I want to know where Dr. Robert O. Young went. He hasn't published anything in what, 2 months?

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I would like for all the people that were Jabbed to say Sorry to the people that have NOT been Jabbed. Because some of you were Very nasty Very Very Nasty and unfortunately the Jabs are not doing what we were told that they would Stop you getting COVID & Stop you from infecting other people.!!!!

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It didn't take a "Study" for me to figure that out. All you had to do was follow the Data.

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We need to find a way to flip the off switch on the vaccinated's spike protein production unit.

Half of Vaccinated People Never Stop Producing Spike Protein, Study Found



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In my never-ending quest to disseminate your findings, Steve, I posted this on Facebook. Facebook blocked access with a message that this article was proven false by independent fact-checkers. So, three years into this DISASTER, FB not only has their heads planted deep in sand, but they continue to force their audience to stick THEIR head in the sand. Disgusting!

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Canadian stats come up with about the same numbers Between May 01 and Aug 28 2022;

You are much more likely to die from Covid if boosted in Canada.

48% of Canadians were boosted but made up 72.43% of Covid deaths.

80% of Canadians had completed the primary series they made up 85.7% of deaths.

unjabbed made up 14% of deaths.

Then Aug 28 Canada stopped tracking the numbers.... or I can't find their locn.

Where the #'s came from:

Vaccination coverage, From wayback machine Aug 28


From figure 2 text description from tab 412 line 2022-08-14 Canada

"cumulative # of people who have completed primary series and received at least 1 additional dose"


IE Far less than the 72.43% of boosted COVID deaths indicated. From figure 2 text description "completed primary series" from tab 412



Quarterly population estimate- Canada

(October 1, 2022)



As a % of Canadians I get, 79.8278036529 have taken the primary series. You can find the source data hidden on wayback machine. Based on figure 5, set to number, then text settings. Where I got the start May 01 and end numbers Aug 28 for:

• unjabbed,

• primary series,

• boosted 1ce,

• 2 x jeopardy err boosted…


Aug 28

https://web.archive.org/web/ 20220923185732/https://health- infobase.canada.ca/covid-19/

May 01

https://web.archive.org/web/ 20220521223201/https://health- infobase.canada.ca/covid-19/ epidemiological-summary-covid- 19-cases.html

feel free to 2x check my math,

Makes the vaccines look unsafe IMHO as the % of dead from COVID is higher in the vaccinated crowd than the % vaccinated or especially boosted.

As Joe Rogan would say "Wild".

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What is the "Nuremberg Principle"?

Your Pharmacist, Doctor, Boss, Media Shill, bear Personal Responsibility


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My friends didn't listen to me in the beginning and kinda distanced themselves from me. (They don't anymore). Now some of them are having weird conditions, tinnitis, hearing loss, bouts of covid, shingles, etc. They say they won't get anymore jabs but they also don't believe me when I tell them it's very likely due to the jabs they received. So I keep my mouth shut now. By the way, I never got covid to my knowledge or if I did it was nothing. I'm not jabbed and took all the vitamins and still due.

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Just filled your survey an hour ago, I'm unvaccinated and always stayed away from vaccines. I've caught five different infections of the lab coronavirus, the original strain which was pretty harsh (it trashed the liver something bad), nothing for two years and then the last couple years different mutants of omicron, from the original strain to the last very weak one (two days sick). All of this coincides with the pseudovaccines' rollout and coincides exactly with what dr. Vanden Bossche said, non-sterilising vaccines drive virus mutations. In fairness it has to be said that whenever there's a new strain of flu I'd always pick it up within a month for the last ten years or so, something that might have to do with some liver problems too (that affects immune system's efficiency). Anyway vaccines would've made it a lot worse (an acquainted doctor here confessed that she used to inject herself with flu vaccines every year and then reliably got sick with the flu in autumn/winter of each year; she stopped that after nearly dying from a flu with ADE). Starting with the second omicron infection it was all treated with vitamin D3 (~100000 IU at once by dr. Mercola's instructions), zinc and activated coal (which is necessary to clean the body of the toxic spike).

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A few people I know (and other's family members) were diagnosed with blood cancers, and now Rep Scalise's diagnosis.

When are we going to get more studies? It is just so very frustrating!

"Majority Leader Rep. Steve Scalise reveals he's being treated for blood cancer. "

"House Minority Whip Steve Scalise (R-La.) received the COVID-19 vaccine on Sunday after months of holding off, encouraging those who are hesitant to get vaccinated..." https://www.huffpost.com/entry/steve-scalise-gets-covid-vaccine_n_60f771f1e4b0d1bafbf83de4

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Ask David Martin PhD if there is or was a COVID 19 virus

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Remember folks! If you haven't been sick these past few years you obviously contracted ASYMPTOMATIC COVID and need a booster of the Jim Jones juice jab.

See how that works?

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I have heard a number of times that the wuhan whatever it is , is just the common cold or flu. Is this true? I remember seeing statistics for flu deaths during the plandemic. Flu deaths were almost non existent. Replaced by wuhan virus deaths, I suppose.

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