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I've added a new section at the end of the article responding to the comments. Before posting a comment here, please read that section.

Make sure you answer the questions starting at question 10 if you disagree with me and you want me to take your comment seriously.

I'm tolerant of people here who have an honest different of opinion, but not people who are dishonest. That may get you banned as Bjorno just discovered.

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Maybe they don't debate you because they see it as a waste of time because they see you don't have an open mind. You still hide behind virus and vaccine dogma. Y still believe that some vaccines are safe. Look up Dr. Brian Hooker and the vax vs unvax study that shows all vaccines harm children. Further, viruses don't make people sick. Poor diet, lifestyle factors, and environmental toxins are the cause of disease. If viruses were the cause then we would all be sick or dead. Viruses, like germs, bacteria, and pathogens are our allies. They help create natural immunity. Germ theory has been debunked even by Louis Pasteur. Lean into terrain theory and trust God's design for your heath. Lastly, what if everything we have learned about viruses is a lie. follow the money and how viruses, germ theory, and vaccines have become a cult with its orthodoxy. What is what we think and see as viruses are actually toxins, especially with how many toxins we are exposed to annually through our food, our medicines (i.e vaccines, chemo), personal care and cleaning products, and others. There are over 80,000 chemicals in our environment. Most of which have never been studied on their effects to our health and many are linked to cancer, autoimmunity, infertility, hormonal and other problems just to mention a few. Approximately 1/3 of diseases are caused by these toxins. It is these toxins coupled by the factors mentioned above. Is why viruses if do exist attach to a healthy host in the first place. Just look up how Louis Pasteur never was able to prove his germ theory until he manipulated it in a control climate. In live settings, healthy people simply didn't get sick from those that were sick. So, again, lean into terrain theory and trust God's design for health. Not pseudoscience, political science, junk science, and cult science. Follow the money and you'll see how everything we have been programmed to believe about germs and viruses are a lie.

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Usually the guy who censors others (like Jim West) and refuses to answer the central question is the liar. That's you, Steve.

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You haven't explicitly mentioned terrain theory in here at all, which could just as well for instance explain transmission person to person...it's the same space with the same poisons. Or the same diet/water source/exposure to radiation waves etc.

Virus materials as found could be symptoms or byproducts of the body reacting to this poisoning instead of the cause...

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Hi Steve, Have you seen this? https://apocalypticyoga.substack.com/p/derrick-broze-confronts-del-bigtree I watched some of the video but not all. It seems to me they are jealous of Del? I'm not a doctor, I'm a jazz guitarist who has an interest in all of this. Seems like things are getting out of control.

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dear Steve Kirsch good-guy & tireless truth teller, please "make nice" and shake hands with those other good people with whom you disagree. It's a pretty big couch, room on it for everyone.

We are all on the side of good--no more forced jabs, let people have access to whatever treatment they want, no censorship or cancellations. I don't know Madame Waugh from Adam but Tom Cowan, Sam Bailey, Mark Bailey, Andrew Kaufman, Jon Rappoport have all been around a long time and are the real deal, doing their best.

Virus or schmirus matters not in the grand scheme of things. Smart adults can disagree. You're doing your best too. Please make nice--it helps the other side if this one falls apart bickering so let's not hand that to them on a platter. Instead, Let's Keep Together (like Haley Mills in The Parent Trap) as I'm now sounding like my grandmother insisting that everyone get along with each other. Thank you for all you do.

ps I'm gonna past this on the newer post from today which is where I meant to put it :-)

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I thought I did answer your question, sorry;

I cannot explain what I do not know; All I could [can] do is speculate and I don't know how that would help anyone seeking an answer to your question;

I do not have any evidence, nor have I witnessed any evidence of Kochs or Rivers Postulates being applied to discover "bio [non organic] substances;

We do know however that the postulates you speak of involve isolating "living pathogens" [viruses] from Pure Blood samples

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Steve you don't care whom you upset. This is not healthy for you or your supporters.

"Vanitas Vanitatum et Omnia Vanitas"

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So what you're saying is that what the world calls SARS-CoV-2 is in actuality a patented bio-weapon manufactured in lab. Explain why the Koch’s and River’s postulates are unable to find this manufactured bio-weapon in a COVID-19 dead body.

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You can't require people to prove a negative. If you claim something exists, the burden of proof is on YOU. When people tell me that no covid virus has been ever isolated, I point out to a site where they can buy an isolate. I don't ask them for any proof, this would be, indeed, me avoiding proof from my side.

Covid skepticism and agnosticism are wide spread among people who lived their lives normally and use natural medicine. One reason is that they didn't observe anything different from previous flu seasons. Another one, unlike allopathic medicine, they don't have to invent new special diseases every time and apply new or repurposed drugs. Existing remedies work very well for flu, any flu, and you don't need the concept of viruses to boost the immune system. They don't use fraudulent, questionable covid testing, given there is no single FDA approved test exists (EUA means they may or may not work), and they all are "tested to work" using PCR testing.

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Steve, we had a tete-a-tete, and I checkmated you with my simpler and superior Fraud Test:


I still await your response.

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Love your stuff Steve.. Have you done a newsletter regarding PCR and other Covid testing.. Stew Peters and Jane Ruby believe the PCR test are completely unreliable.. So I would like to see a newsletter from you discussing the PCR and Covid testing currently being used..

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Put your money where your mouth is Steve. Take Dr. Bailey’s challenge! See below


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Steve, take the Dr Cowan / Dr Mark Bailey challenge. Fund the controlled, multicenter internally validated study design of virologist Stefan Latka.

Put your money where your big mouth is. Remember you got duped into taking the experimental “vaccine.”

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Hi, I appreciate most of your offers, but you are wrong on this one. You have not proven anything that makes Drs. Cowan, Sam Bailey or Latka wrong.

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U.S. has an in-tact, valid Extradition Treaty with Australia, and, what the courts in U.S. are unwilling to do, Australia is unwilling to not do. 59 sec. of your time will inspire us all, check it out here:


If any recent clip can go viral worldwide - this one qualifies as among the top Ten - kindly help it get there!

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