https://www.elobservador.com.uy/nota/chofer-de-comsa-murio-de-un-infarto-mientras-manejaba-un-omnibus-20236910213 We are starting to have some "died suddenly" events here with bus drivers. I hope you and Dr. Makis can take note.. it's not just in the English-speaking "first-world" countries that this is happening. But here few talk about it.

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Steve just wanted to say thank you for telling the truth in a world full of lies and deception. You are a hero, please keep doing what you are doing.

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Looking forward to reading this. BBC News on their Radio 4 network has been buttressing their item on the Nobel Prize award for mRNA ‘vaccine’ technology by …well, you can probably guess that it was 100% positive, gleaming praise… Oh for some intelligent debate and transparency.

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I look forward to the sequel!

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And yet another expose on the vaccine fraud will go unnoticed by the masses who are the targeted victims. This is no way to run a nation! Especially one that believes it is a democratic republic.

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Scientists Develop ‘Airborne mRNA’ to Vaccinate Public Without Consent

Frank Bergman September 29, 2023


A team of scientists at Yale University has developed a new form of “airborne” mRNA vaccine that can be rapidly deployed among the public to vaccinate the masses without their knowledge or consent.

The researchers developed the new airborne method to deliver mRNA right into people’s lungs, bypassing the need for voluntary injections.

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And it's starting, the nightmares we feared would arrive soon...

Bus driver 'suffered medical issue behind the wheel' before horror crash on M53 that killed him and 15-year-old


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"However, in all fairness, it’s important to acknowledge that there are papers published in the peer-reviewed literature which claim that vaccinated people are better off, e.g., papers claiming a 10X lower COVID death rate from people who took the COVID vaccine. Perhaps there will be a sequel where all of those papers are debunked."

I'm glad to see you say that because I think a lot of people are very confused due to all of the conflicting studies which are written about every day. CIDRAP just published a story entitled, "Study: 75% of infants hospitalized with COVID-19 born to unvaccinated women" at https://www.cidrap.umn.edu/covid-19/study-75-infants-hospitalized-covid-19-born-unvaccinated-women-0 and they regularly report on studies which support the contention that the Covid vaccines are safe and effective.

I know the doctors of the medical freedom movement are very busy, but I can't think of anything more important than a professional-looking website which scientifically reviews such studies as they are released - a website which people can refer their doctors to. That should be priority number one, imo.

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IMPORTANT, Steve: "Turtles All the Way Down." An idea: as far as I read, the original version in Hebrew has no copyright. It was intended by the anonymous author to be released to the public. Yet, the current English translation VERSION was copyrighted. So, you just need to:

1. Scan the Hebrew version

2. Apply OCR to change it to text (like free Teseract)

3. Upload in a single webpage

4. Use free Google translation API to allow translation to any language in the world

Like placing a link in Translate.google.com

5. Alternatively, apply free AI translation machines to all languages

6. There's automatic text-to-audio generators!


Also, what do you thing of the timeline here (just the beginning):


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Just a thought, you might find John Campbell's latest article useful. In the UK a data study has been done to match vaccine uptake with deaths by vaccine status. The links to the data sets are in the article. He has to be careful with his wording but very interesting, death rates for untreated are lower according to these data sets.

N.B. I tried to post a link but can't figure out how to do it here, the article is on YouTube.

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A sequel book debunking studies that "prove vaccines are safe and effective" would be a huge step forward. The book would need to include studies that are claimed to "disprove that MMR-II causes autism" and studies that "fail to find evidence that vaccines cause autism." Two kinds of critique are needed: (1) critique of study design and (2) critique of statistical methods.

Neil Miller's book "Miller's Review of Critical Vaccine Studies" is excellent and a great companion book for Kennedy and Hooker's new book.

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Those who watched documentaries on pandemics over the years and were paying attention to the experts..not one of them said a vaccine could be found and produced before it ran its course through the population. It's not possible. Did people forget the basics?

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3 of my family members always seem tired and sick with something, it's always something new. I however have felt great since I never duped into any of the propaganda. No jabs for me

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The accumulated effects over the next 30 years will be, in my opinion, massive depopulation. We may not really notice it for another 5-8 years, but then it will accelerate rapidly, combining increasing death rates and decreasing birth rates.

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