Legitimate researchers banned from sharing their findings? This is how deep the corruption goes … those without a moral compass bribing others, those without a spine allowing it.

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If the existing establishment is irredeemable, I think the legitimate medical community could form their own associations, institutions and journals not compromised by commercial interests.

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So now we're getting some estimates, huh? 200k. Thats a lot. Comparable to the mass murder in Iraq. Not with any precision though. Our leaders count the dollars they steal, not the people they kill.

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Apr 5, 2023·edited Apr 5, 2023

In reality the WHO is a "think" tank privately funded by vaccine and pharmaceutical companies.

The bill gates' foundation is a primary donor. The WHO can say whatever they want. Yet they are not elected and have zero legal ability to pass law or define what is disinformation. The issue is that governments can agree to follow the WHO's recommendations. This is looking very bad. George Orwell predicted this, and we ignored him.

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Apr 4, 2023·edited Apr 4, 2023

The Democrats recently signed a new policy into law that allows them to jail anyone for 20 years for spreading "misinformation" Meaning, information that exposes their crime syndicate...

The WHO, the most corrupt organisation in the world and always run by people from terrorist and deeply criminal and corrupt nations, put Article 17 in place, too ("Strengthening pandemic and public health literacy), to criminalise "misinformation" worldwide. WHO will be in charge of making decisions about what to do with you if they don't like your narrative.

Article 16 ("Whole-of-government and whole-of-society approaches at the national level") urges member states to collaborate with non-state actors and the private sector as part of a "whole-of-society response in decision making, implementation, monitoring, and evaluation, as well as effective feedback mechanisms."

The WHO also recently shared a video stating that "anti-vaccine activism" is deadlier than "global terrorism."


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Steve...A Citizen-Led Inquiry Into Canada’s COVID-19 Response is taking place across Canada focused on all aspects of the so-called COVID pandemic, including lockdowns and masks, and mandated shots (https://nationalcitizensinquiry.ca/). A recent presentation by a funeral director has exposed the damage being done to people's blood and vascular system after the deadly COVID shots. I realize that this has been documented by embalmers in the US and UK but this is the first public report that I am aware of in Canada. See here: https://rumble.com/v2fuj08-licensed-funeral-director-laura-jeffery-on-post-vaccine-embalming-nci.html

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I called GOOD thinks happens to me is the God’s blessings and bad thinks are coming from EVOL Destroys humans in many different ways

We are experiencing these days all over the Planet Earth

Filthy Eval Politics Mafia is full of political Mafia what Hitler did from 1933 to the end of WW2

We experienced some pice but devil’s advocate never got REST

Political idiots Political Mafia new Nazis are corrupted and I can see God’s interference is the answer so we will have church and God to gave us human dignity


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This actor is claiming he will be slowing down working because he took a genetic test showing he is likely to contract alzheimers. This sounds like he is hiding a vaccine injury. Anyone heard anything on this? https://www.foxnews.com/entertainment/chris-hemsworth-fans-support-thor-star-amid-retirement-claims-learning-high-risk-alzheimers

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By the Way Folks, starting this month... ENJOY!!

Report - Cattle And Pigs Will Be Given MRNA Injections

Beginning This Month - Bon Appetit


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This forum went in a strange direction. I was forced to have 3 Pfizer covid shots for work. I am still completely attracted to my girlfriend. But since the last covid shot I am not able to function. I will get my levels tested. Only 30 years old?

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I only treat females but do advise that all covid vaccinated males that are depressed and having sexual dysfunction get their testosterone, estrogen and something called SHBG tested. You can get these tests in most states without a doctor's orders.

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The severe side effects of covid shots are well known. The sexual side effects are rarely spoken about.

The comments below from male patients and doctors are very sad. It's not that sex alone keeps relationships together, but it is very important. As an ob/gyn I have seen a profound change in my female covid vaccinated patients. Some report a complete loss of sex drive. Some are able engage in intercourse but are not able to archive orgasm, a lot have abnormal periods and unable to get pregnant. I have no idea what is going on but if I am forced to get a covid shot I will quit.

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My God, there are still men that like having sex with women. According to the tv internet and social media we are all gay, bisexual and transexual. According to the media there are 70 genders?

Heterosexuality is attacked. I don't hate anyone but will only be attracted to women. The moderna shot destroyed my ability to have sex with my life. I was lucky enough to find a doctor that could help me. Will never take a vaccine ever again.

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Apr 3, 2023·edited Apr 3, 2023

Ray below brought up something that has been ignored by in these forums. We have all heard and debated serious covid shot related issues, sudden death, heart damage, blood clots etc. I was not aware but Forbes magazine- not a medical journal- put out a pure bs article that said men need covid shots as covid supposedly causes erectile dysfunction. THIS IS PURE BULLSH#$#. I have been treating erectile dysfunction and low testosterone for 5 years. I question my patients about vaccination status.

The epidemic of low testosterone and erectile dysfunction did not happen until the covid shot came out. Why would covid vaccinated 20-year-olds have a testosterone levels of 60 and not achieve erections. Yet I see it every day. This is not a life and death matter, and I can help these patients but

lots of insurance companies will not cover my treatments and what is happening is changing society.

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Do not comply with the anti-human globalists

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