + peer-reviewed literature both show vaccines ARE causing SIDS: No doubt about it!

Go ahead... get your COVID booster. Nothing to worry about. These are all coincidences.

Vaccines are causing most Type I diabetes

Why you can't trust the US government data

Apple Valley Village Health Care Center saw >7X higher COVID death rates after COVID vax rollout. Wasn't it supposed to decrease rates?

My "conversation" with Consumer Watchdog Executive Director Carmen Balber about vaccine safety

Nurse reveals that the COVID vaccine killed nearly 20% of patients at her facility

My short "conversation" with Alison Singer, Co-Founder and President of the Autism Science Foundation, on whether vaccines can cause autism

BREAKING: Early onset dementia is being caused by the COVID vaccine (~25X increase)

VSRF Live Tomorrow: Dr. Peter McCullough, MD

BREAKING: Over 25% of elderly residents of a SNF died within a 4-week period after getting the COVID jab in December 2020

What do the real stats look like for geriatric practices and nursing homes post-vaccine? Please take this very important survey.

Jay Bonnar's anecdote is statistically impossible if the COVID vaccines are safe

VAERS data is crystal clear: The COVID vaccines are killing an estimated 1 person per 1,000 doses (676,000 dead Americans)

Two verifiable anecdotes are the mathematical proof that vaccines cause SIDS and autism

VSRF Live Tomorrow: Young Athletes Falling

COVID vaccines increase risk of serious cardiac events by 18X

The more early childhood vaccines, the higher the infant death rate

If you have any family members aged 10 to 25, please take this very short survey now

How often do USC basketball players get cardiac arrests?

Rob Schneider on VSRF Live Tonight

How I turned my health dramatically around making a few simple changes

Doctor call provides even more evidence that vaccines are the leading cause of autism and SIDS

How Do Vaccines Cause Autism?

I'll be on Dr. Drew today at 3pm

VSRF LIVE Tonight: Dr. Aaron Kheriaty vs The Censorship State

Can anyone explain the alarming rise in disability in both the US and UK?

VAERS data shows that vaccines cause autism

Is the CDC totally blind to all the adverse events from the COVID vaccines?

BREAKING: VAERS data clearly shows that the COVID vaccines are an unmitigated disaster for pregnant women

A golden opportunity to stop the vaccine misinformation spreaders

Over 1M Americans are likely severely vaccine injured by the COVID vaccines

Are death and taxes both inevitable? You'll be surprised to learn this may not be true.

VSRF LIVE Tonight: We Will Not Comply

Tonight: VSRF LIVE: Investigating Covid Vaccine Contamination with Kevin McKernan

The most damaging paper of the pandemic was published in The Lancet for <24 hours before they censored it

Health Feedback attempts to discredit me

Why can't we talk about the evidence that vaccines cause autism and other "untouchable" topics?

Why my informal Twitter polls are so valuable

The best way to settle an argument about "what the science says" is with a collaborative experiment

What do two top MIT scientists do when presented with compelling evidence that vaccines cause autism?

Doctors Heather Gessling & Kat Lindley on VSRF Live Tonight

Will UCSF Professor Vinay Prasad "walk the talk" by agreeing to debate qualified scientists who disagree with him?

How you can show the world that I am spreading misinformation

James Lyons-Weiler challenges Professor Martin Kulldorff on vaccines and autism

Paul Offit is trying to gaslight you. Here are the facts.

No honest government anywhere in the world (but here's how YOU can change that)

If they try to gaslight you with their data, simply respond with better data

Highly acclaimed Madsen study (2002) is the wrong way to determine whether MMR causes autism

My written debate with Jonathan Howard MD on COVID vaccines for kids

My written debate with Jonathan Howard MD on whether vaccines cause autism

Dr. Jessica Rose, PhD on the VSRF Update Tomorrow

I'll donate $50K if Paul Offit takes the entire CDC recommended vaccine schedule in one sitting

New Cleveland Clinic study: Shots make you MORE likely to get COVID, not less likely

Vaccines cause SIDS

If vaccines don't cause autism, then how do you explain all this evidence?

The full story behind the alleged bet with Avi Bitterman

Tonight on VSRF LIVE: Mikki Willis

Gorski's latest hit piece about me: Epic fail

FOIA request reveals that California isn't able to do adequate vaccine safety studies

Do you have a child or grandchild who died from SIDS?

Who is "Dr. Jonathan E. Canuck" really?

Will any qualified person challenge me 1-on-1 on anything I claim to be true? I doubt it.

VSRF Update Tomorrow: Tom Renz

Is your medical practice willing to participate in IRB-approved medical research?

Join us: Elon Musk and RFK Jr today at 11am PST

Will you help me to redpill America?

How can I be so sure that vaccines cause autism? I asked the ONE question that no autism researcher has EVER asked.

