Just like they did with Hitler and the millions he murdered. They basically ignored the truth.

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It’s almost for certain worse than your very conservative and reasonable analysis says. My experience tells me the first wave of negative effects is dwarfed by the effects emerging in three to six months. I don’t know too if it ends there. I suspect not. B.C., where I live, is seeing huge upticks in all cause mortality. It’s increasing too.

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It's the underlying individual 'Health' Status of the recipient that will determine the overall systemic effects of administration of any number of Vaccines to the individual. So they will always state 'Benefit Outweigh Risk'. As naturally one would hope there are more Health individuals amongst the general population. The difficulty lies in the absolute fact that 'Generationally' we are getting weaker and weaker as a Species due in part to all external environmental exposure, over reliance on processed foods, drugs ( which include multiple vaccines from infancy) coupled with poorer air quality, poor nutrition, high stress etc etc. The sector of Society with any form of underlying irregularities of the immune system, immunocompromised or immunodeficient are the sector currently suffering Serious, sometimes Fatal Adverse Health Outcome from administration of this newly formulated, ill tested , dangerous experimental 'Covid-19 Vaccine'. Sadly until we start demanding what mechanisms are currently in place and fully implemented accross the world to sucessfully identify this 'Contraindicated' sector prior to administration, sadly the 'Status Quo' will continue. Primary immunodeficiency is Genetically associated.

Secondary immunodeficiency is acquired through direct injury to the CNS. Central Nervous System and Brain.

Those already injured will sadly be written off as an acceptable level of 'Collateral Damage'.

I know, I'm the parent of a Birth Injured, and subsequently severely Vaccine Injured child who developed Regressive Autism (Sspe Subacute Sclerosis Pan Encephalitis post MMR Vaccine) on receipt of the full expansive programme of childhood vaccines. Accumulative Vaccine Viral/Toxin associated neurological infection and accumulative toxic injury.

Which lead to the 'Exasperation' of an already underlying Medical condition. Autism is now fully recognised as an 'Immune Mediated Disorder'.

And currently effects up to 4.2% of infants born according to a recently published UK Government Report on school age children in Northern Ireland. That's 1 in 25 children born.

For confirmation, check out 'The Hannah Polling Case'.

Sadly, Serious Adverse Reaction to Immunization is not a 'Rare' occurance as continually reported in the mainstream media.

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Your hyperlinked URF paper won’t load, but CDC site loads easily.

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Do they establish a "background" death rate in those who are unjabbed by observing how many children per day die of all causes, including car crashes and drownings? And clearly they include all of the deaths from all of the OTHER jabs, to establish their "background". The ONLY correct metric is to establish a random cohort of kids who did not take the jabs (true controls) and count how many of THOSE kids died in the same timeframe during which the jabbed kids were followed. And following them for less than 2 years tells us almost nothing.

Immune disorders are PROGRESSIVE. They work like a delayed incendiary device- providing the culprit with an alibi when the "fire" later begins to rage. The vast majority of those who've been maimed and murdered by the injections will not know they have a SERIOUS problem for months, or even years after the "triggering" event.

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I am a winery and vineyard owner with lots of followers and a high school swim coach, so my reach is pretty extensive. I talked to a furious mom last night on covid (she is very enlightened on this whole covid saga), but what she revealed last night to me is taking this covid thing up another level. Her 18 year old son definitely got covid in March, then forged a signature to get the covid shot in May (because his girlfriend wanted him to get the shot). Last night, asymptomatic, he tested positive again. His mom had him get tested because his sister came in town and got covid. I had an extensive interview with the mom (she has not gotten the shot). The son got covid, got the shot against her will, and now has covid again. My sister has had covid and has gone around helping those with covid, at least 10 thus far, and of course, never gets sick from it. I can see lasting immunity from those who have gotten it (I got it too and treated it with nutrients and got rid of the vid in 3 days). Of course I have seen triple vaxxed get the vid, but this is a first. So the question is obvious and here it goes: Could the stupid shot actually damage the immunity of someone who had previously gotten covid to the point where they can get covid over and over again? Thanks, Jim

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The study shows that by cherry-picking from the right states, from the right hospitals, and from the right patients, we can demonstrate whatever we want. The purpose of the study was to find subjects and data that would support the conclusion that was wanted. In other words, the first thing we did was to write the conclusion. Then we selected the class of patients that we thought would best support this conclusion. We found just 6 hospitals that we believed would have the highest concentrations of this class of patients. When we collected data we found that, lo and behold, our patient selection methodoligy was pretty good, and did not contradict our predetermined conclusion.

Although we didn't mention it in the study, we also discovered in the data we collected that covid is what is causing obesity in children. Yes. Covid is the root cause of all obesity in U.S. children.

On a more serious note, there is a fact that is always overlooked in all these studies. The definition of "having covid" is based on an unreliable test that is impossible to validate, because nobody has ever isolated a sample of this so-called virus. Nobody has ever found it. Nobody has characterized it. Nobody has sequenced it from a real sample. Nobody has proved transmission of a single person to another person. In short, there is no evidence of the existence of covid.

