That will most likely never pass with a liberally retarded Legislature, Gov & AG! That's why is

t is up to We the People to STAND UP for our Freedom! If the courts fail us, we always have our 2nd Amendment, written JUST for this situation! THANK YOU FOUNDING FATHERS!!

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Sorry, this is not a comment on this article but a recommendation that you watch this presentation by Dr. Mike Yeadon former VP at Pfizer. It is extraordinary: https://www.naturalnews.com/2022-01-10-toxic-pfizer-covid-vaccines-weapons-designed-depopulation.html

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These are comments folks put into the Q&A box. They are excellent. The only response is: "More information will be provided in items 8 and 9. Please stay tuned."

Attendee 10:31 AM

First, people are divine creations and are only bound by divine law, not by man’s law. The first sentence of the first law of this country, the Declaration of Independence, states this clearly: “Men [and women] are endowed by their Creator with unalienable rights.” These are absolute and unconditional. What is given by our Creator cannot be taken away by you. The supreme court has upheld this countless times. Your coercive policies violate our unalienable rights under the pretense of law.

Second, all three of these policies involve medical procedures. In 1947 civilized society declared in Article 1 of the Nuremberg Code that this type of coercion is everywhere and always a crime against humanity.

Policies relating to COVID-19 are violations of the 1st, 4th, 5th, and 9th Articles of the Bill of Rights and are by definition Rape, Bodily Invasion, Abduction, Abuse, Molestation and Maltreatment at the very least.


Anonymous Attendee 10:33 AM

As a WA citizen and the son of survivors of 1930’s Germany where my entire family line on my father’s side was wiped out, I am very troubled for my children by the language of WAC 246-100-070 and allowing local health officers to use law enforcement to detain a person or group of persons to be isolated in a quarantine facility WAC 246-100-045 following refusal to voluntarily comply with requests for medical examination, testing, treatment, counseling, and vaccination WAC 246-100-40 including Covid19 injections required as school immunization using WAC 246-105

My comment is directed to WA, Mr. Grellner, Mr. Pendergrass, Ms. Bessermin, Ms. Crawford, Ms. Crockrell, Mr. Kutz, Mr. Lentz, Mr. Lunz and especially WA secretary of health Mr. Shah. Please forgive me if my use of pronouns is incorrect.

Please “first do no harm” and reestablish informed consent, the 4th amendment, and the Nuremberg code and bodily autonomy in WA by voting against immoral and illegal medical tyranny and vote down this proposal.


Anonymous Attendee 10:33 AM




1. The voluntary consent of the human subject is absolutely essential.

2. The experiment should be such as to yield fruitful results for the good of society,

unprocurable by other methods or means of study, and not random and

unnecessary in nature.

3. The experiment should be so designed and based on the results of animal

experimentation and a knowledge of the natural history of the disease or other

problem under study that the anticipated results will justify the performance of the


4. The experiment should be so conducted as to avoid all unnecessary physical and

mental suffering and injury.

5. No experiment should be conducted where there is an a priori reason to believe

that death or disabling injury will occur; except, perhaps, in those experiments

where the experimental physicians also serve as subjects.

6. The degree of risk


Anonymous Attendee 10:34 AM

To be clear, many of us are here to get the TAG update regardless of whether or not any decision will be made today.

Could it please be stated for the record:

1) Covid 19 mRNA products will never be included in WAC 246-105


2) a person considered "unvaccinated" or "positive" for covid 19 will never be detained against their will and civil liberties granted by God and reaffirmed by the Constitution.

or your own version of the above that states the same.

If not, then we the people came to the right meeting.

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Jan 12, 2022·edited Jan 12, 2022

Regarding the WA proposal for rona vackseen concentration camps:

The vaccine mandates are illegal and immoral. At the most fundamental level, vaccine mandates are illegal and unconstitutional as they violate our inalienable God-given right of sovereignty over our own body, also known as informed consent, and codified in the Nuremberg Code.

And, if that weren't enough, these vaccine mandates are outrageously and egregiously ILLEGAL for the following reasons:

0/ Violate fundamental right to body sovereignty (aka, informed consent)

1/ Violate existing laws against medical privacy and discrimination,

2/ The covid flu has a 99% survival rate for 70 and younger

3/ The covid vaccines cause harm/death, & no published studies provide evidence of benefit (more died in the vax'ed group than the placebo group)

4/ The "FDA approved" vaccine is NOT available, & the EAU version is being illegally mandated

All the above are indicative of sinister motives at play. Those who push and carry out vaccine mandates, unlawful detentions, and associated concentration camps will face future arrests and trials for crimes against humanity.


