As of today, I know someone with only 1 degree of separation (mother in law of a personal friend), who one week prior was urging the whole family to get boosted, then literally dropped dead on her floor. The family asked for an autopsy and was refused by the hospital, because they "don't do Covid autopsies." So they paid for a private autopsy. The examining doctor said "off the record" that she died from massive unnatural fibrous white clots in her lungs that were unlike ordinary blood clots, but would not put that in the record for fear of losing his job. The same doctor said he had pulled the same kind of clots out of another patient "the length of a golf club."

This phenomenon has just left the "talk show scuttle butt" space and entered the realm of personal knowledge for me.

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I doubt this I spent 50 years embalming and often this type of thing would appear. This was well before COVID.

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Since the stills from the video does not inspire confidence, I did some searching to try to find an independent source for this information. My first three pages of duckduck hits were all references to the same video. There were some offhand references to "colleagues" but no other articles with further information. If anybody has run across something, please share, because at this point I'm considering the story "possible but unverified".

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Feb 10, 2022·edited Feb 10, 2022

I got here via a link from another blog. This article is dated January 28. What is it 2021 or 2022? Why does substack not put a complete date on articles? It really matters on Covid subjects.

Edit to add: I had to go back into the archive list of articles and scroll back to discover it's 2022. But I still wish they would include years on their dates.

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Hi, Steve. Just a thought: shouldn’t there be a spike in businesses associated with funerals - coffin and urn companies, crematoriums, florists? Should not job postings in these areas be spiking (sorry, couldn’t help the pun)?

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For the record: A coworker of mine who is very well informed on this issue has a personal friend who is a funeral director who told her that 50% of the dead people have these and he has never seen them before 2021. I know its just an anecdotal on the interwebz but i thought I would add...

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It's a DVT.

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Would definitely analyze the material.

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I guess we don't hear much about this because cremation is a way more common practice and nobody does autopsies for dead people. What a convenient situation for cover-up of big Ph crimes. It's almost a miracle that some people still bury their dead the old way and they request embalming of their bodies...

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No reasonable person would drop a story like this in people's laps and walk away without further comment. Either this is fraudulent disinformation and you should tell us that you screwed up by spreading it or it is true and deserves a follow up story. Until you deliver one or the other, I have no choice but to regard anything from you as suspect.

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I understand and share some of your skepticism, but I think this needs some time. It is extremely concerning and we do not know whether, if true, it is vax, virus, or both that are causing it. And while intended to be a win for natural infection and recovery, A Berenson’s recent post regarding the persistence of spike antibodies in the recovered, give me pause. Why is the body still producing antibodies 20+months later? Are the antibodies toxic (see Chinese study supporting this possibility)? This needs urgent study.

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are you for real? are you an embalmer to argue his testimony?

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Exactly!!! Plus there is so much evidence of so many tragedies from these death jabs!

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See my response to Tim. Add to that: Steve has since followed up exactly as I said was necessary.

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I am NOT disputing the embalmer's story. I am simply saying that one embalmer's story is like a Canadian truck convoy of only one truck.

BTW, one of the jobs that put me through college involved living above a funeral home and helping embalmers with the grunt work of moving the bodies, especially at night. I watched dozens of embalmings while keeping the embalmer company, usually in the very wee hours of the morning.

From that admittedly limited perspective, everything about the embalmer's story checks out. So do the photographs. And, as the embalmer said, those odd, fibrous clots are incredibly outside the norm. If the embalmer's story about how those clots came to be on the embalming table is true, then there are two very important questions here: "Why are other embalmers no speaking out?" And "Why are people like Steve and Dr. Ruby not following up?"

I do not pretend to have the answer to either question. I do very firmly state, however, that, absent answers to those questions, we have no choice but to question everything and everyone involved.

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My reaction exactly. Everything I could find in an Internet search referred back to that same video. Perhaps there are references to further information in the video, which I haven't watched. I prefer to read rather than watch videos.

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Mine as well. I searched out "embalmers find clots". There is a story that comes from the Huff Post that was authored in September 2021. The Texas-based embalmer starring in that one made a case for the clots being the result of covid and not the gene-therapy. Only the two, Hirshman and Huey.

I, too, would like to get a wider view from more embalmers. The funeral directors have a huge lobby in D.C. apparently, though, so that may be difficult to get more to talk.

Here's the thing: couldn't it be both? If covid is responsible for "thrombosis"-like reactions and the gene-therapy was meant to be similar to a real vaccine couldn't the spike in the one do the same as the spike in the other?

It just seems to me that so many of the jab "cons" are the same as the virus symptoms.

Perhaps, all of it was engineered to be "all of one": if the one doesn't "get 'em" the other will, mentality.

A deliberately created bioweapon that attacks the weakest for the kill, and to compromise the healthy further down the line, followed up by a shot that puts the wrapping on the gift.

For the record, I cannot honestly say I have seen/heard of "excessive deaths" in my small sphere of influence. Although, I suspect a couple of vaxx injuries and one "sudden" death, but in the demographics they aren't outside the entire norm.

Not gonna lie, I expected more vaxx-related deaths. I am glad they are fewer than promised, same as the coof.

