Excelldnt overview of the trucker rally and government misguided measures. Canada has a problem: https://off-guardian.org/2022/05/23/the-freedom-convoy-the-collapse-of-canadian-liberalism/

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From RFK Jr. site, but also covered I guess in _Epoch Times: Lawsuit against an airline for vax mandate violating Constitutional bodily rights: extended to other airlines:


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Support the cause go to jail

Are you officially a criminal now


Feb 19

Understanding the new rules of supporting a cause. The Canadian Government has said I am a criminal for supporting a cause. Will I be labelled a terrorist? I am sure if not already, probably soon.

Its important to discourage future dissent now. This is done by threat of immediate and future penalty.

I have donated to the freedom convoy

To my understanding I am now flagged as a criminal/terrorist for supporting a cause that was not illegal at the time of support being sent. Is it Illegal now?

The bank now has my account under observation at the least? possibly already sent for investigation at the RCMP/CSIS.

Where is this information, what will be done with it, who will it be shared with. Which Government departments will be alerted and told to look carefully at my interactions?

Will my emails be flagged so they can be shut down. In the event there is another cause I may want to support, based on my profile of course

Should I expect to pay higher interest rates now as the bank knows I am a terrible person, associated with white supremacists, nazis, misogynists, anti government, anti vaccer’s and of course what ever else the government and media are calling me.

What about insurance, considering all those things mentioned above. Am I now a high risk, how does that translate to my premiums.

Border crossing, can I cross the border now. Will airport security search me more thoroughly now I have been labelled a criminal/terrorist, where is my information?

Can I fly through American airspace on my way to South America or Europe? Will I be put on a no fly list?

If only I had known All these things would result for my support of this cause, would I have sent in my support knowing I would be punitively punished for disagreeing?

Will I have to present myself to the authorities for processing as a dissenter.

I wonder what they are hoping will happen. Possibly a database of Canadian political dissenters.


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Canada foreign funding


Feb 20

The deputy PM/finance minister of Canada says the convoy funding campaign is being funded in large part 45% I think, by foreign actors.. CBC is reporting Russian involvement in an effort to destabilize trade and political structure, I guess( reported by lady who’s name I cant spell, sorry Giber———— apologies). CBC further reports the major manufactures in Canada are now questioning if Canada is a safe and stable economy to invest their hard earned dollars.

So what’s next, couple things

The shut down/monitoring of funding platforms. I suppose an American housewife giving a 10 USD contribution to a Canadian movement to protest global issue is a true concern to our sovereignty.

Although in all fairness I don’t know who, how much, or where from these foreign donations were coming from. Maybe we should ask the humans that make these decisions to show us the break down so we can all feel better knowing they(the government) have are backs and are really altruistic after all. At the same time maybe we could ask them to make available to the Canadian public all the money streams of foreign companies that lobby/inform government policy in Canada. I think thats already available, maybe our next fund raiser should be organized to hire people that parse the needlessly complicated government documents so we can find out who the real foreign threats are, might work.

Its important to keep the manufacturing sector feeling secure of course. I would expect the government will promote new legislation to accomplish that goal. A new law outlawing protest possibly, for our own good of course. Guarantees the government will keep supply lines open even if an asteroid hits, even if it means enacting Emergency Measures again even faster this time, for our own good of course. Oh Boy.

Possibly flying supplies to manufacturers using tax dollars that would be good. I am sure FORD and the rest would really appreciate the private runways built with tax dollars, convenient for the corporate jets.

A new method possibly whereby industry gains more power over the citizens. Lets see government guaranteeing ROI using peoples tax dollars wait, that’s an old one. Possibly the relaxation of labour laws, wait that’s another old one.

The convoy cost FORD millions of dollars due to supply chain interruptions of course that’s unacceptable. What is acceptable is the auto sector closing plants laying off workers and costing the citizens their homes, lifestyle, emotional well being, futures, childrens futures, increased crime rates etc… All to save fractions of percents.