VSRF Update Tomorrow: Mattias Desmet

The data is clear: the more vaccines you give your child, the more likely it is that they will develop chronic diseases including autism

You can prove that vaccines cause autism in one VAERS query

Proof: author of #1 paper showing no link between vaccines and autism is corrupt

BREAKING: The US COVID mitigation measures resulted in 90X higher COVID deaths

COVID vaccines have likely caused over 25,000 new cases of multiple sclerosis (MS)

Parent survey results: vaccines increase the risk of autism, autoimmune disorders, etc.

The simplest way to prove vaccines cause autism

I'm willing to bet $1M that fully unvaccinated people are healthier than fully vaccinated people

Proof of malicious manipulation of data to support their agenda

I'm willing to bet $5M that vaccines trigger autism

Announcing a Special Edition of the VSRF Weekly Update Tomorrow

Can you name >5 unvaxxed Amish who died from COVID? Why not? They are "supposed to be" dying in droves!

Vaccines cause autism

Generation Z takes over our socials this weekend.

The most important survey I've ever done

Thurs VSRF call made possible by your donations

Epic fail: Dorit Reiss and friends try to discredit Turtles

Dr. Marcus Law believes that physician obedience is more important than patient outcomes

I Had to Press Pause on VSRF today

Want to debate the world's top misinformation superspreaders? Here's how.

My failed attempt to red-pill Dorit Reiss

Is there a credible large US-based post-marketing study showing that any US vaccine is safe? Win $10,000 if you can find one!

VSRF Call Thursday: Sasha Latypova!

Is Imperial College Professor Robin Shattock a liar, stupid, or just ignorant?

"Is it safe?"

The COVID vaccines have an estimated death rate >1,000 higher than the acceptable safe limit

Why you should NOT get the flu vaccine

My tweet storm this morning targeting the health authorities

Do you know why California hasn't found any deaths linked to the COVID vaccines?

NPR's article about the COVID Litigation Conference: How accurate was it? Not very.

Could the COVID vaccines be causing a rise in heart attack deaths in young people?

VSRF Call Thursday: Saving Lives, Solving Deaths!

Don't let anyone gaslight you on VAERS

Why is Bill Gates ignoring all the adverse data on the COVID vaccines?

My offer to Dr. Celine Gounder to end COVID misinformation

Proof: The FDA knew on September 17, 2021 that people who got the COVID vaccine were 2X more likely to be infected

Suzanne Gazda, MD: Vast majority of her patients got significantly worse after the shots

If your results are too good, NEJM will reject your paper

VSRF Call Thursday: In Dallas for the FLCCC Conference

The COVID vaccine causes tinnitus and many other adverse events: there is no doubt about this

Join me in Dallas this Saturday, April 29 at 6:30pm for dinner with Aseem Malhotra, Ryan Cole, and Flavio Cadegiani?

UK government tacitly admits the COVID vaccines are killing working age people in the UK in record numbers

RFK Jr. speech launching his run for President

Interested in taking action to hold people accountable for their actions?

My NCI testimony

Did I just find a medical review board that is not corrupt??

VSRF call this week: Dr. Kirk Moore

ICAN wins religious exemption decision in Mississippi: Why this matters

Did anyone hear back from Springer Nature on the Mark Skidmore paper retraction?

Daniel Wilson, PhD: A master of misdirection

VSRF call this week: COVID Litigation Conference Recap

Join me in Boston on April 19 at 10am at the Park Plaza hotel when RFK Jr. announces his run for President

The Lancet Commission on Vaccine Refusal has failed miserably

I just offered Peter Marks $100,000 to take off his mask and answer our questions about vaccine safety

We are willing to answer their questions; how come they are not willing to answer any of our questions?

What a medical transparency law might look like

VSRF survey: How can we make it attractive for you to support VSRF on an annual basis?

Active projects (full list)

Surprise! The COVID vaccines were never tested for safety

It's time to hold the medical journals accountable

The US Attorney in Utah has given the anti-vax movement in America the greatest gift ever

It's time we hold these people accountable; let the lawsuits begin

COVID deaths up 39% after vaccines rolled out in Ontario Canada

I want to fund a study of people who died within 30 days of vaccination

Two very different versions of the Passover story as told by ChatGPT

Here's what happens when you investigate why young people are dying

Stanford has fallen: they will no longer be requiring vaccination for students on April 10, 2023

It's official: RFK Jr is running for President

Thursday on the VSRF Weekly Update, Dr. John Littell

The Medicare records clearly show the vaccines are killing people

Mark Skidmore's paper showing the vaccines killed over 200,000 people in 2021 will be retracted by the journal

Vax death count = COVID death count according to latest Rasmussen Reports poll

Watch for the Rasmussen poll coming out on Friday, March 31

Want to help out? Here's where you can register

Thursday on the VSRF Update: LIVE from Atlanta

RFK Jr. exploratory committee is now live

If you live near UCSF and are willing to help expose the corruption there, fill out this form

Recap of last week's VSRF update: Pfizer whistleblower

UCSF orders their doctors to ignore COVID vaccine injuries

New Zealand's Medical Regulator admits the risk-benefit of the Pfizer vax is UNCLEAR

Kylan deGhetaldi's story: Why YouTube removed all his music videos

How the "misinformation busters" could be more effective

How to restore trust in the CDC and FDA

Australia government numbers confirm rate of serious AE's is >1 in 100 doses

The Schwab study proves the COVID vaccines are killing massive numbers of people

Why aren't any colleges showing us their research that justifies the mandates?