!!! The WA Dept of Health proposes that it have the authority to involuntarily detain folks who refuse to voluntarily comply w medical exams, tests, treatments, & vaxxinat!0n. Anyone who refuses any further jabs is vulnerable. This IS the DS agenda.

Here's the proposed UNCONSTITUTIONAL WA code: https://app.leg.wa.gov/wac/default.aspx?cite=246-100-040

Please send your comments to the Board at wsboh@sboh.wa.gov

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Please watch the movie "The Boy in the Striped Pajamas." It's about 2 boys who are friends despite their parents' separation by barbwire.

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Excellent letter by Corporal Richard Mehner. Love you, Steve.

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Guess I need to find a way to not be like Margaret Anna because most of my COMMENTS are long due to the information normally cannot be condensed into a short summary. Issue is that these issues I comment on are pet peeves and disturbing that our Government, our Government Agencies and some of our Medical Professionals have become mouth pieces of a ROGUE QUACK Dr. Fauci and an ILLEGITIMATE PRESIDENT BIDEN who continue to act like Adolf Hitler's Nazi Party of the 1930s and 1940s! Our Government Agencies the CDC, the FDA and others have chose to IGNORE the NUREMBERG CODE and are COOKING THE BOOKS concerning COVID DEATHS and refusing to report VACCINE DEATHS and SIDE EFFECTS accurately. Which the above two statements have ERODED THE PUBLICS TRUST. Then there is the QUESTION why the FDA has not STOP the USE of a EXPERIMENTAL VACCINE that does NOT WORK but it does cause a person's IMMUNE SYSTEM to be COMPROMISED (over 1,000 studies have proven this FACT). The COMMON SENSE ACTION since there are medications to cure COVID would be to HALT THE VACCINE and ALL MANDATES except when a patient has multiple medical issues.

Then the issue that Margaret Anna is discussing of UNVACCINATION (CONCENTRATION) CAMPS is a subject that should get EVERY AMERICAN pissed off! ALL REPRESENTATIVES, SENATORS AND GOVERNORS should receive MILLIONS of LETTERS DEMANDING that this not be considered as a alternative to fighting the COVID VIRUS. Then these SAME AMERICANS should send the SAME LETTER to their U.S. REPRESENTATIVE and SENATORS, but include the PRESIDENT, VICE PRESIDENT, ALL CABINET SECRETARIES and the SUPREME COURT. IF these folks get 150,000,000 LETTERS they might, let me restate that "THEY MIGHT TAKE NOTICE"!

Well, did it again, I apologize for rambling.

Just my opinion.

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The Executive Summary suggestion really does help. We successfully used that when communicating large data files to county commissioners.

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Qatar, host country of the 2022 FIFA World Cup, reported 3,487 new COVID19 cases, outpacing a previous high of 2,355 seen in May 2020. 86.5% of the 2.8M population is fully vaccinated.

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Wonderful tip!

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Unless the constitutions have been over thrown by the federal gov or some other unknown power, even a vote of the people cannot, even by amendment, grant the legislature unlimited law making powers. This is not Germany.

There is no clause in any state constitution that allows a state to suspend due process except if the state is being militarily invaded. This even applies to so called medical emergencies. While a person proven to be a health threat might be able to be force-ably quarantined, there is no provision to detain a healthy person on the mere suspicion that they might be harboring an illness. Even proof they have been around an unhealthy person would not grant the state the power to quarantine them against their will.

Due to this, if someone challenges the governor to prove they have the constitutional authority to enforce this statute or even to allow it to be enforced, the governor would default because they have no such power.

While the governor is tasked with seeing that all laws are faithfully executed, they are not granted the power to allow laws to be executed that that cannot be proven to be constitutional.

Forced jabbing: No state constitution grants any state or any agency of it the power to impose a medical treatment upon their civilian population. Especially an experimental treatment that is killing and disabling many that take it. The state has no power to make you play a game of medical Russian roulette with your life - even if the state thinks it might be a good idea.

The citizens have the right to demand, in writing, that the governor prove, in writing, these actions are constitutional. When the governor fails, the people have the power to go to court and get an injunction against enforcement on the ground that the state has failed to prove enforcement is constitutional.