Of course the Auto sector has much more monetary influence than the citizenry, so that’s good. Oh Oh now the citizenry has crown funding, better shut that down!

matter of interest we should start using full names instead of ‘The Government” after all its not “The Government” that set policy , enact Emergency Measures, legislate police action. Its people.

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Is this going to be posted on rumble? I'm not seeing anything...

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I love Max! Thank you for having him on.

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Lock up that woman - Canada's PM - for her crimes against Humanity.... The key should be thrown away on Ms Castro....

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Steve, this is only tangentially related to the above post, but I thought you might appreciate it.

I recently heard this story for the first time - I can't remember where, but I was able to find it with a quick google search. It's about a 2-minute read, and I think it really speaks to the importance of reaching out to other like-minded ("red-pilled") people, and thank goodness we have the internet, for all its ills, to remind us that we're not alone:


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I would NEVER follow anything by Blumenthal, but I'm glad that his followers are being exposed to the facts about our trucker events and about what really happened. Many of us in my region were out for months supporting them. Honk honk! Kudos to the filmmakers.

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Andy Fletcher of Depeche Mode just died. He was only 60. Nobody knows why just yet. Ray Liotta also died “peacefully in his sleep” at age 67.

I’m getting scared. I hope Danny Elfman lives to see his 69th birthday this Sunday...

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May 26, 2022·edited May 26, 2022

Looking forward to hearing all these amazing people. Max Blumenthal's voice in this is beyond-words appreciated. As he says, this is not, and should not be framed as, a right / left issue, those are lines they want to divide us on, what we're facing is far deeper. That said, in general, those who lean right have a stronger distrust for everything this government and media say, and rightly so (no pun intended). Those who follow organized religion have been quicker to recognize the evil that's operating here, and the spiritual significance of these times.

Those of us from "the left" (whatever the *@#! that is anymore, or ever was), were horrified to see what we thought of as independent, progressive, speak truth to power "media" - (I don't mean MSNBC / NYT / BBC), but what we thought was more grassroots, the same people who see through the bullshit of regulatory capture and corrupt marketing in other areas, who organize protests and say we must rise and resist and stop fascism - surrender their mental processing, intuition, and bodies, without stopping to realize something's very wrong.

Max B. said it so concisely and clearly - the "responsibility to protect", that has been pretext for wars .. that the media spent years cultivating on the left, that can be a beautiful thing if not used as manipulation into horrors that don't protect anyone - that's the cord with which they manipulate, and so successfully on the left.

And the brutality and oppression of the Canadian truckers, terrible in itself, is yet another hypocrisy layer .. the same people and politicians and "news" orgs who call out police brutality / profiling / excessive force, in some instances, ignore it in others.

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This wonderful, but I wonder what happened to the US truckers? If anything ever developed it was successfully blacked out here in America. If anyone e has an answer to that question I would appreciate it. Thank you.👵😇

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Awesome to hear you are giving this documentary and the Canadian truckers some well-deserved attention, Steve!

I reached out to the filmmakers a couple of months ago to share my Profile in Courage on the Canadian truckers but never heard back. I have been trying so hard to connect with the trucker community to let them know how grateful I and so many others are for their bravery and commitment to freedom. Can you please share this with your guests and see if they can help get this to the truckers?

• “Profiles in Courage: The Canadian Truckers” (https://margaretannaalice.substack.com/p/profiles-in-courage-the-canadian)

Dr. Pierre Kory had this to say about my profile (https://pierrekory.substack.com/p/the-global-disinformation-campaign-e1e/comment/5749710)

“Holy cow. Your piece was brilliant beyond belief. Wow wow wow. So comprehensive in documenting both the beauty, courage.. and brutality. This one is for the history books. Margaret, I know the (American) Convoy organizers well, they will be thrilled, thanks for this am sending now.”

Thank you, Steve!

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