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New to this sub stack and likely not understanding much about video on the internet, if there is a problem with UTube or Vimeo, who not try Odysee?

Here is a good one to start: https://odysee.com/@drsambailey:c

Also, though not strictly in the same genre', why not GAB?

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Just as you said. Vimeo did censor it. I have asked for a reason but won't get one. That YouTube link is only the song which is beautiful but it's NOWHERE NEAR as powerful as the full video you originally posted, so it's here on YouTube in FULL (while it lasts) - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sHstSqEp9zM (for those who don't know of any video sites except YouTube, please get out more!)

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I am rather for... *my man*, Dr. Daniel Nagase, approach:

Ep112-3.World Wide Rally for Freedom with Dr. Daniel Nagase in Kelowna BC Canada Jan 22 2022


"Taking down the Supreme Court" [of Canada] to begin with, is what needs to be done. Enough! Waiting for Godot is good for theater.

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Thanks Steve for sharing my song. I have a few people asking questions about it.

1. Yes, I am the original singer and writer of this song, but the singer in the video above is actually April, another vaccine injured with a beautiful voice. I am so thankful that she was able to perform in my place since I was not well enough to go to DC.

2. I have the original song for free download on Reverbnation. I would rather our message be spread far and wide over making money on it. So please tell everyone they can download it for free there now.

3. My vaccine injury story and the song are also available at https://www.realnotrare.com/post/julie-elizabeth

Thanks for helping us raise awareness! With much love ~Julie Elizabeth

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I watched it twice and cried both times. I posted it to my Bitchute page and will be passing the link around. Hopefully I will see you all in DC tomorrow. https://www.bitchute.com/video/G0z8tTwSh9eF/

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I'd love to watch it. Do I need to subscribe to Vimeo to watch videos there? I've never heard of Vimeo. Did she post her video on a free site? Or is she on Vimeo to collect money for a cause? If so, it would be nice to know how the money collected will be spent. I'm curious how much money that would be for a video with 30K views? Likely, peanuts but I have no clue.

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Was this video actually only 26 seconds long? That's all that showed. I guess they've erased most of it. Sadly, the carnage marches on. Pray Christ comes quickly.👵😇 Thank you Steve, don't give up.

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Thank you, Steve! I greatly appreciate all your work, and having finally found out about you, attending your Thursday 7PM ZOOM calls, etc.! I also share your work with others, and encourage all to do the same!

"Where there is the Spirit of the Lord, there is liberty." 2 Corinthians 3:17 KJV

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SUPER powerful. Parents of children with autism have been dealing with this for 20+ years. Gaslighting. Personally funding medical, behavioral, educational and mental health treatments that insurers refuse to cover. Complete denial from pharma and the government. No liability. PLEASE don’t stop fighting when the COVID vaccines go away.

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The biggest question of all, what happens if a large percentage of people who got the vaccine end up with very serious problems? Will there be 200 million videos like this, just in the US?

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Steve, here's the video I'd like someone to make:

have someone go through biden's speeches about this being a pandemic of the unvaccinated

-then have someone go through Hitler's speeches blaming the Jews--

find the places where they used almost the same words and perhaps even the same gestures in a few places.

Now make a one minute video of that.

No doubt this will highly offend many in the blue cult but I think it can also be quite effective. after years of hearing them say Republicans and Trump were Hitler and the Nazis, it is the blue cultists themselves who are actually the Nazis and Biden the one ordering the poisoning of people with toxic injections.

I say that as someone who can't stand Trump and has no use for many republican ideas but at this point, after many years of being the lesser of two evils, Democrat Thought Police Poison Mandates have become the far greater of two evils.

The party of JFK and FDR now has far more in common with Goebbels and Mengele.

And maybe make a second video of all the goebbels big lie statements and all the lying covid propaganda headlines.

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Making it real for the narrative believers and Kool-Aid drinkers.

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Steve, Thamks so much! You should connect with Celine Dion and hopefully she has come to recognize her injury was from the vax. A DUO Performance from these 2 would be world impact full.

Celine has the visibility to shake up everyone. Thanks again!

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I just downloaded it through Vimeo and shared to groups on GAB. Will send to friends via e-mail as well. Brought tears to my eyes.

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