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Steve, do you know this new peer reviewed study (february 2023) which showed a positive association between vaccine doses and infant deaths???

"Introduction In 2011, we published a study that found a counterintuitive, positive correlation, r = 0.70 (p < .0001), demonstrating that among the most highly developed nations (n = 30), those that require more vaccines for their infants tend to have higher infant mortality rates (IMRs). Critics of the paper recently claimed that this finding is due to "inappropriate data exclusion," i.e., the failure to analyze the "full dataset" of all 185 nations. Objective In the present study, we examine various claims postulated by these critics and the validity of their scientific methods, and we perform several investigations to assess the reliability of our original findings. Methods The critics select 185 nations and use linear regression to report a correlation between the number of vaccine doses and IMRs. They also perform multiple linear regression analyses of the Human Development Index (HDI) vs. IMR with additional predictors and investigate IMR vs. percentage vaccination rates for eight different vaccines. We perform odds ratio, sensitivity, and replication analyses. Results The critics' reanalysis combines 185 developed and Third World nations that have varying rates of vaccination and socioeconomic disparities. Despite the presence of inherent confounding variables, a small, statistically significant positive correlation of r = 0.16 (p < .03) is reported that corroborates the positive trend in our study. Multiple linear regression analyses report high correlations between IMR and HDI, but the number of vaccine doses as an additional predictor is not statistically significant. This finding is a likely consequence of known misclassification errors in HDI. Linear regression of IMR as a function of percentage vaccination rates reports statistically significant inverse correlations for 7 of 8 vaccines. However, several anomalies in the scatter plots of the data suggest that the chosen linear model is problematic. Our odds ratio analysis conducted on the original dataset controlled for several variables. None of these variables lowered the correlation below 0.62, thus robustly confirming our findings. Our sensitivity analysis reported statistically significant positive correlations between the number of vaccine doses and IMR when we expanded our original analysis from the top 30 to the 46 nations with the best IMRs. Additionally, a replication of our original study using updated 2019 data corroborated the trend we found in our first paper (r = 0.45, p = .002). Conclusions A positive correlation between the number of vaccine doses and IMRs is detectable in the most highly developed nations but attenuated in the background noise of nations with heterogeneous socioeconomic variables that contribute to high rates of infant mortality, such as malnutrition, poverty, and substandard health care."

Goldman GS, Miller NZ. Reaffirming a Positive Correlation Between Number of Vaccine Doses and Infant Mortality Rates: A Response to Critics. Cureus. 2023 Feb 2;15(2):e34566.

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I prefer the Doctors be dealt with for being wimps, taking the money, and being stupid. Fine them, put them in jail for being part of a conspiracy, being corrupt, or something.

These are people we are supposed to be able to trust. My mom was a RN and for forever and a day she would say "if you have your health you have everything". It took me years to understand what she meant. These so called Doctors have stolen our everything.

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Vaccinating kids sets them up for life long illness

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Who should win if it is my body, my choice if I ignited the spark of life

And the love and joy of my life

Labors through 9 months to the birth

Of our three children over time. Then the work to build healthy solid citizens has begun. Intrusion into that process was always problematic but consistently monitored .let me be blunt my connection to my responsibility is cellular. Instinctively dangerously protective. But thankfully, my involvement was sufficient.

My gut is telling me that this insatiable emphasis is on children. It doesn’t feel genuine. It’s more like a collective but, in the broad sense, one tactic with a multi-purpose function, with the target being children. The tactic by the healthcare system.

That resembles a pedophile's approach, always looking for the troubled child to abuse and immerse yourself in their world.

is it just a coincidence maybe but in a very short time trans- genders barely on the radar to a 20% jump?

The schools with their maniacal arrogance to just decide they know Best is a power not afforded to them, but it seems the moms said enough.

They’re taking back the school boards .

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and why is it. mom, of course????!

but then. you voted for biden....

seriously. logic doesnt have a gender.

last time i checked.

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THOSE POOR KIDS! I sure hope that they were not quackcinated!

When will this now GENOCIDE KILLING OF THE WILLING become


or free rides to FEMA KILLER CAMPS? Sadly, this seems to be in our near

future. I don't believe that THE EVIL THEY will wait for the "shedding"

from the jabbed victims to do us in. Do YOU?


EarthClinic.com. I post publicly and freely on MeWe.


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Boom! This is how you argue effectively. Excellent work, Steve. You stuck with the facts and ignored the pitfalls of anecdotal evidence. I can argue like that on paper, but put me in a verbal debate and I'll crumble. It's nice to see one can do both leaning on logic and data.

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The purpose of a vaccine is to subject the patient to a disease and stimulate an immune response AS WOULD BE DONE BY NATURAL INFECTION. The rationale is that vaccination allows a safer path to immunity then risking the disease.

Once the disease has come and gone, the rationale for vaccination has, too.

Besides, this is corona, and never before (not now, either) has a vaccine been possible for a fleeting “disease”.

Therefore, there is NO justifiable rationale for the vaxx.

THEN, you get to the RISK side of the ledger…

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As it relates to "investigational" products, I would say that the parent wanting NOT to participate in the investigation aka experiment, should take priority.

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Was a 10 or 11 (idr) year old obese girl who lived in Suffolk, VA who died. All over news and schools she was normal and healthy. She was not. She was obese, likely morbidly obese and looked about 21-23 years old. Sad indeed, but obesity increases the risk of dying of covid crap alot, the obese are 3x as likely to die from it. Just like they are more likely to be diagnosed with many types of cancers, geeeee why wasn't that in our 'news' for the last few decades, which is how long it's been known and shown in medical research. Obesity is a state of chronic inflammation and insulin resistance, add spike protein, no matter how you got it, and your chances of illness/disease/death rise a whole lot. Sugar is evil people, LOL but kinda true.

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"If this case is properly contested, mom will lose."

If it were a US Court the dad could post a bond, indicating to the Judge that she will be financially liable for judging the trial in commercial court law.

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Solomon should decide...

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always should error on the side of safety....which is "no". like, "just say no".

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Perhaps this is just an example of the principle I have been flogging.

The folk (sorry vampire squids) who genuinely and fully understand the evil ongoing are just a small subset. The vast majority of folk, including most of those who went along or even promoted the jabs, are just misled ordinary folk. We have an awake judge, ask him a year ago prob all in on jabs.

So when they wake up, we find there are only 10,000 genuine vampire squids, worldwide, without redemption. So despite they have the ownership papers to everything, that seems doable.

Keep talking everyone. Its not lost yet.

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Amen! Vaccinating children and pregnant women with an experimental vaccine was unethical, immoral and had absolutely no backing in science. I’m a pharmacist and was mortified from day 1 on this issue. I will probably never trust our healthcare agencies, pharmaceutical industry or my industry ever again. I’m ashamed especially of my profession

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Some parents want to kill their kids.

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