Thanks to all who helped bring this forward, as I have a 45yr. old son who not only 'bought' all of the vaccine info from Big Pharma, Fauci, Birx, and corrupt fact checkers, and ultimately I was walled off and shunned to visit my 5yr. old granddaughter because my small fellowship dug deep to hear those first few doctors and researchers reveal the TRUTH about what the virus was, and what worked to alleviate the effects of it. Not outwardly religious, but I know the power of healing through prayer!

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Plus. Remdesivir protocols killed far more than Covid I am sure. Add that into the analysis.

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Why Masking does not work : COVID is a derivative of King Cobra snake venom: we are being poisoned - the science is there : watch Rumble : WATCH THE WATER

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This is from the military database, Up 590% for HIV.


During testimony last week, attorney Thomas Renz gave testimony {Direct Rumble Link} on behalf of whistleblowers inside the military medical system who have access to vaccination data that is withheld from the public.

Heart Attacks +269%

Pericarditis +175%

Myocarditis +285%

Pulmonary Embolisms +467%

Cerebral Infarction +393%

Bell’s Palsy +319%

Guillain-Barre +250%

Immunodeficiencies +275%

Menstrual Irregularity +476%

Multiple Sclerosis +487%

Miscarriage +306%

HIV +590%<————————-[1]

Chest Pain +1,529%

Labored Breathing +905%

1 https[Colon]//rumble[Dot]com/vtiqyu-leaked-database-shows-u.s.-military-disease-skyrocketing-after-covid-19-ino[Dot]html

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If the huge spike in excess deaths starting in August wasn’t due to the vaccine, what caused it?

HIV is the multiplication factor

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The vaccine carries HIV, that leads to AIDS, that leads to Autoimmune Decease.

AIDS does not need the vaccine to spread after injection. Now you know why!

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When you say 'the vaccine' does this include Astra Zeneca or only Pfizer and Moderna?

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From the articles cited, we can see tha

Covid-19 causes lymphocytopenia (depletion of lymphocytes) in real life patients

HIV causes depletion of lymphocytes also

Both Sars-Cov-2 and HIV use the same receptor LFA-1 to enter T cells

HIV uses gp120 protein to bind to LFA-1 receptor

Sars-Cov-2 also has gp120 insert as well, mysteriously


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more than non covid... gotta believe the excess covid deaths fall 21 in age group was ADE from the vax... as well as non covid deaths

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When is someone going to stop the DoD? Service members are treated like property.

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That's what one signs up for. Don't serve Mammon.

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Mar 18, 2022·edited Mar 18, 2022

So much unnecessary suffering and loss, this vaccine tragedy just keeps bloating. I am so grateful to those who are corralling the hard data. Yet, I am more worried than ever that this juggernaut of corruption and crimes against humanity is defiant of all civil and lawful behavior, and disregards all societal propriety.

I just finished watching the film Vaxxed this evening -- and the facts that Del Bigtree explains were disturbing. Despite the film's release, and its expose format, revealing a whistleblower who shows that the CDC has purposely hidden data that the dreadful explosion of autism is linked to giving children the MMR vaccine before three years of age --despite this -- Washington has never called for an investigation! Autism is a true pandemic everywhere the MMR vaccine is injected worldwide, with numbers increasing constantly due to the required nature of the vaccines. Projections of damage and victims are astounding -- with the spike in a non-stop upward climb. BUT THE CDC HAS ESCAPED INVESTIGATION. [link to Vaxxed movie -- https://thehighwire.com/watch/ ]

Now we have clear indications that the vaccines kill all age groups. And these insurance figures only reveal the insured, right? What about the population that does not have life or health insurance to track? Could these figures be higher still?

If Congress would not investigate the CDC over sky-rocketing autism caused by vaccines, what can we expect from these lawmakers regarding a covid "vaccine" deaths cover-up???

And still, these draconian mandates and Biden reinstated the Emergency and vax passports have not lost momentum as far as I can see. There's an "enemy within" as the phrase has been used in the past, and their usurpation of life-and-death power over us is more frightening than the idea of an outside enemy.

