I am so thankful that my husband and I did a lot of research on the vaccines before we got vaccinated. We went with the J&J specifically because it wasn't an mRNA or live vaccine. My daughter, son-in-law, and one granddaughter also got the J&J but one got the Pfizer shot because her friends father who is a pharmacist said it was the better of the three. Now we are all terrified for her after seeing all of the horrible side effects and deaths caused by that vaccine. We only got the shot because of our age and to minimize the effects of covid which so far we haven't gotten. Our daughter and son-in-law recently had a mild case of Covid after attending a concert.

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Well, that would be a great question. Are the clots amyloid-like as in CJD or Mad Cow or are they made of lots of fibrin(not heavy in proteins) or are they synthetic fibers surrounded by lipids like Mike Adams, the Health Ranger says. Please ask him to do the lab work for us. It is quite the controversy as the longer clots seem to grow even after taken out of the body.

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Kell, D. B., Laubscher, G. J., & Pretorius, E. (2022). A central role for amyloid fibrin microclots in long COVID/PASC: origins and therapeutic implications. Biochemical Journal, 479(4), 537-559.

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I was just alerted to this interview. The inattention being paid this is not good. Cole didn't say but infers that these clots are fibrin that agglomerates in the presence of S2 Spike. You can get S2 Spike from either infection or vaccine. More with vaccine and more with each dose. But still. If even natural infection does this that means EVERYONE is blood clotted to some degree or another. Are they looking for a compound that dissolves these? If not why not. What's going on here.

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After a long blood clot is discovered in the arm, is a blood thinner the best treatment? If blood thinner has not cleared the clot in a month or so, what can be done to get rid of the clot? How do I find a doctor in my area who believes the Vax could be the cause?

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Just one more suspicious data point; healthy, active woman - college senior - gets arterial blockage in lower leg. No clotting history, fully vax’d. The main clot and others thrown off had to be removed surgically. Leg nearly amputated. Long, long recovery ahead. She was so young and healthy that doctors did not think to look for clots. Her sister diagnosed her.

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Trying to find a doctor that can diagnose and treat micro clotting in CA.

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Mar 30, 2022·edited Mar 30, 2022

Hi Steve;

Has Dr. Cole (or anyone) verified the mechanism for the blood clot formation? If I recall, the video indicated he hadn't had a chance to examine the clots at the time the video was made.

I have two friends who developed 99+ percent blockage of some coronary arteries within two months (maybe less) of getting an mRNA booster. I'm attempting to convince them not to get another booster. Having a definite mechanism of action for the hypothesis that the vaccines cause the strange clots would go a long way toward convincing them not to take the second booster. Thanks for all your great work.

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Wow. When you re-interview Dr. Cole, hopefully for longer, please make it very introductory starting with the long-clots-being-found-by-embalmers data, then letting Dr. Cole talk about his background before addressing the issue. Then people can share the video link with friends and on social media with people who have no familiarity with him or this issue to date. Thanks for your great work!

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Cleary such reports are very disturbing to those who have been vaxxed. Still, I am wondering why we are not hearing about more cases of small blood vessels being blocked, such as those in the retina and elsewhere in the brain. We should be hearing about more instances of dementia effect and similar. What about higher blood pressure readings?

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I've known that tromethamine was always part of Moderna's vaccine. Then Pfizer added tromethamine in children's vaccine. Then considered putting it in adult's

Pfizer claims it stabilizes and prolongs the shelf life of the pseudo vax.

But I never considered the spike itself.

On Rumble a British (I assume) pathologist has a few minute video from December where he found the same symptoms. When it became known his office was burned to the ground he claims.

Tromethamine is available in the gov hazardous data bank. Clotting is one of it's side effects!

Link: https://pubchem.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/source/hsdb/3408

Link to Rumble video: https://rumble.com/vrprdt-52-of-vaccinated-people-are-getting-micro-vascular-blood-clots-according-to.html

I had been given the Jensen vax. Prior to the vax my vision was quite good. After vax my right eye started to become blurry. Presently I can't read a thing and everything else is blurry/cloudy.

Will be going to an eye doctor soon.

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Hi Steve,

I am a very concerned neuropsychiatrist writing from Jena, Germany.

I explain to my patients the risk of thrombosis and heart damage by referring to the recent studies by Norma Maugeri and Elisa Avoglio. The interaction of the spike with the basigin receptor on platelets and pericytes of the heart inevitably leads to microthrombosis or demise of the heart muscle.

I have presented the statement of the studies graphically for simplicity (I am happy to provide the graphs drhaeger@web.de). The study by Ariel Israel et al (of the Israel Institute in Israel 😉) seems to indicate a benefit of statins. Statins interact not only with cholesterol biosynthesis but also with the basigin receptor.

Since the mRNA protected by the Kariko Stealth technique may permanently produce spike proteins and the spikes then irreversibly activate both platelets and pericytes within a very short time with devastating consequences by CONTACTing the basigin receptors this is of concern to me. The reports of embalmers are keeping me up at night.

Please spread the knowledge of the great danger that exists via the spike/basigin interaction for those vaccinated and of course those severely ill with viremia.

But we also have to encourage people: We are not helpless. Let's not be afraid. The combination of rosuvastatin and ezetimibe should be considered, as well as pine needle tea. PCV13 peumococcal vaccination may be a better alternative to gene therapy (Israel/Lewnard).

Thank you for reading.

Frank Häger, Jena, Germany

Norma Maugeri et al., Unconventional CD147-dependent platelet activation elicited by SARS- CoV- 2 in COVID- 19, J Thromb Haemost. 2022;20:434–448

Elisa Avolio et al.; The SARS-CoV-2 Spike protein disrupts human cardiac pericytes function through CD147 receptor-mediated signalling: a potential non-infective mechanism of COVID-19 microvascular disease; Clin Sci (Lond) (2021) 135 (24): 2667–2689.

Ariel Israel et al.; Identification of drugs associated with reduced severity of COVID-19 – a case-control study in a large population , Elife. 2021 Jul 27;10:e68165. doi: 10.7554/eLife.68165.

Joseph A Lewnard et al. Prevention of Coronavirus Disease 2019 Among Older Adults Receiving Pneumococcal Conjugate Vaccine Suggests Interactions Between Streptococcus pneumoniae and Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus 2 in the Respiratory Tract

The Journal of Infectious Diseases, jiab128, https://doi.org/10.1093/infdis/jiab128

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I encourage everyone that have taken the covid shot to take a D-Dimer test to check for possible blood clots in the body. Having a read on your medical condition is important especially for your peace of mind.

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Thanks for keeping on it, Steve. I saw your report and other mind blowing Covid news at Presscalifornia.com

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Of course MSM doesn't report on anything worth hearing about. They haven't for decades! So thank you Dr. Cole and Steve for again giving us the information needed to remain on top of this situation. This is really creepy stuff. I can't help asking everyone I know that has had the clot shot, how they feel everytime I see them!! And I mean it, how are you? It's like I'm waiting for a clot to fall out of them or something! And I was a nurse for over 50 years! It's unbelieveable how uneducated sooo many of my cohorts are!! They really do refuse to talk about any of it. And if you say something like, " No one has ever died from covid 19. They only die from lack of treatment!" They all just get silent and look at you like you just cut a stinky fart! Very sad!👵😇

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