Email just sent, let's bombard him

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mr steve kirsch..i emailed this man and a copy of the email is found below in another comment section below

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i wrote to him

why the hell will you not give the information asked of you..you do realize that nuremberg court is coming for you when this all comes to a head..withholding information from as we know now is a crime means your also guilty of the crime as if you commited it yourself. this is a crime..you could be called to the bar in parlament to be forced to answer questions. who are you trying to protect? yourself? the w.e.f? the w.h.o? why? what have they got on you that you would commit a type of treason to your fellow countryman?.your family? if your family.all took the real jab, and they slowly die or become so sick and disabled? will you still sit there and say nothing? do nothing to save humanity? do nothing to save the people who love you the most? the chatter now is all who willingly commit crimes againts humanity and found guilty according the the nuremberg code after ww2 is death..are you really willing to risk being put to death? for who? for them? what is so worth hiding that you would take to your grave as the rest of humanity slowly die. then i say sir you are not human. your own mother would be so proud of the fact that her own son allowed millions to die? i think not. you discust me. your no better than hitler or the men who pulled hilters puppet strings...oh yes hitler did not work alone..who is your puppet master? release the data you have, not only to save yourself but to save all ppl in your country and more. how can you look at your children,family and neibors knowing what you know and no nothing to help save them or prevent their deaths or future deaths of their children. those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it..

your truly from a mom with a dying son and daughter who took the poison because they beleived you over a loving mother. all because he wanted to go to school and she wanted to work and support her sick unemployed husband to put food on the table for her son..my son never got to finish school because he beleive the government..you sir are guilty in my eyes of the death of my children because you chose to hide the data that we need and posible treatment they and the rest of the world really need..i hope the day you meet god and you are judged im on jury duty i will.not forget even in death your name and what you have done.

signed...this mom

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ill.email him for sure..i am.not diplomatic about anything..i always ask the.most uncomfortable questions..

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www.shellyhipson.ca has all the data and foia requests for nova scotia Canada, proving there was no pandemic, no virus, only corruption to the highest levels

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As the body count rises. They are not going to be able to wipe away the stink - Dead bodies have a way of stinking up most Conspiracy to cover up and they just keep on coming back

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Perhaps he’s with that missing SDHD guy no one can find

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Apr 6·edited Apr 6

I would be super disappointed if this portrait, with those eyes, depicted someone who is on our side.

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Hello Steve

The following e-mail just sent -

For the attention of Professor Sir Ian Diamond

National Statistician and Chief Executive

UK Statistics Authority

Dear Professor Diamond

I refer to the updated time-series cohort analysis, ("Deaths by vaccination status, England") requested in a letter to you on 2nd March 2024 sent by Andrew Bridgen MP. It was signed by him and six other Members of Parliament.

As you are aware, the existing analysis was produced in a such a way that the parameters would not allow accurate estimations of vaccine effectiveness and safety (this was confirmed by the UK Statistics regulator).

I would be grateful if you could supply me with an update on the status of this request and on what timescale the new analysis will be issued by your department.

Thank you

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Looks can be deceiving. Ian might be a really fun guy!

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Dr. Shaun Brooks, PHD, Oxford with 21 years experience.

"I have forty eight publications, including twenty three books, have studied health, medicine and admin physiology for approximately twenty one years.

Doctor Robert Malone. who created the mRNA vaccine has said no one should ever take these jobs ever. Under any circumstance whatsoever. He created it.

And he says. don't ever do it, so let me explain what's going to happen to the people who have taken an excuse me, the people who have taken it are going to die in the next six months to three to five years.

For three reasons. Number one, you've dramatically decreased your own immune system by thirty five percent. The first jab did it by at least fifteen. The second did it by 35.

Now if you take any booster shot, you will die. That's it.

You take a flu shot in the future, you'll die.

The second reason. Antibody dependent enhancement is what is happening with these jabs with everybody who has taken them. Unless, of course, you've taken a placebo.

But there's no way that you would know that, so given that fact, antibody dependent enhancement tricks the entire body into believing that the cell that's eating the pathogen is eating it when it isn't.

It ends up leading to what's called a cytokine storm, which causes organ failure.

That will cause your death, and there's no stopping that. No amount of drugs will stop that the third thing, blood flooding.

Everyone who has taken the jabs is blood clotting. If you don't believe me, there's a way you can find out, take what's called a d diameter.

What that does ?

It detects blood clotting at the microscopic level.

They're cutting full blood clots out of people right now, as i'm talking to you.

Millions have died from the jabs and your last meeting you advocated for people to take the jabs potentially in the future.

Along with wearing masks and i heard parents say the same thing, so to the parents who are actually considering jabbing their own children, they're going to sterilize them permanently.

People who have taken the jab are sterilized.

Eighty percent of women who have been jabbed have lost their children in the first trimester. You can't have kids.

You've also injected yourself with the equivalent of HIV. You can now no longer breastfeed, donate blood, donate organs, donate blood plasma or bone marrow.


Nothing can stop what is coming !!


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its a D-dimer

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Wow! I never took the jab but my whole family did. Thanks to Dr. Mercola, Bobby Kennedy and others whose books I read, I said no thanks. I truly pray they have all received the placebo. The constant news reports and fear mongering, reassuring that everything is safe and effective, leads people to believe these people actually cared. I stopped trusting authority years ago and do so even more today.

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According to Geert Vanden Bossche in his Kunstler interview, the coming massive wave of death from the jab's delayed effect on peoples' immune systems is going to be so stunningly severe, there will be no denying it or escape for the guilty. He makes it sound like it's imminent (like this year). I think he predicted it would happen years ago, soon after the rollout, so I have to be skeptical. If this actually comes to pass, these dingbats like Ian Diamond may have trouble avoiding being stoned in the streets.

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April 5th 2024 Twenty Questions for the CDC by Bill Rice & 20 Answers from the Chief Justice https://billricejr.substack.com/p/twenty-questions-for-the-cdc

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Hello Steve,

Thanks for Sir Ian Diamond’s email address. Here’s the note I sent with a BCC to MP Andrew Bridgen.

“Dear Sir Ian Diamond,

A simple request was made of you on March 2, 2024 by seven MPs. Those MPs and the world are waiting for the response. Please proceed with the provision of answers based on truth, scientific integrity and rigor.


Gary Hazard, Professional Licensed Engineer

United States of America”

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There is an old saying in Japan that says that a man with a small mouth also has a small mind.

I guess he's worried about his pension.

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Letter sent!!

Steve you should make a poll that lets us indicate if we have taken action on this. So you have some idea of how many letters the scoundrel has received. (And how many of your readers are people of action!)

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