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So glad to see that people are still discovering Vaxxed (and presumably Vaxxed 2) so many years after it was released. Thanks for sharing the link.

See also: https://www.amazon.com/Turtles-All-Way-Down-Vaccine/dp/9655981460

And: https://www.technocracy.news/category/corrupt-data/

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there is clear data from the british office of national statistics https://www.ons.gov.uk/

they break total death numbers for 2021 by vaccination status

non vaccinated die half as much as vaccinated

there is no need for correlation there, you can see the causation directly

open the table here: https://www.ons.gov.uk/peoplepopulationandcommunity/birthsdeathsandmarriages/deaths/datasets/deathsbyvaccinationstatusengland

look at table 3:

All causes Unvaccinated Count of deaths: 103234 Person-years 14625337

All causes Ever vaccinated Count of deaths: 392066 Person-years :27839476

Person years is equivalent to all the time all people in that group spent at being vaccinated or unvaccinated

a simple math would show unvaccinated rate of death : 103234/14625337 = 0.007058572

vaccinated rate of death 392066/27839476 = 0.014083096

rate of death from all causes to the vaccinated is double that of the unvaccinated.

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Interesting and helpful!

I noted these data you present diverge from the UK reported data in Table 3 for "Age-standardised mortality rate / 100,000 person-years" which show 2438.3 for unvaccinated and 940.2 for ever vaccinated. Any idea what the factors are in their reported figure?

Seems strange to have such a divergence between what you calculate... which seem logical, and their figures, which consistently show much higher risks for unvaccinated nonetheless.

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I would not pretend to know the thoughts behind this report or any other.

one explanation might be - the mortality rate for ALL ages does not take into account the age of the person, if you add all the young people under 5 that were not vaccinated and take into account that children rarely die then the results would be different.

another clear option is - that the data was manipulated.

I tried to do sum up of years and death at table 6 for 10-14 age group and it looks like the unvaccinated had considerably more death - but not from covid. it is as if, magically, vaccinated kids would not die of car accidents any more :)

Either I am reading this thing completely wrong, or the data is wrong, or the data have been manipulated.

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In reading more... it appears they are using an AGE-YEARS figure to "adjust" the figures. All the tables have this adjustment... I didn't read all the details.

I'm hoping to find some correlation to success rates vs. vaccination rates of the population - basically reducing the impacts of the unvaxxed being only 27% and vaxxed being about 73%. Thanks!

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the problem is more complex as a person can be unvaxxed for three months of the year, after one shot, then 2 then three for the second half of the year.

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This data is noisy.

Non-covid Excess deaths start well before the vax and keep a fairly even distribution across the time period. There is an increase starting with the vax but it is starting from a fairly high base of non covid excess deaths already.

Peak is timed with delta wave. Yes the wave started in July but deaths take 6 weeks to start clocking normally. You are suggest they are calling vax deaths covid deaths and I wouldn’t put it past them, but I think we need better evidence.

I believe these vaccines are killing a lot of people for all the reasons you have stated and from my own experience but this graph is isn’t a smoking gun and won’t convince my friends. If anything, it will just cause them doubt along the lines I have laid out. No, I haven’t tried because I can anticipate their response and honestly am afraid of undermining the case. Maybe I’m wrong but I don’t think so.

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Registered Nurse, 33 years. Enormous uptick of rapid growth and fatal cancers. Talking about people feeling ill for a week, go to ED or PCP and a week later diagnosed with a cancer and dead in a month or less. Asked several oncologists about this and get a political non answer. Have no data to corroborate, just an unusual number of cancers and deaths never seen before in my home care practice. And best I can tell, no one else is investigating.

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You just described how my ex husband died. My adult childrens father last October. Multiple undiagnosable cancers!! Heart, Lung and spine. We are still devasted!!

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More good work, Steve. Jessica Rose dives into some specific details here:


John Day MD


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Jessica is doing great work. I have about 5 or 6 of her latest posts tagged for reading. Will probably take me a day.

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