Pharma has corrupted most of our politicians, and funds mainstream news with advertising. I remember about a year before Covid when our health officer gained the rights she installed during the shutdown. My anti vax groups were sounding the alarm. I talked to my husband about it. He was like, “that will never happen (forced vax for adults, shutdowns)”. Well, it happened. Please get involved in politics on the local level. We need to put these overfunded institutions back in their place. The government needs to get back to its constitutional limits, close all these bio labs around the world and at home. We need to live in a voluntary society. All of our institutions are corrupted now. Time to pay attention and roll back the state. Close your bank account in the big banks, go to a small community bank or credit union. Use cash at local businesses (they get charged thousands a month in cc fees). Find a local food producer, get to know your neighbor. The inflation shit is hitting the fan, and we need to take care of each other. Desperate people will only mean more government control.

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Why is no one considering this? The "vaccine" functions by inserting mRNA into a cell and programming it to produce the spike proteins on the cell's surface (funny how similar this is to how a virus functions, eh?). In other words, it creates foreign cell markers on the cell's surface. The immune system detects the foreign cell markers (aka spike protein) and creates antibodies against it. Now here is the clinch - in normal circumstances what do such created antibodies do to the cells that contain the foreign cell markers? (Answer: the antibodies attack the cells.) So, what is actually preventing the anti-spike protein antibodies from attacking the cells that those spike proteins were created upon?

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Dr. Robert O. Young discovered that every Covid "vaccine" on the market today has graphene oxide as one of its ingredients. G/ox is a deadly poison even in very small amounts. It goes to every organ in the body and causes clots. When it gets to the brain it crosses the blood/brain barrier and causes clots in the brain.

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It's being used as a Bioweapon. Viruses are not airborne. Masks do nothing {posted 30 Independent studies}; but, the Fear Tactics hve been very successful. So many were so easily-led to their slaughter. Sad that common sense & critical thinking died--a very long time ago.

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Hey Steve, it's not a vaccine. It's a gene therapy shot that doesn't prevent contraction or transmission of this coronavirus. It's only to reduce the "severity of symptoms", whatever that is supposed to mean. Even many in Big Pharma admit to this. You might want to start reading about some of the real data about this gene therapy scam instead of the trash you and others in the MSM propagate.

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"We are mandating a vaccine where there is no scientific evidence that it has ever saved a single life?"


That's a common misunderstanding, Steve.

You see, CoVaxx is a vaccine - it's simply that your masters failed to mention that they consider YOU to be the virus.

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Steve, the BMJ editorial you linked to was published on October 21, 2020.

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Another EXCELLENT article! Thank you!

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"For those of you upset about the headline, sure, they can argue that the COVID vaccines saved people from dying from COVID." No, they can't because there is no way to prove that a person would have died if they had never taken the vaccine.

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PLEASE STOP REFERRING TO IT AS A 'VACCINE!" Nomenclature matters and has power. It's experimental gene therapy. PERIOD!

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I thought your information in RFK's new book was really informative. After reading the book last night this question came to mind? Since you really know mathematics, here it goes.

Thoughts on a billion. How long would it take to produce a billion shots from Pfizer, Moderna, and J &J? It takes 33 years to count a billion dollars and it takes 114 years to spend a billion dollars at a rate of $1000.00 an hour. Think of all the components and the manufacturing facilities. How much time it would take to make a billion glass vials. Ordering a billion separate chemicals and then the process of getting an end product done and ready. How long would making a billion doses really take?

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Steve, I performed an "All Cause Morbidity and Mortality" analysis using data from Moderna, Pfizer, and JNJ's submissions to the FDA for EUA. If you look in the supplements you can find these data on AE's, SAE's, and fatality. I combined them to do this analysis. Sorry, the formatting was destroyed when I pasted the tables. The results show that for the Moderna vax 1 in 5 is harmed from the vaccine. Pfizer 1 in 241 harmed and JNJ 1 in 74. New data has become available. I will be updating this analysis soon.

All Cause Severe Morbidity Endpoint

Moderna Control Moderna Control

Risk Risk

Randomized 15210 15210 VE= -322.59%

Day of follow up 56 56 ARR= -20.00%

#Severe Covid Cases 0 30 RRI= 322.59%

#Unsolicited Severe Adverse Reactions 234 202 NNH= 5

#Solicited grade 3 AE, shot1 848 361 one harmed every 5 vaccinations

#Solicited grade 4 AE, shot1 5 6 NNT= -5

#Solicited grade 3 AE, shot2 2884 341 VE= -322.59%

#Solicited grade 4 AE, shot2 14 3 EER CER RR

#Total Severe Events 3985 943 0.261998685 0.061998685 4.225874867 -322.59%

Deaths 2 3 Death Rate= 0.0131%

Pfizer Control

Pfizer Control Risk Risk

VE= -52.38%

Randomized 21720 21728 ARR= -0.41%

Day of follow up 81 81 RRI= -52.38%

#Severe Covid Cases 1 9 NNH= 241

#Unsolicited Severe Adverse Reactions 240 139 one harmed every 241 vacinations

#Unsolicited Life Threatening Events 21 24 NNT= -241

#Total Severe Events 262 172 EER CER RR

Deaths 2 4 0.012062615 0.007916053 1.523816866

Death Rate= 0.0092%

Jansen Jansen Control Control

Randomized 19630 19691

Safety Subset 3356 3386

Day of follow up 28 28 VE= -80.32%

#Severe Covid Cases 21 78 ARR= -1.35%

#Solicited grade 3 Adverse Events RRI= -80.32%

Local extrapolated 135 23 35 6 NNH= 74

Systemic extrapolated 357 61 122 21 one harmed every 74 vacinations

#Unsolicited grade 3-4 Adverse Events 83 96

#Total Severe Events 595 331 RR control 0.01680971

Deaths 3 16 RR vax 0.030310749

Death Rate= 0.0153%

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I need help from this community: I can't find an article/study I know I read in the last couple of weeks. I have a friend who insists that people who have the virus are more likely to develop myocarditis than people who get the vaccine. The article/study I read explained why virus-induced myocarditis is not as serious (and very common for all viruses) and why the vaccine induced myocarditis is more dangerous. But now I can't find it, even on duck duck go. Does someone know what I'm remembering or have another source for similar information? Thanks in advance.

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Mathematician Norman Fenton examines public data to show all cause mortality for non-covid deaths is higher in the UNvaccinated. Caveat, there is a spike in deaths in the vaccinated for each age group just as vaccines become available for that age group. I'd like to hear a plausible explanation for how he is wrong. He posits these spikes are the vaccinated dying within the two weeks post jab when they are still considered un-vaccinated. The spikes are consistent and alarming. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6umArFc-fdc

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Yes it is dated 2020. And that checks out, it's not a typo. So now that's going to discredit healthy scepticism of the vaccines. Can you correct this please?

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