The flu vaccine is too deadly to be used and should be pulled from the market

60 years later, they still are hiding the flu vaccine data

"Would you take off your mask for $100,000?"

Thursday on the VSRF Weekly Update: FDA Whistleblower, Dr. David Gortler

Susan Northrup, FAA's federal air surgeon, should resign: Part II

Open letter to CPSO head Nancy Whitmore to stop COVID misinformation

Please help stop college vaccine mandates by filling out one simple form

Good news! The finger pointing phase has started; Germany's Karl Lauterbach

Three talks from the Rochester health summit

FDA + CDC cannot explain the Florida VAERS data (so they change the subject)

Why isn't the CDC warning parents that masking their kids creates unacceptably high levels of CO2?

I offered people $10,000 to take off their face masks for 60 minutes. Here's what happened.

Georgia State Law School is putting together a conference on "Restoring trust in the CDC and FDA"

New Israeli MoH study shows COVID vax increases your risk of death over time

Are vaccine mandates constitutional? Yes. But are these "vaccines"?

VSRF Call Thursday: The WHO and a future pandemic.

Excess dementia deaths in Australia seems to have only one possible explanation

In San Francisco, if you don't wear a mask, they can put you in prison

Why is US Senator Diane Feinstein hiding her medical history w.r.t. shingles?

The simplest thing you can do to stop the COVID vaccines and end the corruption in Washington DC

What killed over 24 people at the BSL-Clifton Hill facility in Melbourne, Australia in <12 months?

Now published in the peer-reviewed scientific literature: "The mRNA vaccines are neither safe nor effective, but outright dangerous"

How are they ever going to explain the excess mortality data in Australia?

I finally found out why they don't make the data we need publicly available

Tonight, on the VSRF Weekly Update: Brook Jackson's Hearing Update and the College Mandate Episode Replay with Attorney Warner Mendenhall

A simple, easy way to reduce your risk of getting COVID by over 70%

Worldwide COVID litigation lawyer directory

Why is everyone so afraid to talk about the elephant in the room? A new presentation.

More vaccines -> higher infant mortality

Ontario judge rules that the court does not have to take judicial notice of what public health authorities say

GAME OVER: Medicare data shows the COVID vaccines increase your risk of dying

The latest UK data is still DEEPLY flawed

VSRF call Thurs: Dr. Ryan Cole

New Zealand government data shows that the COVID vaccines make you MORE likely to die from COVID (not less)

>20X increase in perinatal death rate at funeral home used by UCSF in H2 2022

My secret plan to get the FAA to investigate pilot injuries and deaths

The American Board of Obstetrics and Gynecology (ABOG) ignores allegations of vaccine injury in pregnancy

Michael Huang, MD in California has treated THOUSANDS of vaccine injured...

Most vs. least vaccinated states: Can you guess which did better when COVID broke out?

Florida Surgeon General Joe Ladapo sends scathing letter to FDA and CDC

Q&A on VSRF Weekly Update this Thursday

About my new hedge fund

COVID litigation conference next month in Atlanta

GMA video provides new evidence that Damar Hamlin was vaccine injured

I'm forming a Super PAC to Draft RFK Jr. to run for President

New paper: An estimated 13 million people worldwide killed by the COVID vaccines

I tried to redpill ChatGPT. I failed.

What funeral directors know that you don't

EXCLUSIVE: Stunning new data pulled from the Medicare database shows how each shot increases your risk of death

VSRF call: Media censorship and the path to recovery from the jabs

Exclusive: What the Medicare data from Connecticut tells us

A worldwide call for data transparency: Show us the data!

Cochrane study shows that the debate is over: Masks do NOT work

Could Fauci's replacement be even worse?

Saar Wilf, founder of Rootclaim, has accepted my $1M bet... but only for $500K :(

How you may be able to instantly show whether the vaccines are helpful or harmful

How governments pay people to discredit the "misinformation spreaders"

Wow! Pfizer does NOT deny anything in the Project Veritas video!

What is the chance that Damar Hamlin's injury was caused by the vaccine? 100%!

