I don’t know if y’all have seen the vast amount of attacks on Malones claim of 16,000 doctors under the Global Covid Summit banner. They are attacking it.

Steve, do we have proof Malone had 16,000? Anyone know? If so, where is the list?

I want to counter the opposition claims on both Twittr and on this attack from the 270. I want to match name for name and credentials for credentials.

I know Malone has over 100, I can read up to that many but the last time I was in his site I couldn’t access more.

I want the list of THIS site too. While this Jessica lady does have some knowledge as does the young whipper snapper, they don’t hold a candle to some of our names. Malone, McCullough, Bhakdi, Yeadon, Kory, Marik, Zelenko, etc etc etc.

How can I access the ENTIRE list?

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Here is the young woman who got her BS from the University of Spoiled Children in SoCal 🌐Jessica Malaty Rivera, MS - The Rockefeller Foundation


› home › jessica malaty rivera, ms

November 9, 2021 - Jessica Malaty Rivera is an infectious disease epidemiologist and science communicator. She earned her MS in Emerging Infectious Diseases from the Georgetown School of Medicine and has dedicated the last 15 years of her career to disease surveillance research, public health policy, and vaccine ...

She seems to think that her MS is far superior to Dr. Malone's 30+ years as an MD & PhD actually working with patients & doing important research! She works for the Rockefeller Foundation which tells us a lot about who owns her. Thus, why she felt the need to start a campaign to censor Joe Rogan & Dr. Malone!

Ben Rein, PhD is just another young whipper-snapper who never learned to think critically nor to question authority but knows everything, so censoring Dr. Malone is important to the advancement of science!

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This Doctor of Public Health student has since made all her tweets inaccessible. Shutting down legitimate scientific debate is the go-to move for these fragile left wing egos.

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I like that they all signed their names to the letter because it makes for a pretty good list. Maybe someone should find the best 52 of them and turn them into a deck of playing cards like the war machine did in Iraq.

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There are still so many lessons to learn from Saddam's WMD's.

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Like all authoritarians, they are yellow belly cowards.

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Love your last comment: “They never do-“


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Ignore the vaxxers, theyll be dead soon anyway

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Having consumed the elixir of truth (available at all Walgreen and CVS stores, only $3.99. But only to selected people.), a group call went out to others holding a elixir bottle cap. They observed that Spotify was making money from people who talk and sing. They cannot abide anybody who talks and sings because after receiving the elixir, one becomes numb in several ways. They refuse to talk to anyone who has received alternate drinks, who lack the special caps.

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Steve, as always, great work calling out the real spreaders of misinformation. I have been shocked by how many trainees have either voluntarily attacked career scientists, or worse, were called upon/coerced by their faculty advisors to do so. They make up a great number of the so-called 'fact checkers' as well. And I simply do not understand why so many non-immunologists with, at best, only a superficial knowledge of the sub-discipline of vaccinology feel like they can override the science-backed opinions of those with a deep mechanistic understanding of the subject area. The scientific community needs to have a great purge of the non-critically thinking individuals that promote censorship over open respectful discussions. I fear the public is rapidly losing faith in science. Not because there is any inherent problem with science, but because there are too many 'scientists' who are power- and money-hungry, have excessive egos, or are simply inept. Also, the administrations that support academic scientists are run too much like big businesses. Finally, the public is failing to hold the scientific community accountable when the traditional scientific process is abandoned; and scientists are clearly unable to do this within their own community. In this day and age, I fear that science is too often causing more harm than good to society. People like Robert Malone and Joe Rogan can hold their heads up high. The time will come when most people will recognize that these guys are men of integrity.

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Jan 29, 2022·edited Jan 29, 2022

What vaccine are you creating dr?

I’m understandably skeptical after two years (did anyone here note YESTERDAYS ANNIVERSARY: EUAs I believe we’re officially dated January 27, 2020 in the US. Not sure of Canada.).

But I have a healthy skepticism of anything an MD or PhD promotes in the way of a vaccine. Do not label me “hesitant”. I am downright opposed.

Give me proof what YOU are cooking up is better.

Ps I am glad you oppose mandates however and your staunch defense of your countrymen is to be respected.

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My experience : those who need to put scientist in their title are not.

