Deaths are up during a worldwide pandemic. I wonder what could be causing the increased deaths.

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I'm in that age cohort, and I just mailed in my annual life insurance premium. I felt like I was doing the insurance company a big favor!

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In the early days of the Pfizer shot distribution the fact that they needed heavy refrigeration units to keep them viable was widely publicized. My question is which locations got the refrigeration equipment and which didn't ? The unrefrigerated or under refrigerated shots could be deactivated and less harmful than the properly refrigerated shots. It could be a sneaky way to knock off populations that were unliked by those in control of the distribution of equipment. Or it could be that a Republican administration believing in the shot favored Republican states with better equipment. Or it could be that all locations got good refrigeration equipment. Or maybe few or none did. Finding this information could prove to be useful.

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Orthomolecular Medicine News Service, October 18, 2021


Canceling the Spike Protein

Striking Visual Evidence

Editorial by Thomas E. Levy, MD, JD "Suggested Protocol (to be coordinated with the guidance of your chosen health care provider):

For individuals who are post-vaccination or symptomatic with chronic COVID, vitamin C should be optimally dosed, and it should be kept at a high but lesser dose daily indefinitely.

Ideally, an initial intravenous administration of 25 to 75 grams of vitamin C should be given depending on body size. Although one infusion would likely resolve the symptoms and abnormal blood examination, several more infusions can be given if feasible over the next few days.

An option that would likely prove to be sufficient and would be much more readily available to larger numbers of patients would be one or more rounds of vitamin C given as a 7.5 gram IV push over roughly 10 minutes, avoiding the need for a complete intravenous infusion setup, a prolonged time in a clinic, and substantially greater expense (Riordan-Clinic-IVC-Push-Protocol, 10.16.14.pdf).

Additionally, or alternatively if IV is not available, 5 grams of liposome-encapsulated vitamin C (LivOn Labs) can be given daily for at least a week.

When none of the above three options are readily available, a comparable positive clinical impact will be seen with the proper supplementation of regular forms of oral vitamin C as sodium ascorbate or ascorbic acid. Either of these can be taken daily in three divided doses approaching bowel tolerance after the individual determines their own unique needs (additional information, see Levy, vitamin C Guide in References; Cathcart, 1981).

An excellent way to support any or all of the above measures for improving vitamin C levels in the body is now available and very beneficial clinically. A supplemental polyphenol that appears to help many to overcome the epigenetic defect preventing the internal synthesis of vitamin C in the liver can be taken once daily. This supplement also appears to provide the individual with the ability to produce and release even greater amounts of vitamin C directly into the blood in the face of infection and other sources of oxidative stress (www.formula216.com).

Hydrogen peroxide (HP) nebulization (Levy, 2021, free eBook) is an antiviral and synergistic partner with vitamin C, and it is especially important in dealing with acute or chronic COVID, or with post-COVID vaccination issues. As noted above, the COVID virus can persist in the stool. In such cases, a chronic pathogen colonization (CPC) of COVID in the throat continually supplying virus that is swallowed into the gut is likely present as well, even when the patient seems to be clinically normal. This will commonly be the case when specific viral eradication measures were not taken during the clinical course of the COVID infection. HP nebulization will clear out this CPC, which will stop the continued seeding of the COVID virus in the gut and stool as well. Different nebulization approaches are discussed in the eBook.

When available, ozonated saline and/or ozone autohemotherapy infusions are excellent. Conceivably, this approach alone might suffice to knock out the spike protein presence, but the vitamin C and HP nebulization approaches will also improve and maintain health in general. Ultraviolet blood irradiation and hyperbaric oxygen therapy will likely achieve the same therapeutic effect if available.

Ivermectin, hydroxychloroquine, and chloroquine are especially important in preventing new binding of the spike protein to the ACE2 receptors that need to be bound in order for either the spike protein alone or for the entire virus to gain entry into the target cells (Lehrer and Rheinstein, 2020; Wang et al., 2020; Eweas et al., 2021). These agents also appear to have the ability to directly bind up any circulating spike protein before it binds any ACE2 receptors (Fantini et al., 2020; Sehailia and Chemat, 2020; Saha and Raihan, 2021). When the ACE2 receptors are already bound, the COVID virus cannot enter the cell (Pillay, 2020). These three agents also serve as ionophores that promote intracellular accumulation of zinc that is needed to kill/inactivate any intact virus particles that might still be present.

Many other positive nutrients, vitamins, and minerals are supportive of defeating the spike protein, but they should not be used to the exclusion of the above, especially the combination of highly-dosed vitamin C and HP nebulization."

