Sadly I need to unsubscribe. I cannot figure out how to do that. Someone pls help before I get dinged for money not available in my account, with a 33 dollar NSF charge to follow.

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Hey Steve.

Have you heard or looked at


It's a group of Canadians going across Canada doing an inquiry into the last three years.

Anyone can see what the experts and ordinary people are saying and living.


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Sage Hana, banned? Why? Is it for asking questions like "is this a data harvesting operation for the Feds"?

Because I think it probably is exactly that. It certainly isn't because Steve is actually going to contact anyone.

Fortunately I'm sure the Feds know about me already.

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Steve - hoping you have time to read a recent comment - on the what's in the shots question: I think there are lots of different things they are trying in different batches (e.g. including placebos, and variable amounts of 'ingredients', this could run to thousands of combinations), as they have immunity from prosecution and this is the 'perfect opportunity' to do 50yrs of experimentation at once. I think a main part of it is data collection and machine learning, but much more beyond that; I strongly doubt that one should expect to find one or a narrow range of 'contaminants' in the shots.

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Steve is this sign up legit? There is nothing identifying that you are the Airtable account holder who put this out. I’d love to help out but something seems odd. (???)

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Considering that the spike protein is the pathogen created by cells programmed by the mRNA injection and which circulates in blood throughout our bodies causing inflammation and damage to blood vessels in vital organs such as the heart and brain, would it not make sense to analyze our blood for this spike protein to diagnose problems as well as a preventative tool? Why is this not being done on a routine basis? Are there laboratories where we can send our blood to be analyzed for spike protein as well for any other problems such as the clumping of red blood cells?

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Mar 30·edited Mar 30

If by chance you are vaccinated and are opposed to contact tracing, you now are embedded with a MAC ADDRESS which broadcasts your location 24/7. One of the things you can do to "help out" is write your Congress person and demand an explanation, hold Congress responsible, and if deserved, roust him or her out of office in 2024, and everyone aware vaxx'd pops have a BLUETOOTH TRACKING CHIP embedded within their body.

https://jimychanga.substack.com/p/mac-jab-update .

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From the beginning we've needed local open meetings for those dedicated to opposing bad health mandates. Why aren't you or others working for such regular grassroots meetings?

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For the last two weeks, I no longer get email notices of your substack; I have found this with others. Are you aware of any effort to silence you?

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We now have proof that the U.S. Department of Homeland Security’s (DHS) Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) partnered with a censorship consortium called the Election Integrity Partnership (EIP) to illegally censor Americans. The Virality Project targeted first-hand accounts of COVID jab injuries to prevent vaccine hesitancy, and posts that expressed fears about vaccine passports because being against vaccine passports was a “gateway to being anti-vax.” They also censored jokes and satirical memes on the basis that they might “exacerbate distrust” in public health officials, and made asking questions a punishable event


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Have you considered the roll-out of 5G technology and potential correlation to the health data you’ve analyzed in the past few months? The two largest worldwide changes in past 2 years were the “vaccine” and 5G. We may be doing humanity a great long-term disservice by ignoring one of the potential factors and only focusing on the other…

Is it possible that Big Pharma is being sacrificed on the altar of Big Tech?

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Is everyone still getting emails from this substack? The last one I’ve received was on the 22nd of March 🫤

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Mar 29·edited Mar 30

For review: the "kill box", Todd Callender and Kathrine Watt:

https://www.bitchute.com/video/mMmlkkJ2nzTr/ and


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Mar 28·edited Mar 28

I'll help with this new link:


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Vaxxed Emitting Signals After All!

If you’ve dismissed this issue before, I bet you haven’t seen HOW FAR this group of doctors and scientists have taken their testing.

Something’s going on.


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