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R Marcucio is not a subscriber and seems to have differing views. He is UCSF Professor Ralph S Marcucio who has a h-index of 51. I've emailed him and invited him to a live civil discussion, but Wayne did that earlier and he REFUSED.

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45 Times as Many Deaths After COVID Shots in Just 2 Years Compared With All Flu Vaccine-Related Deaths Since 1990, Data Show

“Our meta-analysis of both national and international vaccine adverse events emphasizes the importance of re-evaluating public health policies that promote universal mass injection and multiple boosters for all demographic groups,” said the authors of a peer-reviewed study published this month in the International Journal of Vaccine Theory, Practice, and Research.

Eliana Romero, Ph.D., director of clinical research at the Neurodiversity Foundation, Shawn Fry, founder and chief science officer of the Neurodiversity Foundation and Brian Hooker, Ph.D., P.E., chief scientific officer of Children’s Health Defense and associate professor of biology at Simpson University in Redding, California, authored the paper.

The researchers looked at adverse events specifically related to cardiovascular and fertility health — such as myocarditis and menstrual abnormalities — that went overlooked during the “expedited safety analyses” that took place in the “accelerated approval process that allowed the manufacturers to fast-track their products,” they said.

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This debunk guy is a virus maniac! He is one of the top frauds defending germ theory and virology to his ego death!

There is no virus folks…the theory is bogus.

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Where I come from we call a person like this "Debunk the Funk" a bullshitter.

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I couldn't respond to the poll since it didn't give "none of the above" as an option. I have absolutely no respect whatsoever for any of these, only deep, abiding contempt. Possibly I could have answered if the choice had been "whom do you despise the least (or most)?"

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Susan Oliver now blocks people from her own channel and admits she can't even remember why. I know why! When she can't answer hard questions it's all she has left.....silence them!

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There's also the contention that 2x💉jabbed are often counted AS "unvaccinated", incredibly, as the authorities of many countries regard

the status of being "vaccinated" as being at LEAST 2x💉+ one BOOSTER too. The UK are known to

employ these kinda deceitful, evasive semantics in some metrics.

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In AUSTRALIA dec 2020 no vaccines 976 covid deaths

Dec 2022 after 2 years of vaccines, masks, LOCKDOWNS 17000 covid deaths .

Also all cause MORTALITY down in 2020 up in 2021 ,2022 33%

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Be nice and thankful for Daniel! He is at least debating, and if he's taught in scientific method, he will eventually admit being wrong, and celebrate it.

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I appreciate all the good work that you are doing.

Closer to home, we have been fighting lots of local battles, including a new one with Lowell High School in San Francisco. I think we need to mobilize our forces against this (but it is a challenge with battles on so many fronts).

This is from Cole Turner-Dear San Francisco Medical Freedom Activists and Allies:

Yesterday, Lowell High School in SF began practicing school lock down, a social credit system, and in part, digital IDs. Scroll further down for more details from a Lowell parent.

I think we all know where this is going -- getting our children accustomed to having restrictions in their movements, having to scan their IDs to get in and out of non-optional locations, and having their movements restricted based on a "merit system". Which school, workplace, library, hospital, or courthouse is next?

We need all-hands-on-deck to shut this down immediately. Whether you're a Lowell student, parent, or alumni, a San Francisco resident, a taxpayer in California, or NOT -- please, please, please take immediate action to let the powers-that-be know: We will resist this.

Send an email to Principal, Dr Michael O. Jones:


Call him at: 415/759-2730, extension 3167 (principal's office)

Send an email to Superintendent Dr Matt Wayne:


tweet him at: @SFUSD_Supe

Contact all members of the San Francisco Board of Education:

Kevine Boggess - kevineboggess@sfusd.edu

Lisa Weissman-Ward - lisaweissman-ward@sfusd.edu

Matt Alexander - MattAlexander@sfusd.edu

Jenny Lam - JennyLam@sfusd.edu

Lainie Motamedi - lainiemotamedi@sfusd.edu

Mark Sanchez - MarkSanchez@sfusd.edu

Please let them know, politely and firmly:

Lockdowns, social credit systems, and digital IDs such as what have recently been used to control and punish populations in Communist China will NOT STAND in the United States.

