Where can we find all the info that Barry Young released?

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Thank you Steve for your amazing work.

About time the truth is told

Surely the innocent people, coerced to take c-vax 💉 have the right to know.

Shame that local/ global main stream media channels, health agencies remain completely 🤫 and keep-on pushing a single narrative.

Science credibility is under threat unless it is challenged and all hypotheses are debated openly and without fear....

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Is there proper source data deeper than this 10 batch list?

Is there more background /context, presumably this is death from any cause? Where does the list get compiled from? What manufacturers? Are there more batches? Some batches were only hundreds? that is c. 1/2 hour of vials on the line. These batch numbers are obviously not real factory batch numbers, but are they in chronological order? presumably they are filled/packaged lots rather than bulk batch numbers?

Need much more to know exactly how to interpret.

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Early 2020 I heard Professor Dolores Cahill talking about how things could develop with these mrna tech jabs and she had grave concerns. Looks like she was pretty spot on.

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Well, most of experimental animals have died soon after mRNA injections, in several experiments. Were they thinking human trials will be "safe and effective" perhaps? They knew very well it's toxic as planned.

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This list appears to be a listing of the top 10 worse lot death rates by Batch ID.

Batch ID 1: Total Vaccinated 711, Death Count 152. 21.38% Dead

Batch ID 8: Total Vaccinated 221, Death Count 38. 17.19% Dead

Batch ID 3: Total Vaccinated 310, Death Count 48. 15.48% Dead

Batch ID 4: Total Vaccinated 364, Death Count 37. 10.16% Dead

Batch ID 6: Total Vaccinated 1006, Death Count 101. 10.04% Dead

Batch ID 2: Total Vaccinated 1018, Death Count 98. 9.63% Dead

Batch ID 7: Total Vaccinated 38, Death Count 3. 7.89% Dead

Batch ID 72: Total Vaccinated 5882, Death Count 278, 4.73% Dead

Batch ID 62: Total Vaccinated 18173, Death Count 831. 4.57% Dead

Batch ID 71: Total Vaccinated 11019, Death Count 498. 4.52% Dead

Out of the Top 10, 7 are single digit Batch ID's? How were the Batch ID assigned?

Did the first 8 Batch-ID's somehow get out in the sun too long? (from what I understand the injectables, had to be kept frozen at a super low temperature), otherwise??? So, why did so many deaths happen to the lower numbered Batch ID's? Were they given to Nursing homes first? So, the frail had more of a chance of death? Why mostly the first 8 Batch-IDs?

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New Zealand did show an analysis (ok, just an official statement before the data breach) .. On Nov 10th...


I'm sure they'll open up the data, to prove to us that "there is no evidence" to say otherwise.

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New Zealand's government actions are the first signs of panic of any major world so-called democracies over vaccines data. There will be more. One Canadian politician is demanding answers after excess mortality in Canada skyrocketed after 80% plus of Canadians got vaxxed.

I wonder what 190 plus of governments in the world are going to do when it becomes crystal clear vaccines are killing millions of people? Will they realize there is no way out of this? Or, will they find a deeper way in? If they choose the latter, God help us all....

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Barry is charged with "Dishonestly accessing a computer". Well, he was authorised actually to access these computers. Unauthorised disclosure of data can be more fitting. However, since taxpayer owns that data (disclosed to them) and data was sanitised, this charge has no standing. He can be fired form his job due to lack of authorisation or misbehaviour, but I don't see that as some sort of malicious/criminal 'hacking' or this sort of things. This charge will be dismissed I think.

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Omg, please do not use Edward Snowden as an example of 'whistle blowing' or any such public service. He was a nobody loser who's grandpa and family got him a job as a lowly IT admin in the CIA, which he needed 6 mos of remedial training to perform. But he screwed that job up by being arrogant and whiny and undisciplined, violating security and other policies. But again, family prevents the 'derog' report he should have had that would have ended his security clearance. Instead, continued to have a security clearance (this failure by the CIA has never been accounted for publicly). This facilitates his peddling himself as a potential contractor for Dell, Booz Allen etc. he was not a spy of any sort, nor even some kind of hacker or accomplished tech person. He did lowly admin functions, the equivalent of being a digital janitor. He was a loser with very few friends. He dropped out of school at 15 and just stayed home and played video games. Watch this video for more detail on this little loser.

He created a false online persona on Ars Technica and eventually was repping himself as a CIA spy, lol. And many other lies. He's a fabulist, you can see this in how he lied to Poytres and Greenwald about his role and background as an intel agent, which he had to correct later (there is no disputing he lied through his teeth about himself). He also never once engaged any of the whistleblowing channels available to him, as say Binney did - a true American hero. And then most of what he released had nothing to do with domestic surveillance, which is the 'crime' he justified his actions upon. In fact, he did vast damage to us and our allies. The domestic surveillance stuff was also not as clean cut as he presents it.

If you want to know the truth about that traitorous little loser. read How America Lost Her Secrets by Edward J. Epstein. To date, he's the only serious investigative journalist to not give Snowden a tongue bath.

