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There is no such illness as covid. Impossible to have a cure for what doesn't exist. Interview doctors such as Dr. Tom Cowan or Dr. Mark Bailey or Dr. Robert O. Young or Dr. Andy Kaufman for the real truth about illness and health. God Save The Republic.

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I understand that these studies were attempting to detect a reduction in Long COVID or death. Having said that, my sister-in-law has been on Metformin for years to control diabetes. She has contracted COVID four times and they were not mild cases. Again, she didn't die or experience long COVID, but anecdotally it would not appear to be all that effective.

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Steve. Metformin is yet another big pharma drug. You are one smart man. When are you going to turn your back on medieval doctors (MDs)? They are pharma's little drug pushers. The best thing for covid is support your own immune system by healthy living.

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There is a great website that lists studies on this and many other meds for C19, in real time, including all studies, good or bad.



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It's VERY SIMPLE - "Covid" is the toxicity of nanotechnology POISONING. Thus, free radicals deprive the cells of oxygen, suffocate, destroy their DNA and pass to apoptosis or death. "Covid" is acute oxidative stress/damage. So ANYTHING that supplies oxygen to the cell and makes the MITOCHONDRIA function WOULD WORK. Whether it's ANTIOXIDANT or OXIDANT.

Currently, metformin has antioxidant properties (as well as many other substances such as berberine.


"We have shown that metformin is a protective drug in patients with type 2 DM against oxidative stress by reducing MPO activity and improving PSH and antioxidants such as vitamin C. In vitro results confirm the antioxidant effect of metformin. "


"Conclusions: the use of metformin is effective in reducing oxidative stress compared to lifestyle modification alone."


"Conclusion: Berberine may be used as a natural agent for the prevention of cyclophosphamide-induced nephrotoxicity by antioxidant and anti-inflammatory action."


"This review synthesizes and summarizes the antioxidant and inflammatory effects of berberine on the control of atherosclerosis experimentally and clinically, investigates the interaction between berberine and the intestinal microbiota comprehensively, and provides novel insights for berberine in the management of atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease by targeting the cardiovascular axis. "

It's not like berberine or metformin is THE DRUG. It’s about finding the best way to deal with oxidative stress/damage through antioxidant and/or oxidative therapies.

Graphene, quantum dots, CTNs, etc. they are ALL TOXIC, DEADLY!!!!!!!

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Lots of talk about Berberine in these comments seems to follow this logic:

1. Metformin is used to treat diabetes.

2. Berberine is used to treat diabetes.

3. Metformin is effective as a COVID-19 treatment.

4. Therefore, berberine should be effective as a COVID-19 treatment.

Missing from this logic is the understanding that metformin is likely to be ACCIDENTALLY effective against COVID-19. Its mechanism of action could be very loosely related, or unrelated, to its mechanism of action against diabetes. This is true of many repurposed drug studies. We are searching for happy accidents in most cases. Berberine will not necessarily benefit from the same happy accident as metformin.

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The COVID-19 Early Treatment site has links and summaries of 76 metformin studies and meta-analyses that show its effectiveness. https://c19early.org/mfmeta.html

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You can game any study you want to game. In the design, the protocols (with ivermectin they gave too small dose, on an empty stomach to reduce absorption, and started it too late to be effective), or via statistical games (bad assumptions for Bayesian analyses, by counting all who died of COVID as unvaccinated if they were dx’d with it less than 2 weeks after their second dose, etc etc etc)

One REALLY has to know their stuff, medically and statistically, to be able to adequately know if a study was gamed.

But since in this case, they are not recommending an existing and cheaper drug (off patent), without doing a thorough review, I will go out on a limb and believe metformin actually is somewhat effective.

All that said, most people do not need to medicate for a very low risk virus at this point. I will take ivermectin or hydroxychloroquine over anything else based on total knowledge to date and recommend them to family and friends in the higher risk age groups.

We do need a well run trial, with the top existing meds all included, to see which one is best for this year’s strain for: reducing days sick, days contagious, reducing hospitalization and death.

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FLCCC protocols do suggest metformin for COVID. Look at FLCCC.net

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Awesome info! I'm going to order online from here: https://tinyurl.com/vwh3ufdf I just checked, they have it.

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What happened to fluvoxamine???

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Thanks for your question Steve. Thanks for the heads up on this drug. I think that there are good safe and effective drugs out there and there always have been. Best if those drugs are prescribed by a trusted doctor, free of any other constraint or interest than the patient's good. Medicine is not a science so general rules are hard to apply but, for me, no drug should be taken by a healthy person to try to prevent something. That idea is the philosophical core of the scam. Covid 19 shows that modern medicine has evolved into a vast fraud and the best thing to do is stay away from doctors and hospitals and say no to drugs. Protect your health. I read about wethepeople50 yesterday who mentioned that much of the enabling law that lets them get away with the fraud can be repealed at the level of the states. Another sad thing this madness has revealed is the stupidity and ignorance of many our elected officials. See Killers of the Flower Moon. The smartest people are often the lawyers and the doctors; ordinary folk often the victims.

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I wonder if the natural supplement chromium picolinate would work the same way for Covid. Studies show it’s just as effective as the synthetic Metformin for diabetes and weight loss.

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In the treatment of diabetes , berberine is a good natural alternative to metformin. Would it also be a substitute in the treatment for covid?

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Interesting, is there a source of info on how metformin helps with Covid? having studied biomedical engineering in my youth I would be very interested in how it works.

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