Outstanding, Kirsh! "Correlation isn't causation." Aristotles, in Organon (something like "Tool"), remarks in his "Simultaneous" Category that expression, to the letter (or "ipsis literis"). Futhermore, he brings to light the "Definitions" (it is about the ESSENCE of something) of the "Universal X Particular" that sophists ARE USED TO wilfuly rigging: they often use the "Petitio Principii", a stratagem that switches THE IDEA of those two concepts in order to confound the audience, so to speak. Besides, the sage elicits (throughout "Sophistic Rebuttal) roughly twelve mistakes those paid crooks surreptitiously commit. Wraping up, the (so debated use of) p-value has its provenance on that former expression, that only, only SOMETIMES is viable. For the records, I am not an AI (LOL), you can find me on Linkedin: luizscofield

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Nov 3, 2023·edited Nov 3, 2023

I support your efforts, but the way that the information & data are presented could be improved for readability & comprehension. Most people won't understand what OR or p-values applied here are. The graph is easier to understand. We see in the graph that 274 died suddenly out of 506 total deaths. So that's approximately 54% of these deaths which are then unnatural & suspicious, and highly likely caused by the vaccine itself. (and that is the conservative number, since there are also 151 deaths that were "expected" but where they died sooner than expected).

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Big Pharma Covered Up Heart Damage to Push Vaccines

Hunter Fielding November 2, 2023


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The pattern I see is that the same people who ridicule how the data was collected, or that the respondents were biased because they personally knew the people who died (as compared to not knowing people or their shot exposure, or, if they died suddenly?) have the same cognitive dissonance to support Hamas and Hezbollah.

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My sister died suddenly of unknown causes in May 2022. It took until November for an autopsy to be done!!! Why? They came up with heart related death at 43 years old. She's not part of your data, but I'm sure she could been. The numbers are most likely even higher!!!

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I believe your premise - I'm also sure, like many (once) respected doctors and scientists, that the vaccine is killing people - and I was excited to read the article. Problem is, I don't see the effectiveness of your research or your bet, because you've not defined the criteria for participant selection. For example assuming you sought volunteers on the premise that they were willing to take time to answer a survey from someone putting the vaccines under question - you've already got a bias affecting your results because the people you're interviewing are predisposed to distrust the vaccine :/ or did I miss something?

And to be honest 500 people is not a very large sample. In scientific terms a sample of 500 is completely inadequate.

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Sorry Kirsch. YOU claim to know the trouth, so it is on you to prove it and not on the others to disprove you. Have your data, statistiks and result peer reviewd by apropriate experts and don't fool public with your fishy challange. What you ar doing is populism but not science.

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I'm in the offshore commercial diving industry. In the last three months I know 3 guys that keeled over from heart attacks and in the last 18 months 6 acquaintances have died from heart attacks. The colleague who told about one mate that died three weeks back said he knows of another 6 divers that have died in the last couple of months.

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I do not have the statistical skills to refute your argument that "sudden deaths" are caused by the mRNA vaccines. I am aware that people looking for something tend to find it but stats don't lie and I can't see why you would bring such hate upon yourself bringing the facts to the public if not for your own sense of integrity and knowledge. I was hoping you might have some stats on whether the risk for sudden death diminishes over time for the vaccinated or whether it remains an elevated risk

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Steve, on 10-21-2023 I ran one of the polls you requested on a horse racing site. When posting the poll I did not mention you or your Substack. Nor did I disclose why I was running the poll.

I simply posted the questions and gave members of the site 10 days to vote.

The Poll and results:

Since March 2020, did you lose a family member (or members) to:

3 Votes -- Covid Infection

3 Votes -- Covid Vaccination

0 Votes -- Both

29 Votes - Neither, No Covid Related Deaths in the Family

(Choose the one option that applies best.)

Some might be quick to dismiss these results because of the small sample.

However, there is a hidden bias built into these results: Demographics of the site members.

I was involved in previous member surveys at this particular site. Nearly two thirds of the site members live in the New York City metro area.

For those who may not be aware, health care network and insurance company databases now conclusively show the New York City metro area had a significant spike in Covid deaths resulting from overuse of ventilators in March 2020.

At the very least, these small sample results strongly suggest at least as many deaths were caused by mRNA Covid Vaccination as the virus itself.

Imo, just one more tiny piece of evidence.

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Richard.Wooldridge claims:

". . . the crowd have clearly been wrong."


You must be bought, or you must be blind - for NOT seeing the BIGGEST PROTESTS EVER on this planet - like the Canadian Truckers or German "Corona Untersuchungs-Ausschuss" by "SUPERMAN" Dr. Reiner Füllmich, who interviewed & documented on Video for the coming Nuremberg II TRIALS around 450 highly respected professionals from the entire planet on the Corona-Crime-Scene, and was now illegally arrested & kidnapped in Mexico on his planned visit to the German Embassy by Mexican Officials that forced him onto a flight to Frankfurt, all being payed for with German tax-money, and by breaking Mexican & German law . . . ?


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The Eugenic Community are pretty much on course reducing the population. Most of the World's population are following orders to take the Jab or whatever poison offered.

Like Bill Gates said they would use " Abortions, Vaccines and other devices to achieve their numbers.".

But you say, "Bill donates to poor countries, large amounts of money". This is called buying YOUR PERMISSION ". There so many that will soon die. So don't WAKE UP! The Eugenic Crowd are watching and loving every moment of YOUR SUFFERING.

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I’d be very cautious about referring to the “wisdom of the crowd” after what we have just witnessed the last 4 years, as the crowd have clearly been wrong. Instead of offering money to prove you wrong, offer them money to take all C shots/boosters every 3 months until the end of 2024 and if they are still alive then they get $50k. I bet you all these people shilling for the V aren’t up to date with their shots and probably aren’t taking the new up to date one, which proves deep deep down they also don’t believe it’s either safe or or effective.

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Steve - is there anyone out there doing any investigations of why these late presentations of 'died suddenly', 'medical emergency' are happening - Matthew Perry plays pickle ball all afternoon then 'dies suddenly' in the hot tub later in the evening (now he was jabbed up the wazoo) but there are many that are 24+ months out from their 2nd top up jab and still dying - is this a batch/lot thing? is it a DNA plasmid contaminated thing? **** Tyler Christopher, known for his role as Nikolas Cassadine on “General Hospital,” has died. He was 50. from a 'cardiac event' at home****

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Crowdfund a new set of Guide stones with the key data points for posterity

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There are thousands of healthcare practitioners, like me, and lots of other thinking people, too, who took the killshots and then as real data came out decided that they would never take another one. However, despite my prodigious reading of relevant papers, articles and reports, I have not heard of a single knowledgeable person who initially refused the “vaccine” and then later said, “Ya know, I think it’s a good idea now!” If anyone knows such a person, I would be interested in learning about it.

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