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Perhaps leaking gvmt illegal surveillance 'secrets' was Snowden's actual job/role in all this. Looking at Snowden movie, the scene form Hong Kong hotel.. why Greenwald & Co had to call White House and ask whether the story (leak) can (is allowed to) go life? Really? Wtf? What if WH said 'No'? Circus, Smoke and Mirrors and some.

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The press regularly coordinates with the DoJ/DoD/CIA and/or the WH on leaks like this to cuz - shocker - it's illegally obtained information. You spin it like they pushed it but that's not what happened at all. This is just errant BS, throwing more dust in the air.

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So, it takes Barry Young, a brave New Zealander, to reveal to the world what very few of the world's population even suspect.

We brave Conspiracy Theorists worked these details out through slow meticulous investigations, over nearly 4 years.

The WEF leaders brazenly boast about where the 'normal man' will feature in their New World Order.

WEF leader Adolf Schwab states "They (you & me) will own nothing but they (we) will be happy". These are the words of 'Fuehrer' Adolf Schwab!

Adolf Schwab has also decided; "Let them eat insects". He, like the other WEF lunatics, is totally insane!

Well, we've had enough of your artificially modified viral attacks and useless but deadly VACCINES, which is really their planned Depopulation program which they pretend are 'CURES'.

This insanity will continue as long as DEADLY INJECTION makers enjoy ZERO LIABILITY for the 'Excess Deaths' their injuries are causing."

Heads must roll for ALL those 'murderers' behind these sinister and evil deeds. They must be terminated!

Control, Silence and mind-numbing processes are what their new restrictions are hoping to accomplish. Free speech and 'dissent' must be curtailed as the New World Order seeks to hide, 'cancel' and silence people they fear.

Sorry, No forgiving those who planned to destroy our lives and depopulate the planet with designer virus modifications. Capital Punishment is the least I demand for these evil WEF murderers!

So much has been 'contaminated' by the recent 'advancements in health' Covid was deliberately manufactured. The injection they call Covid Vax does nothing except harm or mortality for recipients.

The Gates' Corrupted World Health Organisation now ceases to exist. We, the people of the world have spoken!

When will this pre-meditated Mass Murder by injection cease? Too many of us now realise Covid was a deliberately engineered farse, and the DEADLY Covid injection is really a deliberate CULL organised by the many insane WEF 'Insane Elites' for their Global Warming depopulation targets!

It's the financially implicated media's simplest way of pretending the Covid Scamdemic was not a Plan to create a false need for a depopulating injection that the evil injection makers designed to increase their massive wealth whilst depopulating the planet. The desire of the Insane Elite of the New World Order (World Economic Forum) and their 2030 'Great Reset'!

We're with you all the way Barry!

Mick from Hooe (UK) Unjabbed to live longer!

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"Our era is not just post-communist, it is also post-democratic. Today we are witnessing the establishment of democratic totalitarianism or, if you prefer, totalitarian democracy."

Alexandre Zinoviev- The Great Rupture.

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'Totalitarian democracy' is an oxymoron. What we see in NZ, is Masonic & Zionist mafias governing every aspect of that country.

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NZ has form for banning things that make them look bad like the Christchurch shooter's manifesto. Make it pointless. If you have the capacity, please download this data per the instructions on https://kirschsubstack.com/p/data-from-us-medicare-and-the-new?utm_source=substack&utm_campaign=post_embed&utm_medium=web

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Who's the Real Criminal's here ? It's certainly not Barry Young the Whistle Blower who was see the Growing Numbers of DEATHS across NZ! He was doing his job of Collating the Figures until he couldn't just keep allowing it to Keep Growing The HUGE DEATH above New Zealands Normal Annual DEATH RATE of 33000 ! His Figures aren't even the Complete Figures as he was Only looking at a Small Percentage Therefore is the New Zealand DEATH RATE Exceeding the Annual Rate & when will this Excerlurate well above this Figure of 33000 ???? Will NZ see a Marked Rise in Winter 2024 & beyond???? Has Medsafe got any SAFE Treatments for the 100000's of ADVERSE EFFECTED Kiwi's Living with this Now Life Threatening Experimental Serum in their Bodies??? Medsafe's Pfizer SDS Safety Data Sheets State "NO AVAILABLE DATA" I'm not allowed to Buy or Sell any Chemical's in NZ without a Complete & Accurate SDS therefore why has Medsafe said it's SAFE & EFFECTIVE !!! When the Record's show otherwise! I have family members who Believed this Shit Jab was SAFE for them to take ??? When are they also going to DIE BEFORE THEIR TIME ????

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Who's the Criminal in this case Not Barry Young the Whistle Blower!

No it's the Ones trying to Cover up the DEADLY TRUTH! They will All be Held Accountable undef the Nuremberg 2 Trial's once they Start there'll No Getting away from them if you're found Guilty of Crime's Against Humanity!

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If there was some sort of honest mistake, it would just take a few conversations to clear things up. The fact that they immediate imprison him shows there were no mistakes. This is a cover up.

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