Someone please tell Neil that there’s a goal of 500,000,000 deaths.

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Governmental Android Attack Scandal: Huge Scandal: Massachusetts conspired with Google to auto-install COVID spyware on the smartphones of 1,000,000+ people


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THANK YOU for this video! Yesterday Dr. Phil finally (FINALLY!) addressed the COVID plague

mostly about the harm to school children with the lock downs.. However, the audience replied to questions about COVID. (No mention of the quackcines.) They may have been coached before hand. Why? When asked if there was any conspiracy concerning COVID no one raised their hand! When asked if they thought it was natural everyone raised their hand! Seems either Phil and/or Pfizer is trying to do "damage control." One of the first ads on the show was of course from Pfizer! I post publicly and freely on MeWe. I won't even go near any COVID nose-jab testing or jabs.


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Dec 20, 2022·edited Dec 20, 2022

This just out - former Australian AMA president confirms vaccine injuries for her and her partner. Glad she admitted it, and sounds like she just joined our side. This is a very high profile admission.


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Stanford still touts the wonderfulness of the MRNA jab.

See Stanford Medicine Bruce Goldman's specious post here:


"Special delivery – an mRNA explainer

...Let's count our blessings."

What follows is as misleading an exposition as one can imagine. Everything about the mRNA/lipid nanoparticle jab is wonderful.

Steve, maybe you could offer to debate Bruce Goldman. After all, if he's so positive he must know and be confident of the truth of the matter.

If he backs out, well, then, maybe he should voluntarily retract his ever so positive essay.

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Neil Oliver is a candid observer and he's one of us!!! Now, are there any smart head shrinks out there who can explain to me how a sizable chunk of the humans still promote the clot shots, still defend the indefensible and still line up like lambs to get the lates and (not so) greatest 'update'? For the love of me I cannot fathom this behaviour.... am I missing something?

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I got nothin

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I take that back- only a godly person refuses the indoctrination process. What we are witnessing is something BIBLICAL

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Steve, perhaps it's time to figure out how the Vatican Roman Empire is involved in this poison jab agenda?


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Population control

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Good points Ferd! I'll watch out for Olivers rantings to see if they go into other Conspiracy Theories that are less obvious than the farce which is Covid and DEADLY VAX!

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Neil is an excellent commentator, have linked him often @https://nothingnewunderthesun2016.com/

Thanks for bringing this one to attention, Steve!

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Kim and Ye breaking up.

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the push for NWO

and its ring master

Klaus Schwab who would have been cheered in Germany in the '30s

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Dec 19, 2022·edited Dec 19, 2022

Another biggest story is why we can't ask questions, why we're not allowed to think for ourselves, and why people support that. Why would even one person support that? It's exactly like an internal switch has been flipped in a robot. If you question them a protective subroutine for dissociative hysteria is triggered and you're suddenly facing a lynch mob of one.

People are being manipulated at the unconscious level by disordered archetypes. Just as fasting will fix up your physical organs, meditation can fix up your archetypes. Step one is avoiding all media programming.

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Roger Bacon, Grossteste, Oresme, Francis Bacon...the scientific method - first ask no questions, second believe the state, third do what you are told....

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Two more of my heroes! Malhotra & Neil Oliver!

The New World Order (WEF) are in control the redundant and now criminally inept World Health Organisation and are preparing the next Viral nightmare to be released upon humanity to sell even more USELESS but DEADLY injections (called 'vaccines'). To be announced by the obsolete and now criminal WHO.

Does anybody really believe any Pfizer 'in house' data? It's all about PROFIT so the Post Vax DEATHS & Injuries are minimised, hidden, mis-appropriated, 'lost', or ignored.

IVERMECTIN works! Decades of stats prove it really is SAFE & EFFECTIVE against Viral diseases.

Covid Vax DOES NOT WORK against Covid and can be DEADLY! It's really just a Cull of humanity!

We must all deny the credibility of the recently restructured World Health Organisation which, since being 'taken over' by Bill Gates (now the biggest benefactor = influencer) has lost its independent Health Mission and status. The WHO is now just a marketing arm of Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation (although Melinda's has now jumped ship!). Working in unison with the WEF (New World Order).

The WHO now has no credibility and is now a meaningless part of World Health issues.

We, the public, deny all involvement and credibility of the 'expired World Health Organisation' and refuse to acknowledge their 'New World Order' control processes they intend to impose upon humanity - for the purpose of inventing non-existent Scamdemics, the imposition of (deadly) injections called VACCINES and other control methods such as lock-downs and mask-wearing!

'LIABILITY' must be reintroduced as COMMON SENSE for all medicine makers that continue to foist deadly injections into human beings without the consequence of Injuries or DEATHS that follow the process! It's nothing more than a 'LICENCE to KILL'.

Mick from Hooe (UK) Unjabbed because I can join dots.

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Oliver is good compared to the rest. Unfortunately he is an evolutionist and believes that the astro-actors landed on the moon with no radiation suits in 1969....he is looking forward to taking the moon-bus and playing some golf on the moon (the Orion project). Devoted a whole show to orgasms over the moon landings and the trillions of years. After that I turned him off. Zero critical thinking skills. No one on GB has criticised the stolen US elections or the obvious CIA run Rona fascism (they probably believe Oswald killed JFK).

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Sorry the real IFR (Oliver is wrong) is in the UK, 1%, the actual injury rate is 5-10%. We have 4 million injured out of the 50 million or so quacksinated. 50-75 K dead from the stabs ('excess deaths' now blamed on climate thingy, duvet shaking and bacon).

GB News is very tepid - but here in the UK we have 'OfCom' ie the Orwellian state regulator; and they will lose their license soon enough for not following the narrative to the very letter.

Most of us knew the quacksination was poison back in Dec 2020. We predicted death and injury. We pointed out there was no pandemic but a scamdemic with a 0.03% IFR rate, average age of death 82, with 2 conditions. We were called names. Many wanted to kill us. So for me, take all the F*ing stabs you want. Stab it up every f*ing day. Kill and injure yourselves. Go ahead. I don't care.

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Agreed. Also check out Steve Kirsch's talk with Dr. Ryan Cole.

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Please don't ask me to click a "Tweet" to watch anything. Like many here, I have NEVER subscribed to Scial Media and will never do so. ""If it's free, the product is YOU"

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