This is a tragic story:


In a heart-wrenching incident, Melody Rain Palombi-Malmgren, a 15-month-old girl, tragically passed away two days after receiving routine vaccinations.

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Hi all,

Please 🙏 watch: be sure to watch the entire 2 hours presentation by super lawyer Aaron siri, he talks about Hep B vaccine and how there is no safety testing that shows it does not cause autism:


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"Japan paused babies being vaccinated for their first two years,and S.I.D.S disappeared…."

1. Japan never paused vaccinating babies for their first two years.

2. SIDS never disappeared in Japan, but rather kept slowly climbing.

I know you don't understand the science and can't see that vaccines causing SIDS is just flat out fraud...

But why can't you use your basic reading skills and see that anti-vaccs just keep lying to you?????

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This comment is addressed to both Dr. McCullough and to John Leake ... a suggestion not entirely off topic.

I wrote to Steve Kirsch when he posted about SIDS but no reply.

I told Steve he should not ignore the contribution of Vera Scheibner to unraveling the SIDS discussion early on, but for censorship.

This is important not just for the credit she is due, but for tracing back decades the power of censorship that paves the path of political corruption fed by pharmaceutical money that enabled what has occurred over the last 3 years.

Vera Scheibner is now 88 years of age. She was an emigre to Australia from Communist Slovakia, a PhD engineer and professor of geology. Australia was paradise to her at the time.

Scheibner invented an infant breathing monitor that showed marked changes in breathing patterns, comparing them before and after infant vaccinations. The patterns were predictive of SIDS. Cause and effect. No place to hide.

Her results are self published for reasons that require no explanation, just as Brian Hooker’s triple peer reviewed analysis of CDC’s own data connecting autism with MMR was pulled by the journal at the last minute before publication.

Her book, still available on Amazon, has grammatical and syntax errors, so I’m told. My wife has it around here somewhere. She called Vera in Australia around 1990. You can easily understand that call cost a few Gs.

It would be an interesting project for a professional writer to edit her book ... she is still available to agree ... for clarity. It could be published by Skyhorse for its technical and historical significance as well as an early indictment of childhood vaccinations for death of infants.

I’ll read it myself as soon as I find our copy.

Vaccination 100 Years of Orthodox Research https://a.co/d/hITCHfl

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I have Jewish ancestry and find that comment offensive.

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Do vaccines, drugs and mRNA injections cause deaths? That IS their only true purpose. Who that has received these interventions has improved their health or lived longer lives?

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Interview on the VAXXED BUS Australia 2021


Coroner off the record it was the vax that killed your child!

Sudden Adult Death Syndrome is SIDS in big people!


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I attended the 2002 IOM Safety Hearing on the issue of vaccines possibly causing SIDS, it was a complete joke. Here are my comments:

My Take on the 2002 IOM Immunization Safety Review on Sudden Infant Death Syndrome

"Potential Role of Vaccination in Sudden Unexplained Death in Infancy", Irvine CA, October 28, 2002


Some of the most compelling evidence I've seen suggesting a vaccines/sids connection is Dr. Puleyil's reanalysis of Italian trial of Infanrix vaccine showing strong association with SIDS. You'll need to use the Wayback Machine to see the last link:

Combined hexavalent diphtheria-tetanus-acellular pertussis-hepatitis B-inactivated poliovirus-Haemophilus influenzae type B vaccine; Infanrix™ hexa: twelve years of experience in Italy.


Dr. Puleyil's Analysis and Graph


Adverse events caused by Infanrix hexa vaccine results in 69 deaths


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Heartbroken and angry and have lost my faith in what is supposed to be our justice system.

Oh, and Mandy Cohen who was in charge of the NC dept of Health and oversight when I asked for investigation, turned a blind eye and did nothing about the fraud committed in this case by state agents.

Now she is Biden's pick to head the CDC.

Not surprising at this point.

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Newest Version of WHO stuff all in one place - https://jamesroguski.substack.com/p/stop-the-amendments

I have downloaded the guide for myself (19 PAGES).

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Jun 19, 2023·edited Jun 19, 2023

I'm going to tell it like it is. Pfizer submitted a document that told our gov in May 2021 called Post Marketing Experience. This document detailed that their VAX could cause a death toll of 3.7% in recepients.

We all have been victims of a massive financial boondoggle for decades. If a drug does not prevent what the FDA approved it to do, then it should be no longer available or approved to treat what it was approved for. The mRNA COVID Vax did not stop transmission, nor did it have more than 20 days efficacy. 14 of which were contributed to COVID death count.

If our politico's had not invested in these VAX drug companies, testing companies and mask companies, we would have never been mandated to take the VAX. or JAB as many have called it.

FDA was informed by Pfizer that there could be a 3.7% dearh rate and they still approved it for use in our "FEEDER POPULATION."

Here's the kicker..There is a very wealthy secret society operating in our world right now. Not only do they invest alongside each other, they groom and raise their children to "take the reins after they pass on." FRAUDCI and crew never revealed "The Plan to De-Populate the White Western World." to them and they bought into the VAX lies allowing their children and themselves to get the JAB.

NOW THEY ARE PIISSED OFF and are looking for "heads to roll." FRAUDCI and his merry bunch of grifting minions are looking over their shoulders for the rest of their miserable lives. RFK Jr is running for POTUS and exposing this EVIL Agenda with their backing. Pay Attention to the upcoming Accidents. "Revenge is a dish best served cold." Getting Trump was the original agenda and now it has backfired on them.

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Did she have a husband? Who was father of the baby? Why would she be living alone 8 months pregnant? They said she was in labor at home alone when she died. Also said she did not trust Dr.s wouldn't have her baby in the hospital. Did she have a mid wife? A Duala? Why wasn't any family, friends with her?

This does not make any sense.

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My research on toxic exposures supports that any child's exposure to toxic ants, especially at a very early age. Can cause or contribute to death or illness. With some children it could be the synergistic effects of multiple exposures ( for example using synthetically fragranced laundry products or "plug-ins" or even worse, pesticides.

Then you have individual vulnerability due to different liver detox capacity that varies with individuals.

Given the plethora of toxins we are exposed to daily, adding a toxins directly into the child's bloodstream could be the final straw for many. Even with few other exposures based on vulnerability.

I had to learn about toxic load when I became chemically sensitive due to job exposures.

So, in cating for my grandson. I chose to delay vaccination a d also knew the hep Vax was not necessary.

Social services accused me of " being adamantly opposed to vaccines" and not "believing in modern medicine".

The agency unlawfully removed my grandson from me and adopted him to a substance abuser.

True story. I am still filing lawsuits on my own because no lawyer will take on social services unless, if course, you are rich.

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Day after my daughters first jab she became sick with red patches all over her face and body, went to doctors told I was worrying for nothing... I even said it was yesterday she had her first vx ...still nothing... 2 weeks later and 2 weeks of baby crying and sick she chocked in her sleep, stopped breathing, my husband acted fast held her upside down ands banged her back hard, she coughed up what looked like 3 raw egg whites and more stringy phlegm, so much from a new baby's throat. She is an adult now and struggles though life... couldn't have children either she still suffers in silence as we gave up with the NHS years ago. ALL due to the vaccine....

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Thanks as always Steve. Yet more preventable or avoidable deaths courtesy of mega Harmas

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