Take 100 patients believed to be sick with covid. Take 100 patients believed to be healthy without covid. Do a double-blind "test" for covid on all these patients. Hand the test results to a covid "expert." Can he/she identify from the test results who are the sick ones?

Of course not. What does that tell you?

The dominant test kit today is the one from Abbott. To verify the reliability of the test they sampled just 500 patients all of whom were symptomatic with something...believed to probably be covid. Interesting that the ONLY people they "verified" the test with were people who were known to be sick. Then with an EUA issued, they release 100m test kits out to the terrified public so they can test themselves with these kits.

So what does it mean when a healthy person gets a positive result? Well, I dunno, because nobody ever checked. And if negative? Uhh, I dunno, because nobody ever checked. It just baffles me how seemingly intelligent people take this stuff seriously.

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In simple terms. They intend to poison the children. The fascists have exposed themselves and their intent.

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This was always an agenda of destruction. Must-hear Interview with Dr. Palmer https://www.bitchute.com/video/vt0ItgQryFfm/

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Rogan and Malone. Excellent interview.

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Jan. 31, 2021 Epoch Times: Fauci: Hospitals are 'overcounting' COVID 19 Cases in Children - https://www.theepochtimes.com/fauci-hospitals-are-overcounting-covid-19-cases-in-children_4187345.html?utm_source=newsnoe&utm_campaign=breaking-2021-12-31-4&utm_medium=email&est=P%2F49yv7WtUyvlWivGSADwS%2FYmAGZlB61B0av%2FoDBOz8gh5dGlowmt5tmu3uW2LZ0RQ%3D%3D- Photo of Fauci shows him definitely wearing a pale shade of lipstick...guess he's getting too pale himself

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I'm behind you 500%.

But you need to have someone look at some of these analyses to see if they are bulletproof before putting them out. Don't give the enemy anything to hold on to.

Your underreporting factor of 41 is most likely accurate overall, but that cannot be assumed for individual events. Child deaths are probably not going to be underreported as much as onset of asthma or appendicitis, or death in an older person.

We would expect 50 background deaths in 3 million kids age 5-11 over 46 days, true. Almost all of those deaths will be in kids who were either deathly ill for at least two months before hand, killed in an accident, or murdered. That actually works in "our" favor. If a kid is fairly healthy when he or she gets a shot and dies within a a few months of "natural" causes, I'd say that's an extremely strong sign it was the "vaccine".

You can't assume there would be 50 background deaths in these kids. Many kids in a cohort of 3 million who are likely to die in a 46 day window will be dying of cancer or some other very serious disease. If they have competent doctors, they won't be getting a shot.

I get what you are saying about the background deaths. If there are 50 background deaths within 30 days of a kid's 1st or 2nd shot, there SHOULD be 50 VAERS reports, even if 45 of them say the cause of death was (preexisting) cancer or a car accident. Of course THAT letter of the law is followed about as often as people carefully read end user license agreements for software installs.

Lets assume for the sake of argument the underreporting factor is 41. If there are 2 reports, we can't just assume there are 2 reports times 41 URF = 82 deaths. There's a LARGE element of randomness when the number of reports is low. There's a decent chance that the actual number of deaths was 40 or less in this hypothetical case - I'm guessing about a 30% chance, but my probability and stats classes were a long time ago.

And of course the CDC holds the cards. They decide when to let a case go through to the public database. They occasionally remove duplicate reports, they refuse to update details of cases to reflect people dying after an initial report has been filed, and so on.

Keep up the good fight.

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I just watched Dr. Malone on JRE and I thought it was very interesting that when Joe asked him why children are particularly susceptible to myocarditis and other heart issues from the vaccine, Dr. Malone posited that it could be simply that heart issues are so rare in children generally that we see it in the vaccine injury statistics. In adults, heart issues are so common that it isn't nearly as obvious when the vaccine causes them. Very very interesting.

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On the outset, It gives weight to Trump's accusation of "fake news". (Sorry haters, I know, I know) It doesn't matter where the info comes from, just the very fact that so many complain of under reporting and correlated events not being reported let alone considered, I still question the validity of any data being correct, ever, let alone 'cult' media contriving their own facts.

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The child died, but filled out as 'Life Threatening? No'????

Administered by: Private Purchased by: ?

Symptoms: Blood gases abnormal, Blood pH decreased, Carbon dioxide increased, Death, Intensive care, Pulse absent, Respiratory arrest, Resuscitation

SMQs:, Anaphylactic reaction (broad), Lactic acidosis (broad), Shock-associated circulatory or cardiac conditions (excl torsade de pointes) (narrow), Acute central respiratory depression (narrow), Guillain-Barre syndrome (broad), Hypersensitivity (broad), Respiratory failure (narrow), Infective pneumonia (broad)

Life Threatening? No

Birth Defect? No

Died? Yes

Date died: 2021-11-22

Days after onset: 0

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The question has been asked whether any members of Congress have opposed Biden's vaccine mandates. The answer is yes. 47 Republican senators and 136 House members filed an amicus brief asking the Supreme Court to block enforcement of President Biden's OSHA vaccine mandate (OSHA).

Congressional Republicans tell Supreme Court to block Biden's 'health police' vaccine mandate


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