Pilots are dying at Southwest Airlines at over 6X the normal rate after the COVID vaccines rolled out

FAA Press Office responds: There will be no investigations into pilot death/disability caused by the COVID vaccines

TODAY: Dr. Robert Malone at 4pm PST / 7pm EST on the VSRF Weekly Update

An open offer to Damar Hamlin: A free second opinion?

The death records show the COVID vaccines are shortening lifespan worldwide

BOMBSHELL: New Project Veritas video hits it out of the park!!! Watch now!

Letter sent to Susan Northrup from a pilot who went from being a top athlete to disabled after the jab

Reuters wants to fact check me!!

New peer-reviewed study: >217,000 Americans killed by the COVID vaccines in just the first year alone!

Both the FDA and CDC are violating my free speech rights so I'm going to sue them

The FAA wants to play hardball with the pilots and flight attendants. Game on!

My email to the FAA leadership was ignored; are you surprised? I wasn't.

Professor Byram Bridle: "No evidence of any vax benefit"

If you work for an airline, airport, or FAA in any capacity, please sign our petition calling for an investigation

US Federal Air Surgeon Susan Northrup should resign

UK ONS admits their data is flawed; the vaccines may not be beneficial after all. Sorry about that.

Join me in demanding that CDC Director Rochelle Walensky resign

My email to FAA Surgeon Susan Northrup: explain this or I will call for your resignation

EXCLUSIVE: I just put the FAA in a "no win" situation. If there is not a PROPER investigation, heads should roll.

Everyone in the world should watch this video **NOW** before it is censored. Especially if you are in the UK!

EXCLUSIVE: Proof the BBC is trying to gaslight the UK

Very large Cleveland Clinic study shows more vaccines make you more likely to get COVID

Where is their champion?

If you are a data scientist who wants to help our side PROVE the vax killed>saved, please sign up here

Thursday on the VSRF Weekly Update: Ending Covid Cancel Culture

They forgot to tell you: the new bivalent vaccines make it MORE likely you'll get COVID

Proof: Strokes are caused by the COVID vaccines

The FAA has very quietly tacitly admitted that the EKGs of pilots are no longer normal. We should be concerned. Very concerned.

The CDC could end all the COVID misinformation in a heartbeat... why aren't they?

EXCLUSIVE: Pfizer's secret guide for how to make a vaccine "safe and effective"

Epic fail: Kirsch vs. the "debunkers" on the CDC data hiding accusations

Former US Surgeon General Jerome Adams runs for cover when challenged

Jonathan Bing just bet me $50K that I'm wrong about cardiac injury post-vaccine

Neil deGrasse Tyson: There is NFW that the COVID vaccines have saved tens of millions of lives

My Genesis story: How I got started on my new career as one of the world's top "misinformation spreaders"

Proof: The Lancet is a very corrupt journal

Pro-vaxxer tacitly admits: They cannot find an error in Norman Fenton's paper

Reuters: "Pfizer jab linked to stroke but only in VSD; nothing to see here folks, move along."

An open letter to CDC director Walensky: Why have you ignored the DEATH safety signal in VAERS for more than 2 years?

Even more proof: Masks don't work

What is REALLY going on in hospitals?

Tonight on the VSRF Weekly Update: Pediatric Cardiologist Dr. Kirk Milhoan, MD, PhD

Kaufman Institute for Coincidence (KIC) launches nationwide ad campaign

I finally made it on the Kim Iversen show!

MIT Professor Retsef Levi speaks with me about how the Israeli Ministry of Health ignored all the safety data on the COVID vax

You can now register to speak for 3 min at the VRBPAC meeting on Jan 26

I'm willing to bet anyone in the world $1M that the COVID vaccines have increased all-cause mortality in the US. Any takers?

Has any pro-vax doctor come out publicly to rebuke the CDC for the 770 safety signals that they covered up?

Exclusive: 2X higher death rate post-vax in Australia nursing home!

An open letter to the British Heart Foundation

Doctor directory

If the Buffalo Bills want to know if any of their players are vaccine injured, it's easy to do so

The Israeli Ministry of Health hid COVID serious adverse event data from the public

I interview Robert F. Kennedy, Jr on VSRF

Is it illegal to question the safety of the polio vaccine, even if you are right?

Safety signals for 770 different serious adverse events in VAERS were ignored by the CDC

How the COVID vaccines can kill athletes

The COVID vaccines: "unsafe and ineffective"

How we can eliminate spam from Substack with a few one-time changes

Comments are now disabled on all my articles until Substack fixes the spamming problem

Damar Hamlin is alive and speaking!

Do the COVID vaccines reduce your risk of dying from COVID? (Part II)

Damar Hamlin suffered a cardiac arrest and will not make a full recovery

Proof: The COVID vaccines do NOT decrease your chance of dying from COVID

Thursday on the VSRF Weekly Update: Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.

A $500K debate: Did the COVID vaccine save lives or not?