CDC has nothing to do with vaers.

They created that site three years ago

openvaers.com is the one since the 90's

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THere were several batches on the vaccine. IT was the 3rd batch that was most lethal. Essentially, they were performing an unspoken LD50 experiment on the public.

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Steve, I think "around" is missing from "it has to kill at least that number".

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Dumb question, I know, but I am cave-man on some of this stuff...

Does "1 dose" = "1 shot" ?

Or, does "1 dose" = "the first two shots together, and subsequently, any 1 booster" ?

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Very informative article- thank you

Noted in point 5 - check the math on 17729-500

Won’t change the results significantly still alarming and deeply disturbing what has and continues to be deployed against the human race!

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For those wondering if their time on this world is going to be cut short after getting a COVID jab, rest assured the toxin pushers at Big Pharma almost certainly allocated anywhere from 1/3 to 1/2 of jabs as placebo in order to have an observable control group in the population. This, I suspect, is also because they likely have different formulations in their various "active" shots which they would need to compare not just to the aforementioned unvaxxed control group, but to each other as well.

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Sorry to burst anyone's bubble, but the data from VAERS is anything but "clear". In fact, the reality is roughly 100 times worse than reported. At least that's what both the FDA and CDC found after a multi-year review of the efficacy of VAERS reporting. They saw differing reporting compliance for other drugs, but when it came to vaccines in particular, they discovered an appalling 99% (+) of 'adverse events' were NOT being reported. The recommendation at that time was to automate reporting but nothing was ever done. All this happened before the Covid jab was rushed to market. In other words, take the VAERS vaccine casualty numbers and multiply by 100.

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Here's a link to go straight to the first query without having to click all the options: https://medalerts.org/vaersdb/findfield.php?TABLE=ON&GROUP1=AGE&GRAPH=ON&GROUP6=ONS&GROUP7=VAX&EVENTS=ON&DIED=Yes&STATE=JUSTUS

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You left out the fact that Pfizer removed a number of subjects from the study (and reporting) if they had an adverse event.

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This gem was buried at the "society of actuaries" website www.soa.org in their May 2023 Mortality survey update with Dec 2022:

"30 of 33 months from April 2020 through Dec 2022 showed excess mortality versus baseline expectations... Dec 2020, Jan 2021, August 2021 and September 2021 each had very high incurred excess mortality spikes of 40% or more." (Middle of page # 8 in the report).


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That's me! Trying to get the truth out there!

Here's today's rant;

The unknown question still remains = "Should we add the offspring of the vaxxed who might have inherited the poisons from the deadly jabs that are being passed as VACCINES"? These will be the 'next generation' of vax casualties!

I think the jabbed of this world are PFUCKED!

Deadly Covid vax has never worked - it was hype to sell 'product' - even if that 'product' was unsafe, dangerous, ineffective, and unnecessary for the health of mankind! It's called MARKETING by FEAR!

NO LIABILITY comes FREE with EVERY poisonous EXPERIMENTAL (Pfizer, Moderna, et al) JAB! Pfizer laughs all the way to the bank.

Well done you Muppets, for being brave enough to take part in an experiment which had 'DEPOPULATION' as one of its core motives.

My suspicion is that the vax makers have some very close (now incredibly wealthy) FRIENDS within the FDA & CDC!

Now even Pfizer admits, "We were never asked to prove SAFETY and EFFICACY!"

Pfizer admit - "So we didn't bother doing such time-wasting and expensive tests" -

"We did pretend to do some 'in-house' trials with 8 mice but that was to confirm that our crap is SAFE for pregnant women". They proved that it is TOTALLY SAFE & EFFECTIVE against Covid - honest!"

Mick from Hooe UK) unjabbed to live longer!

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Bloody hell! So we're getting a 1-in-35 doses results in injured & a 1-in-1000 result in death? Crikey.

According to the old goog, 12.7 billion vaccines have been given the world over. Maths is not my strong point so please accept apologies is this is wrong, but applying a percentage calculator appears to suggest that 1000 goes into 12.7 billion (12 700 000 000 in numbers) 127 000 000 times.

If Steve is correct, extrapolating from 12.7 billion global doses we appear to be at risk of 127 000 000 deaths. 127 MILLION DEATHS!

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How do you explain Sweden?

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