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A simple observational causal analysis of August 9 came to the same conclusion. This was based on European data.


Edit, as one has to be a member to read the content of he linke above, I took the liberty to post the text here.

"This is my promised reaction to Holden. Let’s start with the conclusion based on the EU data from the data sets that Holden used (see picture).


What the figure shows is the “correlation coefficient” as function of a temporal delay, that is, time shift. A negative time shift indicates that excess mortality is preceding the vaccination status.

A positive time shift indicates that the administered doses precedes the excess mortality.

The optimal time shift is defined as that time shift that maximizes the absolute pearson coefficient. We search for the highest, or the lowest value. The lowest value is around -0.3, while the highest value is around 0.8. Because the absolute value of the highest,+0.8, is larger than the absolute value of the lowest, +0.3, the optimal time shift is + 5 months. That is, Administered Doses precedes Excess mortality.

As Holden indeed mentioned, we do find a negative relation also when there is no shift. However, the explanatory power of +0.8 is way larger than -0.3. The reason why I used “causes” instead of causes is that there are several characteristics of causal relations. What we tested now is “temporal precedence”.

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Horrorific to say the least.

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Thanks for getting back to me Steve, do you have any information on articles related to this issue?

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We have this 6 months spike also in this web archive...


Could it be that the negativeness of VE also play a role in covid death, paradoxically in low Vx states (only 2 doses): https://academic.oup.com/ije/advance-article/doi/10.1093/ije/dyac199/6770060?login=false

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I sent you a hypothesis a while back that showed each wave of vaccinations reset the infection clock, so after each vaccination round started ( i.e. shot 1,2, booster 1, 2), infections would go up and you would see the next "wave " of COVID infections like clockwork happen 4 months later.

If you look at ourworldindata.org data for Australia or Israel, you can see this pretty clearly.

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Father-in-law took the booster Nov 2021, passed away Feb 2021...

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In March 2021 I had my second Pfizer Covid-19 vaccine. In late July 2021, I ended up in the emergency room with pre-mature ventricular contractions (PVC’s). In August 2021, I experienced a deep vein thrombosis (DVT)(blood clot) in my right calf. After reading this article, I believe there’s a good chance they were both caused by the Pfizer vaccine injections.


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Still, has anyone touched the ethnic weapon component of the data?

It is primarily engineered to maim and kill people of European descent.


The most susceptible populations to the least in order:

54% - Non-Finnish European (EUR)

39% - African/African-American (AFR)

2-10% - Latin/Admixed American (AMR), East Asian (EAS), Finnish (FIN), & South Asian (SAS)

0% - Amish (AMI) & Ashkenazi Jewish (ASJ)

I have even more data on this that point to who likely engineered the spike protein and gave to China to manufacture.

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For Steve and colleagues assisting you: Perhaps already being done, perhaps not worth doing, a thought "dropped in", use it if useful: One would think that obituaries could be tracked in some manner (either many people assist, or perhaps it can now be done with some sort of algorithms) as a way of mapping obituaries by gender, age group, and numbers, in every town, village, and city, probably in the world? I do not know how to do this...but there might be some people who do.

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Could this just be Delta? YES!

I fear this terrible analysis will end up being extremely damaging to your credibility, Steve. If your hypothesis were correct, there would be a massive peak in excess deaths in high % vax states like Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York, etc. But there isn't even a little surge of deaths in those states that summer/fall. The massive surge in excess deaths occurs in the states you would least expect to see them if trying to correlate with vax, states like AL, MS, AR, FL. Delta was a *regional* covid surge due to lack of sun/Vit D because it's 95 degrees down here by June/July. Just look at the state charts!


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5 months must be a bell curve

How many months is 3 sigma?


It could be a one side distribution

That is the JABBED can still SUDDENLY die 5 years from now

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I get how heart attacks, strokes, etc could be vaccine related but does anyone know how suicides could be vaccine related as mentioned in the article? Just trying to understand better.

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Typo: Third paragraph of executive summary "Using data from the UK, we can see more clearly that the delay time is around 23 weeks (so a bit more than 5 weeks)." I believe the last word should be "months" not "weeks." Thanks for the great work you do!

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NACI now suggests Canadians consider a COVID-19 booster every 90 days. ... I shudder to think what the ripple effects will be with adverse events. If -- using Occam’s razor -- the vaccine takes an average of 5 months to kill people after the second dose .... how many months once every 90 days is the routine.


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I said this one year ago in August of 2021. The first patient upon whom I saw this was very belligerent about how stupid the people were in medicine who were not getting the shots, he had bilateral DVT’s! Then the pattern unfolded. I said shots in March clots in August, shots in April clots in Sept …


If you’ve had Covid & especially if you’ve had the vaccines take lumbrokinase!

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