And those fields that do the same , are not.

Political Science , has nothing about science , but every thing about Politics …as seen : it’s title is a lie.

Physics , Chemistry , mathematics …

Carry no need for puff .

Aerospace Engineers , do not call them selves Rocket Scientist .

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Sorry to be a pest but I would love to hear your input on this. I have copied and pasted my post from another article as I imagine you may have the insight I require.

I had no idea of Dr Meryl Nass's background until just now.

I have an illness known as CFS/M.E, which is similar or a cousin illness to Fibromyalgia, GBS, long covid and Gulf war illness.

Someone please correct me if I am wrong. But these ailments all seem to have an epigenetic onset. The exact mechanism is still unknown. Possibly due to the infancy of the science of epigenetics.

My theory and how I manage my own ailment is that cytokines, inflammatory messenger cells, have some direct impact on my mitochondrial function in my body.

If I address systemic inflammation with rest, diet and mindfulness my symptoms are mild. If they increase, through poor diet, exercise/tissue damage, sickness, temperature extremes and chemical toxicities etc I get very tired.

I suspect a similar but unique process occurs in those of the cousin ailments I mention above.

What stops the nanolipids carrying other blood borne toxins into cells through the cell membranes? What stops them carrying these into the brain and through the blood brain barrier? Does anyone know?

My concern is that these vaccines via their described mechanisms are causing, long covid not protecting people from them, symptoms which will be delayed for some time perhaps 1 - 2 years. Just as natural illness is delayed in the onset of these syndrome illnesses. I developed a mild case of Epstein barr and then a year or two later began feeling the notable symptoms of CFS/M.E. It wasn't immediate.

Can anyone add more or correct any of my assumptions?

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Have you tried melatonin? Turmeric forte? Or a liposomal turmeric? Any number of other cellular protectants? IV vitamin C? Dr Mercola has quite a bit on his stack and his website about s lot of natural treatments for various conditions. Yes, he’s selling his stuff. I’m sure it’s good but I treasure his articles more. They contain great deal of scientific info on such. Many of these things cost pennies on the dollar from Swansonvitsmins (no, not as high quality but I often try stuff from there before going to the more expensive stuff. Melatonin is extremely cheap!)

Ray Sahelian Md website has some links for natural things as well. Keep in mind he cautions about melatonin but I have read a lot of things that contradict this . However , it’s good to read it as he cautions about use in Hashimoto and other autoimmune conditions. So maybe research before using.

RaySahelianmd.com and Mercola.com both have great links. I think Natural News website does as well.

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Nawww no need be modest. You too are a man of great integrity in my eyes and I imagine thousands more.

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If this is directed at Dr Bridle, ok but he is also trying to create vaccines. I’m willing to hear him out but I want an answer as to what type he is creating. I did post a question directly to him on this. I am skeptical of all those trying to “vaccinate, vaccinate, vaccinate” after the fiasco of “safe and effective”.

His defense of his fellow Canadians, however, seems to be genuine and laudable.

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I don't know anything about Mr. Rein. And after his 5 seconds of fame, guess what...I still don't know anything about him! Lol! Dr Malone on the other hand, I know a little about him. And what I know, I like! Thank you Joe Rogan!👵😇

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Ben is a world economic fascist.

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Joe Rogan is like Steve Kirsch, amazing!

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Godspeed Joe Rogan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Go after those lying Fuckers!

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Jan 13, 2022·edited Jan 13, 2022

Letters like Dr. Rein's make it easy to know who has been bought. This guy is an obvious shill.

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I'm not a Dr. nor did I stay at a Holiday Inn last night, but when I was a kid I thought I might be a Dr. so yeah good enough. My concerns must be addressed by anyone who can stop these evil misinformers.

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Could you explain the Holiday Inn reference? I don't get it.

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Hi Runemasque...absolutely, it refers to an old ad campaign for Holiday Inn Express people who had stayed there were doing things they were not trained for (example Dr.) the campaign was called it "Stay Smart" here's a quick read https://www.usatoday.com/story/travel/hotels/2013/04/08/holiday-inn-express-makes-stay-smart-move/2061317/ please don't spend much time on that site I doubt it would make anyone smart. ;) Be well and be blessed.

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