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Well, it's only been a few days, and Woodrow's tone is uncharitable. But his main point is right. A bombshell story with potential to affect every third person on the planet like this, and a clock-ticking life-or-death aspect to it, the public needs as much follow-up as possible. This is either the vilest of frauds, or the story of the century. SK and the Dr. who interviewed Mr. Hirschman must now spend at least half of their time on this, if not more. It goes w/o saying that other journalists and experts have an obligation to look into also. We need: 1) interviews with embalmers all over the nation, and in other nations, asking them if they've noticed this, 2.) investigation of Hirschman's background, 3.) interviews to get his fellow embalmers on record, 4.) untiring, day after day, demands for investigation by top medical authorities, 5.) lab analysis of the string-clots, 6.) Hirschman and other embalmers given shadows to record their work for the next several weeks, so that we have filmed, expert-observed, double-checks on what they say they've found. And much more.

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The problem is, where would we find experts who would report accurately or medical authorities who would investigate earnestly? There are undoubtedly gatekeepers that have been preventing such info as this from getting out and getting credibility. When the sources most people regard as credible are committing mass fraud, what is there to do?

But I'm all for doing the best we can with the best truth-seekers we can find and enlist.

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"I'm all for doing the best we can with the best truth-seekers we can find."

You have hit upon the heart of my own concern here. I come to this substack account seeking truth that I know I will not find elsewhere. When Mr. Kirschman said that this story was the "real deal," I thought we finally had solid, pervasive, undeniable proof that something has gone very, very wrong. Rather than follow it up, however, Mr. Kirschman appears to have dropped it entirely. Why? Frankly, I am reluctant to just let it go because I will be forced to let a few other things go as well and I do not want to do that too easily.

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Exactly, Woodrow. The greater the heresy, the greater the need for corroboration for it to catch on.

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Exactly. Exactly. Exactly.

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What sort of follow up story would you find satisfactory?

Perhaps some of the “heritage” media could do an investigative report.

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See Carl Eric Scott's response to my post.

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As we all know, legacy media likely won't be the ones, and they will likely spoil any factual investigation they do with editorializing junk. But dissident-friendly investigators must go full-bore. They must appoint investigators who assume Hirschman is some kind of fraud-agent, and seek to uncover every stone. Others who assume he's making some kind of mistake about what he's seeing, who take the stuff to labs. Others who go to every other embalmer in the nation. And on and on and on...

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Someone should be able to find some corroborating information. Everything I managed to find referred back to the same original video. My search is also included Lieutenant Colonel Long.

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Here's the link.


So, is it the vaccine, or the spike proteins from the virus itself?

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But that refers back to the same video. Seems like everything does.

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I saw this article yesterday in another blog. That article stated the embalmer starting seeing these clots back in Nov 2020! But the vaccines started in the middle of Dec 2020!

So what's really going on here?

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Remember, there were trials before the "official" roll out.

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True. I forgot about that.

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Don't think this was a Pre Planned pandemic?

On 0ct 18, 2019, EVENT 201, which was funded by the BILL & MELINDA GATES FOUNDATION in cooperation with JOHN HOPKINS UNIVERSITY started. IT was an exercise held over a few days where an IMAGINARY CORONA VIRUS Pandemic had crossed the line from PIGS TO HUMANS.

Business, Health, CDC, WHO, Pfizer, Gates Foundation, China were invited to the exercise to discuss " Recommendations" on financing, logistics, travel restrictions, AND numerous measures to CONTROL THE MEDIA and shut down "Misinformation".

This was the FIRST ( of many) VIDEOs aired at the EVENT 201 to set the STAGE. Without supplying comments to explain It is NOT real (YOU TUBE DOES NOT PERMIT COMMENTS)

if sharing...it is somewhat realistic.. it might be misinterpreted.

NOTE: The REAL WuHan COVID-19 virus it is estimated INFECTED its first victim right about the same time this EVENT 201 was held, but it took until December 2019 for Chinese officials to determine it.


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Here Are more links










Event 201 Pandemic Exercise: Highlights Reel


Event 201 Pandemic Exercise: Segment 1, Intro and Medical Countermeasures (MCM) Discussion


Event 201 Pandemic Exercise: Segment 2, Trade and Travel Discussion


Event 201 Pandemic Exercise: Segment 3, Finance Discussion


Event 201 Pandemic Exercise: Segment 4, Communications Discussion and Epilogue Video


Event 201 Pandemic Exercise: Segment 5, Hotwash and Conclusion



Exercise team

Eric Toner, MD, is the exercise team lead from the Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security.

Crystal Watson, DrPH, MPH and

Tara Kirk Sell, PhD, MA are co-leads from the Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security.

Ryan Morhard, JD, is the exercise lead from the World Economic Forum, and

Jeffrey French is the exercise lead for the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

Exercise team members ( not complete) are

Tom Inglesby, MD;

Anita Cicero, JD;

Randy Larsen, USAF CDC(retired);

Caitlin Rivers, PhD, MPH;

Diane Meyer, RN, MPH;

Matthew Shearer, MPH;

Matthew Watson;

Richard Bruns, PhD;

Jackie Fox;

Andrea Lapp;

Margaret Miller;

Carol Miller; and

Julia Cizek.



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They haven't been calling them CLOT-SHOTS for nothing...

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Steve you better take a look at the post below of Elizabeth Sackrison. I believe it adds something of substance to your article.

Not just veins but also stool. If these are the same or similar substance, not good.

The article is quite a read.

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There's more information there, but mostly it summarizes the same old video and then goes on to speculate. While interesting and possibly plausible, this is not the same as independent corroboration.

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Very interesting read Elizabeth great work finding this link. This needs to be seriously checked out.

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