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Hi Steve, Any more info on Diamond from Diamond & Silk? Also, I read somewhere that the pro-vaxx YouTube presenter, Dr. Susan Oliver, has ties to Big Pharma. Dr. Been often retweets her posts. Do you l anything about her❓

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I couldn't get beyond the first sentence. We win?? No. This is not a game It's not a bet. It's not a competition. And no one is winning. No. One.

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Problem number 7.

It's easy enough to get the data that would show whether the excess deaths are in the vaccinated or not. In many cases governments already have the data, but will not publish it.

Government refusal to investigate amounts to Nelsonian knowledge which is an epistemological concept where a deliberate refusal to look at something indicates knowledge of what that something would show if one did look. It is named after Admiral Lord Nelson famously raising a telescope to his missing eye (lost in a previous battle) during the battle of Trafalgar before claiming that he could not see the order to retreat. He then ordered hiw whole fleet to advance and won the battle.

If there is nothing to see, why won't governments look?

This type of evidence has been sufficient to legally convict people of fraud. There is a well known case where a CFO missed 100% of the meetings where a particular fraud was discussed - meetings which she would ordinarily have been expected to attend. Her ability to miss with perfect accuracy exactly those meetings where fraud was discussed was accepted by the court as proof of her knowledge of the fraud.

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Wait, when did they say the vaccines were supposed to save lives? Remember when they had to admit the vaccines don't stop infection/transmission? Then they told us that weren't supposed to stop infection/transmission & they said nobody every said the vaccines would do that. What do you want to bet that we'll soon be told the vaccines were NEVER intended to prevent death? They'll invent some new reason (like preventing long COVID).

It'll be, "You must take the vaccines cause Long COVID is worse than death," and then all the true believers will mock you for saying it had anything to do w/ saving lives.

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Fenton may not be wrong, but Steve Kirsch very likely is wrong.

Specifically, Steve's analysis looks wrong in "Problem #5: Chile and Korea PROVE it is the vaccinated who are dying"

"we are getting a huge 30% excess mortality rate" -> A 30% increase in the mortality rate can be a very small number depending on the base mortality rate. Say the base mortality rate was 1%. A 100% increase would drive mortality to 2%. Since 2% < 10%, it is conceivable that the entire increased mortality is driven by the unvaccinated.

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Oh for crying out loud Steve. Especially you, but also others have proven 6 ways to Sunday that the vax kills and cripples and causes excess mortality.


The powers that be have all the POWER. ALL the Power.

The powers that be knew from the get go what the vax was going to do to humans.

The world is in the Reset mode.

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Typical! She's one of those who declare with a straight face “I don’t care if you are right, I am sticking with my stance.”

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NOTICE TO ANY Hospital or Medical facility for the

REFUSAL of recommended treatment for Covid 19 from the NIH, CDC, FDA using Sedation, ventilation, Remdesivir protocols.

To whom it may concern:

I, ____Name_________, being of sound mind, with this document am hereby notifying this and any Hospital or Medical Facility that I am REFUSING and DO NOT consent to any Covid 19 Treatment using the sedation, ventilation, Remdesivir protocol treatment. Administration of the foregoing, whether individually or in combination, shall be deemed AGAINST MY WILL.

I am informing this facility that I am refusing the protocol using Sedation, ventilation, Remdesivir because it is deadly. It is my expressed intent for this document to be kept in a prominent place in my records visible to anyone responsible for my care. This is formal notice that any person or facility administering the aforementioned treatment protocol against my will shall be subject to legal consequences, including wrongful death claims.

Further, In the event that I am unable to make medical decisions for myself, I appoint my Trusted family member NAME_____as the sole and exclusive designee to act on my behalf.

I do NOT give any of my medical rights or consent to deviate from my wishes outlined in this document to this facility or to ANY PERSON period.

I do NOT have a DNR In place and it is my desire to be resuscitated if needed. I do not give authorization to this facility to restrain, imprison, or keep me against my will and I have the right to leave on my own free will at any time I wish to do so.

These are my wishes with respect to COVID treatment and this document shall remain in full force and effect unless I terminate them by express written notice at a future date.

Notwithstanding anything to the contrary stated elsewhere, any consent forms I may sign authorizing treatment should not be misconstrued to negate or erode the directives set forth herein regarding the Covid treatment protocol noted above.

___NAME___________ ​​​ Witness: ​​







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Point #5 might be able to red pill a few more people...

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Steve Dr. cannot deviate from the norm they will loose their license. They are between a rock/hard place.

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I sense that THEIR time of deceiving US into taking their jabs may be ending. Sadly, this CAN mean that the shots could still (STILL!) be enforced (and those FEMA camps finally put into use) for those of us WHO WILL NOT COMPLY! (They were built for a reason.) I will still just say, "NO!" In the meantime we should bone up on healthy living and be prepared for MORE rough times! I post publicly and freely on MeWe. STAY WELL NATURALLY! ETERNAL LIFE BLESSINGS FOR YAHWEH'S SAINTS!

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Dr Done (😭) is ignorant on every matter but I guess that is required of True Believers these days.

Correlation analysis is performed in situations where finite data is NOT available ... all of statistics is actually an exercise of using math to draw provable conclusions about large, imperfectly-known populations. How silly of her to somehow not know this. I’ve been told a lot lately how clever doctors are but she makes me wonder about the supposed correlation between being a doctor and being clever

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A pretty damning study for the pro-vaxxer position. Thanks for sharing this. You may be misinterpreting Liza's position though: when she says Fenton can't prove it's the vaxxed who are dying, maybe she means that the countries with the highest vaxx rates are also the ones that were hardest hit by Covid, so of course they would also have the highest excess deaths, and those deaths would be among the unvaxxed, not because the vaxx is killing the unvaxxed, but because the vaxx is so darned effective at protecting the vaxxed. We all know that position has no scientific basis given the data, and you do a good job of pointing that out, but I just throw that out there as an alternative guess at what she might mean, because, even with the spike shedding theory, it seems pretty off-the-wall to think the vaxx is killing the un-vaxxed at a greater rate than it's killing the vaxxed.

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It's unnecessary for the illusionists to provide any proof at this point. The hand-waving and straw man fallacies are simply maintenance of the position their earlier deceptions created.

As sad as it is to contemplate, the gaslighting will continue until a critical mass of dead friends and relatives finally begins a reversal of the adaptive learning imposed on the low-information public.

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