As citizens, you are claiming that you have the right not to be subjected to these rules because no such power is granted to the state. When the state, via its representative, the governor, fails to prove you wrong on the record, an honest court is required to protect you from enforcement upon petition.

The statement to the courts would be: We [ make it well publicized so the judge knows there are a lot of eyes on him ] cannot find in the state constitution where the power is granted to the state to impose these rules and mandates upon us. We therefore deny the power exists. We have challenged the governor to prove they have the constitutional authority to impose said regulations. The governor has been unable or at least unwilling to provide proof of the authority to enforce said rules and mandates.

The rule of authority is that where the power of the gov to act is not clearly stated or necessarily implied by what is stated in the relevant constitution, the power of the gov to act is forbidden.

Further, that when the gov is challenged to prove they have the constitutional power to act and they cannot or will not, the power is deemed not to exist.

Therefore, the question before the court is: Is the state constitution binding upon the legislature and governor? The obvious answer would be yes, unless the state constitution has been over thrown and Washington is an admittedly communist state where in all rights have been abolished.

Can the governor allow enforcement of laws and mandates that they cannot or will not prove to be constitutional? The clear answer is no, unless the Washington constitution has been over thrown and all rights have been abolished.

The questions must be concise and leave no room for interpretation or opinion

Remember, the judge can only rule on the evidence before him. If he did know that the Washington constitution allowed the proposed actions, he cannot enter that into the record. It is the responsibility of the the state's representative, such as the state AG, to enter such evidence.

If the judge does know that no such power exists on behalf of the gov, he cannot allow the rights of the people to be violated and he has a duty to rule on behalf of the people

If no proof of authority to act is entered into the record, for the judge to rule against the people to be free of the enforcement of the mandates would be a statement that somehow the Washington constitution and the rights it secures has have been over thrown.

The question then becomes: When and by whom?

Suggestion: Organize and petition your local sheriffs to take this task on, on behalf of the people of their counties. This is one of their constitutional duties - to protect the rights of those they were elected to serve.

A mayor has some resources and a state legislature that is against the mandates would seem to have the power, acting in an official capacity, to use all resources at their disposal to make the gov proven its actions are constitutional.

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You experts in the fields of medicine especially the heavy hitters, the ivy league professors, famous neurosurgeons and physicians, field leaders, Dr Yeadon, Malone, Chetty, Hoffe, Cole, Carson, Doshi, Bhattacharya, Palmer, Harvey Risch, Bhakdi, Dolores, Montagnier, Nagase, Bridle etc must join together and produce something that can go viral on the alternative media platforms.

The piece will have to be short, at least less than one hour in duration. Other sources can be attached and linked as there will not be time to go into too much depth.

Simple. Short. Powerful. Logical.

Four key arguments.

1)The need for the response is disproportionate to the hazard it is addressing and more harmful.

2)The efficacy of the vaccine is pathetic and why it cannot work well nor ever could.

3) The safety profile is terrifying, both short term and the long term epigenetic consequences and permanent health affects should make you really concerned.

4) The morality and ethical, legal consequences.

The information is out there for sure. But it is too widely dispersed. Only those who have the time, passion and somewhat skill to interpret the data are able to do so. Thus it is not escaping into the wider public fast enough.

The target audience should be the directors of small-medium businesses. Busy people of influence. They are busy and only will take advice of the foremost experts. You will need to boast your credentials. And be factually very accurate as it will be attacked.

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Keep in mind, agencies can ONLY execute the law. They cannot add to or take from it.

That aside, one of our The State of Washington's problems is, perpetual martial law. RCW 38.08.030 states partial or full martial law is initiated by way of governor's proclamation. That's how our mess started - InSLEEZE issued a proclamation citing that code section.

One of the groups pursuing legal action might find it helpful to seek a declaratory judgement on the intent of the law codified at RCW38.08.030, and how long the framers intended that even one privilege or right could be suspended.

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It's an excellent letter! Yes, there is some confusion over the agenda tomorrow. Regardless of the incremental steps they are actually taking, it's great the information is being shared and people are taking notice.

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Love you Steve Kirsch! You are fine! NOW please, Dr. Kory is out there in the midst of this hell everyday and he needs some lightness.......it is dark as hell out there! Please give him a call full of your wry lightness along with our deep love and respect for his intrepid shining integrity and outrageous courage.

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Unfortunately, I suspect the most compelling missive has nothing to do with a factually, well-documented letter but rather a few photos of the BOH members in seriously compromised positions. Also known as a "CONTROL FILE."

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