This article is so concise and covers it all. The injections were only meant to cause harm. https://saidit.net/s/VaccineSkepticism/comments/8f7w/how_the_covid_experimental_vaccines_cause_damage/

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Just compare the data out of South Korea, Ireland, the US and India. Fully vaccinated rates: South Korea 81%, Ireland 76%, the US at 60% and India at 34%. Then compare current cases per million: South Korea - 97 (highest rate in two years), Ireland -932, US - 360, India - 6.

India hit a peak in May 2021 of 280, then then systematically started distributing HCQ and Ivermectin to their population, due to lack of vaccines.

The South Korea data is disturbing. They avoided most all of contagion and deaths due to Covid and now the rates are inversely proportional to their efforts. The media does not reference South Korea anymore. Over 80% vaccinated and 95%+ mask use.

The data does not correlate with improving conditions due to masking or vaccinations. Vaccinations only reduce symptoms, which can also be achieved with prophylactics and post infection treatment.

This data is readily available on Our World in Data.

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I want Kirsch to be right, but the trouble is Kirsch always goes off half-cocked -- claiming to have "proof"... When in fact he has some interesting data that may or may not suggest something. He needs some basic lessons in empiricism, "proof" and the scientific method. As with his disastrous interviews, he doesn't know when to wait like a mature person, prepare his data and provide conclusive information. He does the entire anti-mandate movement a disservice. Steve: Exercise some self-control, maturity, patience and intellectual rigor. Your posts will get wider distribution.

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Actually, I do not get it why it is confounded by the age of the vaccinated:

you estimate the correlation between the vaxx rate (R_V) in a country (# vaxxed/ # population) and the covid mortality rate (R_M) (# covid fatalities / # population)

If the vaccines were preventing deaths it should show a negative correlation. If you use placebo, or you jab healthy young adults who almost never die of covid then there should be no correlation so the estimate would be around zero. But positive correlation of 15% is a lot! Got the confidence interval as well?

You could argue for a confounder like: the more developed nations have older and more obese populations and hence show higher covid mortality. In the same time being richer allows them to jab more people, so here you would get a confounded correlation.

I guess you could get rid of it by measuring the correlation between the time increments of the vaxx rate R_V (same country but say monthly vaxx rate increments) and the corresponding case-fatality ratio increments. You need to use the CFR because the covid seasonality would override everything anyways. That would be basically the gradient of how the CFR moves as a function of the vaxx rate.

The same analysis with total mortality instead of covid mortality should also show the increasing 'post pandemic stress disorder ' fatalities (https://boriquagato.substack.com/p/i-see-we-have-now-reached-the-cover)

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So when you put 2 and 2 together, you find that lots of governments WANT Covid to go on forever. Covid panic gives government the ability to take more power and to control every aspect of people's lives. Human rights go out the window when people are scared for their lives. But pandemics don't last forever. They tear through a population and then people have immunity or they don't survive and then it is over. So how do you make a pandemic last forever? You need some pharmaceutical intervention to reduce natural immunity and thereby to keep the virus going and going and going. Then you have media hype the cases - my God, the cases! And voila, forever pandemic and endless government power.

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just to add that the negative efficacy with respect to symptomatic disease is also shown in a study with N > 1,600,000: https://papers.ssrn.com/sol3/papers.cfm?abstract_id=3949410

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Steve, thoroughly enjoy the information you provide to all of us. I was wondering if anyone has taken the Covid death stats from a location and applied the Feb. 2020 criteria for determining cause of death to see what the difference would be in Covid deaths. Seems like that might be a somewhat revealing fact.

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Working as intended.

Jews lie; goyim die.

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Seems the only way out of this mess will be the deaths of millions from the jab. Maybe then they will stop forcing it.

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The government of Scotland’s own data shows that, over the last 3 months, 90% of Covid deaths are the vaccinated.

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This is only a "trend of correlations". If you know what you are talking about then you shouldn't be able to sleep at night for misleading people

Correlations are not absolute values! I can't believe what I just saw

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For anyone interested...

"Fired for Freedom: Doctors, nurses, and attorneys expose civil rights abuses"

Livestream will be available here on Tuesday, December 7 at 12pm (noon) ET. 


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Steve, what is your take on graphene hydroxide?

On November 18, 2020, well-known German chemist and one of the EU’s top graphene experts, Dr Andreas Noack was arrested by an armed police unit in the middle of his YouTube livestream.

On November 26th, 2021, just hours after publishing this latest video about graphene oxide and graphene hydroxide, he died suddenly.


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Dont take RNA shot. There is no pandemic. 600,000 die each year from cancer, but government doesn't force chemo and radiation on us. 660,000 die each year from heart disease, but we aren't force fed anti-cholesterol drugs. Only 400,000 die each year WITH covid, not from it. There is no pandemic. Tell your friends, family, and employers to calm down.

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Japanese health ministry warns of “serious side effects” of vaccines – RT en français

| Breaking News Updates | Fox News

After having listed heart problems following the follow-up of a million Japanese, a group of experts brought together by the Ministry of Health wants to put the mention “serious side effects” on the documents attached to the anti-Covid vaccines.

The Japanese Ministry of Health has listed inflammations of the heart muscle and the outer wall of the heart in young men as possible serious side effects of the Covid Moderna and Pfizer vaccines, NHK reported on December 4.

He said that as of November 14, out of one million men who received the Moderna vaccine, such side effects were reported in more than 81 adolescent men and 48 men in their twenties. Those numbers were 15 and 13, respectively, for those who had received the Pfizer vaccine.

The ministry, which convened a group of experts on December 4 on the issue, proposed to warn of the risk by printing the words “serious side effects” on documents attached to vaccines. It will also require hospitals to fully report incidents involving people who developed symptoms within 28 days of their vaccination, according to the law.

The plan has been approved by the expert group and the ministry will notify municipalities.

Today Headlines News Today Japanese health ministry warns of “serious side effects” of vaccines – RT en français

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Science has already spoken. The jab destroys an integral part of the immune system; T-cell immunity. This type of immunity is how the flu and all other REAL vaccines bring about immunity.

Anyone getting the jab should never again get another vaccination.

This destruction of the immune system will prove fatal to most....

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