Bty, I tried to post earlier that Twitter won't allow me to follow you if I don't give them my phone number, and I stopped giving my phone number to every Tom, Dick and Harry years ago. Isn't that an illegal invasion of privacy? My email should be enough.

I thought Musk was going to clean a few things up, but I guess not.

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Thank you for giving recaps because we can't get Rumble in France now. Apparently, Macron is demanding they take down certain "content creators", so Rumble has just blacked-out France completely. I don't understand how the govt of France can have any say in their content to begin with!

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Citizen X, a fact-based movie about a detective doggedly trying to find a serial killer in the USSR, who is blocked by the bureaucracy: "There are no serial killers in the Soviet Union, it is a decadent Western phenomenon."

This movie, which I have watched several times, shows the political environment permitting a serial killer to go on to murder 52 people, including children. It was not until peristroika began that the detective could make progress, get assistance from the state, and capture the killer. It reminds me of our current political environment.

Our political environment is changing, albeit too slowly. But it will change, and they will fail. Meanwhile we need to be like that detective, to continue to do what we know is right.

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Steve, you should know that I cannot access any of your videos right now.

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“Kill one person, you get the chair, kill a million, you get the throne.


“Those who can make you believe absurdities, can make you commit atrocities.”—Voltaire

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Cite the sources. What qualifications do these sources have? This sounds like just another product of the “rumour mills”. If there was a bonafide study in a peer reviewed journal there would be considerably more credibility and thus more widespread acceptance by the scientific community.

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Thank you so very much for this wonderful posting. If only my friends would listen. I am forwarding this in hopes that they will. Like you and so many of us who are following your efforts on this journey, most of my friends don't even want to talk to me. Especially if they have been harmed. IMHO it is they feel guilty for not listening and I'm the reminder that the decision which they made perhaps could have been a different one with a better outcome,

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The interview with Ryan Cole is amazingly informative and covers a lot of ground, so you don’t actually notice how long it goes.

I don’t know what the financial incentive is here in Japan, but I imagine each country struck a different deal. However, I have an interesting anecdotal story.

My boss and her husband both tested positive one week before they were scheduled to get their “vaccine.” Because her husband was in his 60’s, my boss was worried and insisted (against the doctor’s recommendations) that he stay in the hospital. During that time, she also demanded (against recommendation) that he be given remdesivir. After some amount of back-and-forth, the doctors gave in.

Luckily, both recovered within about a week. Not so luckily, one week later, their doctor told them to get the “vaccine” as soon as possible. As you can guess, my boss became extremely ill from the shot and had to take ANOTHER week off from work.

The thing that got me is how the doctors discouraged use of remdesivir, but pushed the other poison. I don’t get it.

Do they not get paid for remdesivir, or do they calculate that getting paid multiple times for the same patient receiving each subsequent booster is more profitable? Or do they know that remdesivir will kill but actually believe the shot will save lives?!

What’s the deal?

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Debra Conrad in this interview verifies something Dr. Pierre Kory wrote in a recent substack post, namely, that a very large hospital system appears to have been trying to make medical personnel believe that vaccinated patients they worked on were actually unvaccinated, by only listing patients vaccinated by a primay care physician's clinic who works for the same hospital system with the designation "vaccinated." All others, even those clearly vaccinated and who showed their vaccination cards, were designated "unknown," which was taken by the staff to mean "unvaccinated." This may be one of the reasons Conrad's reports were "out of line" with others from related hospitals. She was probably the only one who convinced her hospital to make an accurate record of who was or was not vaccinated and then tracked those patients.

Here are Kory's posts (by the way, Kory also discussed a nurse's statement to him that whenever staff is not sure of the cause of a problem, a situation that is happening increasingly frequently, they are not allowed to list it as a possible vaccine injury and are instead told to chalk it up to "long COVID.":



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To add to what was in the interview of PA Deborah Conrad, the information below was in letters written by her attorney Aaron Siri on July 19, 2021, (you can find a link at Siri’s website) to the CDC, FDA, and COVID-19 Vaccine task Force. (as far as I know, Siri never received answers to this letter.) Included in the letter is the following:

Ms. Conrad, after much convincing, got the NY State hospital where she worked to track the vaccine status of every patient admitted and found that even though fewer than 50% of the community her hospital served had been vaccinated, 90% of the individuals admitted to the hospital had been vaccinated and were presenting with complaints months after the vaccination.

Ms. Conrad filed VAERRS reports about the conditions she saw and helped other personnel file reports (because they are notoriously difficult and time consuming to file). When questioned by the hospital about her activities, Ms. Conrad said that in addition to at least 5 patients she had personally treated that had presented with new, unprovoked deep vein thrombosis or pulmonary embolisms within 6 weeks of vaccination, she had also seen patients who, after receipt of the vaccination presented with a new stroke, bleed autoimmune hepatitis, sudden bilateral pneumonia or Covid-19 infection, as well as syncope with head injury, STEMI, new arrhythmias, new seizure disorders, new chorea movement disorder, and more.

However, after auditing Conrad’s reports for a four-week period, which totaled 50 adverse events including 4 deaths, instead of praising her for doing a good job, the hospital chief quality officer stated that she had “not heard this level of reporting from anywhere else and didn’t hear similar reports from (another hospital system).” When Ms. Conrad noted that the reports were accurate (which the hospital did not dispute )and should therefor be reported, the quality officer said that Conrad sounded “anti-vaxxy” and that the organization was following CDC and Department of Health guidelines and so are “very much advocating for patients to receive the vaccine... and want people to understand that on the whole this is a very safe vaccine and that the science supports that.”

This echoes the circular non-reasoning pushed by the Administration that evidence of the dangers of the shots should be suppressed because it would discourage people from getting them, which would be terrible since they are safe. If you ask how do we know they are safe, the answer is, because we have seen no evidence that they are dangerous (since that evidence was suppressed to encourage people to take the shots since they are safe.)

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Time for all who are awake and CARE to share.

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Have seen multiple vids from central America showing jabbed people emitting Bluetooth addresses most are in Spanish and I'm bilingual- but some of the vids have English subtitles. This may be deliberate disinformation and I hate that word. Yet my friend that works for google says there are patents for injectable rfid and bluetooth injections. This is starting to feel like a dystopian sci fi novel

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Aug 16, 2022·edited Aug 16, 2022

Ask Ryan Cole why he didn't mention Mike Adams findings of trace amounts of phosphorus and nitrogen, large amounts of carbon, small amounts of iron, tin, copper, gold and silver in the fibrous clots.

Then have him look at this video, at the 21:10 mark to see why that might be important to know.


I've pointed this out before, and people are afraid to 'go there.' But that's where the facts are. LaQuinta Columna discovered this by putting a cell phone next to a slide with a drop taken from a COVID mRNA vaccine vial, and calling it. They videoed the self assembly in realtime.

Now the connection is made to frequencies. And I have already shown you documentation exists demonstrating this capability.

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