Tweet to the City of San Francisco at:


Tweet to the Mayor's Office at:


Tweet to London Breed at:


Tweet to Lowell HS Alumni at:


Tweet to the Friends of Lowell HS at:


Summary, from a Lowell parent in our SF group:

On April 6th, Lowell's new Principal sent a letter to families informing of a new "Closed Campus Protocol" to be implemented starting on April 10th, yesterday.

The reasoning behind this new policy is to improve safety and security in the school, but no information was given as to what prompted this sudden change. Rumors have it that a few weeks ago there were fights taking place at Stonestown Mall, where many students go for lunch or after school. Rumors also say that no Lowell kids were directly involved in the fights, and that this happened after school hours anyway.

The closed campus policy means that students and staff alike are not allowed to leave campus between the hours of 8:30 and 3:40 (with rare exceptions) and need to identify themselves with an ID on a lanyard (with a QR code) or with their cellphone app.

A very troubling part of the letter is the introduction of the conditions for the reopening of the school in a "tiered-basis", were students with good grades, low truancy rates, few tardies and a clean record will recover their freedom while others won't. Welcome to the social credit system!

I am attaching the link to the communication from the Principal:



In gratitude,

Cole Turner

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At the risk of redundancy, because my very recent post seems to be missing…

There will always be zero “Covid deaths”.



And you’ll need to understand PCR to fully comprehend the content in the links. It is entirely based upon the fraudulent use of PCR, which should be obvious to everyone by now. When you can understand that, you will agree that there are no Covid deaths, cases, or viruses.

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“Deaths from Covid”

Ok for those who think a single death is actually attributable to Covid, here are some documents for your consideration. (Aside from the fact that “viruses” don’t exist). You can see there is nothing at all specific that can implicate “Covid” over any other possible cause of death. Do we need to remind everyone again of the 4.1 “comorbidities” in 94% of deaths marked uo7.1 (covid death code). Do we need to remind everyone here of the fact that 95% of “uo7.1” was in 65+ age groups? Amazingly, yes these are apparently necessary reminders. Can we teach sheeple to remember and to think? I hope so.


Oh, who do you think the CSTE is? This will help those who don’t know:


Related news:


Guidelines u07.1


…and so it’s necessary to understand PCR. …And so it’s necessary to understand PCR, primers, and “isolates”, and sequencing.

People, there’s no virus!

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Excellent stats on the number killed by the Covid 19 vaccines: https://www.theflstandard.com/top-insurance-analyst-600-000-americans-per-year-are-dying-from-covid-shots/

I just discovered these recently and the 600,000 figure agrees from what I computed using 20 percent excess mortality in the US, which someone reported. I haven't been able to find total excess mortality figures for 2021 and 2022 for the US though. By the way trolls and pro vaxxers are everywhere and trying to cause trouble in every possible way.

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These so-called "masters of misdirection" aka bald-faced liars will continue to lie ad infinitum. The people who pay for their lies are those who gulp them down; hookline and sinker.

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To be honest I wouldn't respect anybody who suggests that vaccines are any good. It may well be there are flaws with the data as presented by those who say the current vaccines are harming and killing people and we shouldn't present flawed analysis.

But even if the vaccines did not harm (and they do and always have depending on various factors), they would still be an awful scam.

The key thing upon which the scam hangs is the supposed training of the immune system to 'recognise' a virus. As virology is fundamentally flawed, and the virus is not as supposed, such a vain idea of training the immune system is plain silly.

Those who ignore the truth of this are evil 'sad brats' (reorganise for another useful word). They are judged accordingly.


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He has to be a shill. No true scientist would act this way.

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