The CDC and FDA are in bed with the pharmaceutical companies to the tune of billions of dollars and nothing they say or write about vaccines can be trusted as they have a huge conflict of interest. THe are ALLOWING this 6.5 factor to be used because other studies all show a much higher factor from 41x ,... 44x. and even up to 100x . Meaning only one to 2.4 % of injuries and deaths are reported to vaers.

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How sad, they may seem to be in control. Keep praying, they are not in control, the Lord is!

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Jan 9, 2022·edited Jan 9, 2022

Steve or anyone, did you see Walensky say Vaers collects ALL deaths after shot AND that if you get in a motor vehicle and are vaccinated that it is recorded in VAERS as a vax death????!! Such a lie and only said to imply VAERS IS "robust and effective but can have unrelated injuries related to vax LOL!! Please call them out on this!! LIES!!! No doctor is going out of their way to report obvious vaccine injury let alone a motor vehicle accident death in VAERS!

Watch around 1:43 mark.


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NO VAX for teenagers or kids. The CDC knows they are killing and maiming kids they just dont care because they dont want their actions under the plandemic to be examined. They should have pushed early detection and therapeutics while working on the vaccine

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The Supreme Court Justices just heard testimony about mandating the vaccine yesterday. We need to contact them with all the information we have. Find them on Fb, Twitter, Email all of the above with all the information we know

They are operating under a false premise:

they are operation under the presumption that the vaccine stops disease. We all know it does not. How many friends do you have that have been vaccinated who are now sick

Or have been sick?

OSHA said we have an obligation to protect workers and the vaccine stops the disease and many of the justices agreed.

They are either incredibly uninformed or are part of the problem. Let’s all assume for now it is the former rather than the later. We need to flood them with communications of evidence showing

1. the vaccines do not prevent disease - we know of thousands of breakthrough cases

2. The vaccine might actually be enhancing disease (Fauci even said this was possible)

3 vaccine injuries - with questions like who will pay for the vaccine injured?

(It won’t be the manufacturers because they have helped to write the laws giving themselves immunity)

Will they be allowed to go on workers comp?

What will that do to the insurance rates of everyone- especially small business owners because when you have only 1 injury, that is NOT a cheap medical bill and often time

Take a long time to recover from (if ever). Multiply that by however many end up being injured in their business

OpenVAERS.com has a running list of what 1-10 percent of the damage looks like in the US and it doesn’t look good - separated out by heat attacks miscarriages deaths etc

They need to operate their decision making under the premise that the vaccine does NOT stop the spread. Which it doesn’t. Even the drug companies are no longer claiming that. At best they now say it might reduce you symptoms but I am not sure how they can even claim that because you can’t remind time, undo the vaccine, and get COVID again and compare your body’s response.

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Thank you for digesting all this data for us. You are one of the beacons of common sense and truth when I’m surrounded by brainwashed masses.

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and more data; "Worldwide Bayesian Causal Impact Analysis of Vaccine Administration on Deaths and Cases Associated with COVID-19: A BigData Analysis of 145 Countries"


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Jan 7, 2022·edited Jan 7, 2022

It looks like more key data will become available soon... "Judge Rejects FDA's 75 Year Delay On Vax Data, Cuts To Just 8 Months"


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Vous savez, je ne suis pas étonné ! Tout est faux, et que mensonge. Déjà il est inadmissible que PFISER avec les procès qu'il a eu puisse faire la pluie et le beau temps ! Comment est-ce possible et surtout aidé par qui ? BILL GATES, RODCHILD et autres grands puissants ? Au détriment de la santé des gens. Oui, injecter des enfants est irresponsable et criminel. DD

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Recent study from Turkey and Australia details significant recovery from Zelenko protocol. You may have seen this but it’s more fuel to the fire. Although numbers are relatively look they have taken care with the study.


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Yeah, and maybe others have said this already...but this factor of 6.5 applied TO THE PARENTS. Think of what happens when a PHYSICIAN who is NOT A PARENT OF THE CHILD is "told" (requested) to file a report. It ain't gonna happen, sorry -- the cold, hard reality is that they often don't think the V is a causal factor; they are financially and socially disincentivized to file VAERS reports; they are very busy with other patients; and unless they are a person of real moral fiber (rare, these days), they ain't gonna do it. Period.

For this reason and others, I'm standing by my URF of 100+ as a median of the URF distribution across AEs. My thesis here is that there has been an effective exacerbation of underreporting relative to the pre-2020 VAERS Harvard study. Thanks again, Steve, for your great reporting.

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How is it mechanistically possible that the jab has negative efficacy for transmission yet somehow appears to do something with respect to hospitalization and death?

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Judge Rejects FDA's 75 Year Delay On Vax Data, Cuts To Just 8 Months


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How Bad is My BatchAre some batches more toxic than others?

Batch codes and associated deaths, disabilities and illnesses for Covid 19 Vaccines


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Religion can also reflect Reality and here is an excellent summary of what most of us on this platform can feel and resonate with: https://www.bitchute.com/video/EGC5qwSKyweC/

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There also hundreds of links and information on the internet from the creator of the mRNA Vaccine stating CHILDREN SHOULD NOT BE VACCINATED.


Of course if anyone has been paying attention Dr. Fauci thinks he is the only Science that matters which is just more proof of his incompetence and being a QUACK. There is so much more evidence over the Decades that this shows Dr. Fauci is not someone you can TRUST but with his funding of the development of the COVID 19 VIRUS should lead to his PROSECUTION, oops I forgot he is being protected by the DEMOCRATS!

To date for all the DATA I have found there have been more Children die of the Vaccine than the VIRUS. This does not even cover the SIDE EFFECTS which Steve has exposed so well.

The Government originally stated Children under the age of 16 are not at risk, in fact hospitalization of children was almost non-existent. So here we go again with a simple question: WHY THE CHANGE?

One more point, in the past if a DRUG KILLED OVER 150,000 AMERICANS and millions Worldwide the FDA would halt the use of the DRUG so why is the VACCINE DIFFERENT?

This entire VACCINE DELMA and the MISINFORMATION and PROPAGANDA being shouted from the hilltop by the MAINSTREAM MEDIA, PRESS and SOCIAL MEDIA makes a person to have a plethora of questions why. It is almost like there is a conspiracy to cause the general Vaccinated public to lose their IMMUNE SYSTEM all together, again why?

Just my opinion.

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