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" Optimizing the Treatment of Spike Protein Persistence

While adding hydrocortisone to the administration of vitamin C can further improve an already excellent therapy, the use of this combined therapy appears to be an optimal way to approach syndromes that are characterized by persistence of the COVID-related spike protein in the body. Individuals experiencing problems following COVID vaccinations, as well as "long-haul" COVID, which is basically a low-grade and ongoing chronic COVID infection, should prove to be optimal candidates for treatment protocols that include combined hydrocortisone and vitamin C administration. As mentioned above, vitamin C alone given in sufficient doses can still effectively "saturate" the targeted cells, but the doses required simply make many physicians with only limited vitamin C experience too uncomfortable to give such doses, whereas the same result can be achieved with lesser doses of vitamin C combined with hydrocortisone." FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE

Orthomolecular Medicine News Service, December 11, 2021

Vitamin C and Cortisol

Synergistic Infection and Toxin Defense

Commentary by Thomas E. Levy, MD, JD http://orthomolecular.org/resources/omns/v17n28.shtml

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Search on "vaccines and vitamin c" .... 1 article.... " FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE

Orthomolecular Medicine News Service, February 14, 2012

Vitamin C Prevents Vaccination Side Effects; Increases Effectiveness

by Thomas E Levy, MD, JD" http://www.orthomolecular.org/resources/omns/v08n07.shtml

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Steve came to the conclusion that viruses exist. Germ (ie viral) infection does not exist. Not even one "virus" has ever been isolated and/or purified and shown to exist, by any lab anywhere in the world. Dr. Robert O. Young mailed out DOZENS of letters to medical agencies all around the world, asking them if they had any evidence for the existence of SARS-CoV-2. He included READABLE SCCREENSHOTS of every letter mailed out and every reply received. NOT EVEN ONE of them had any evidence that SARS-CoV-2 actually exists in nature, just floating around waiting to infect you. You can find articles which claim virus isolation,. Here is how they "isolate" a virus: they take a dying, rotting and decaying Green Monkey kidney tissue cell in a virologist's Petri dish that has been starved of nutrients, poisoned, broken down and decayed further with antibiotics like Gentamicin, Amphotericin, Phenol Red acid dye and kidney dissolving Trypsin enzymes from many days, then poisoned further with fixitive neurotoxic preservatives like Formalin, Formaldehyde, Gluteraldehyde and then de-hydrated in alcohol baths of Ethanol and Acitone, then put into a mold filled with epoxy glue and wax, then frozen and sliced into micro thin pieces, then stained with heavy metals made of Lead and Uranium acitate and then bombarded with 150 degrees to 300 degree celcius heat beams under an electron microscope to show us a picture of a still, non-moving piece of cellular debris which virologists label a "virus" particle. So what IS this particle? It is a theoretical guess based on these kinds of electron microscope pictures (I'll include a link to the article and you can see the picture at 29:29 in the video) that have been put through all of the ludicrous chemical procedures just described and these pictures only. When we see pictures like this these are just artist drawings and computer-generated pictures of what virologists THINK that black and white 2-dimensional image might really look like. Nobody has ever seen one. It's imagination only. It's not alive, no nucleus, no digestive system, no excretory system, no circulatory system, no endocrine system, just genetic material wrapped in a ball of fat and protein.

The End Of Germ Theory (2022)


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Who is paying out all the insurance policies? Why no squeaks from them?

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Major life insurance companies reported about a month ago.that they're seeing a 40% increase in non Covid deaths in ages 18-65 and a increase in claims-payouts

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I am a retired Chemist/Physician--from the the start of all this we were doomed. To introduce a "partial' spike protein from a synthetic RNA virus designed to reprogram the human immune system is insane!!!! God knows the statistical probability of subsequent errors due to this "artificial protein virus" permanently encoded in the immune system's hard drive! This will only get worse for subsequent generations. Truly a curse on humanity!

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Wondering if Black Rock has any holdings in the Insurance industry ? Someone in the US must sue someone soon...before some one sues the US.

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If viruses do exist have round 2, 3 ,4 if necessary and shut Patrick's arguments.

Until then I'm leaning to the shutdown of the discussion 2 as a feeble attempt to slither away

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Sadly, these deaths may well be attributed to the virus itself. "The virus weakened his heart," they'll say. "Even the vaccine couldn't prevent that." Confirmation bias is a powerful force - and if someone has bought the narrative so far, "investing" in all the shots and perhaps even the boosters? What do you think they'll want to believe? It takes critical thinking in spades to do a turn-around, as well as enough ego strength to admit, "Perhaps I was mistaken. Or misinformed. Perhaps I was wrong."

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Safe and effective

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There is a stopping condition on the gene therapy injections. It's in the hands of the people. But for many being compelled to take the jab to save their jobs, it's going to take sacrifice. It may be grievous, but you will live to pick up the pieces later. The alternative leads to slavery and or death. It's really that bleak.

To get others to come on board with this reality is going to take a herculean effort getting through media blockades and the mass formation psychosis that's enslaved them.

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Did anybody read Dr. Malone’s latest findings re: vaccine induced autoimmune induced deficiency? Literally an HIV -like disease. Why the hell is this not receiving 24 hour media coverage?

Neither of the battling parties losing their sanity over R v W will have anything left to devote all of their fury at. Because there won’t be enough healthy babies born to support their argument.

I’m so goddamned disgusted with our “ global” government. Instead of dealing with the greatest threats to our lives collectively, they’re shilling for Ukraine, ignoring the source of our border insurgency- funneling our tax dollars to the UN to pay illegal immigrants to invade America, hiding the WEF NWO agenda , suppressing the truth about the mRNA poison darts and with all the chest beating about “ life beginning at conception”, ignoring the fact that the genetic DNA altering witch’s brew uses aborted fetal tissue.

Which makes me question what the hell Biden is receiving during his weekly jaunts to Delaware. Also, has anybody noticed Biden’s eyes? How weird they appear? Is he wearing AR ( augmented reality) contact lenses? The guy is a literal robotic corpse.

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