Politicians on both sides of the house need to be booted out, they are all hopeless and only in it for themselves, no one in there cares about anyone but themselves and their paymasters, time for the truth to come to light and for them to all go

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I do not know if there is anything in Steve Kirsch's discoveries that would put on record a criminal liability SIGNAL . Dr. Meryl Nash just explained the one exception for the "free speech" law and it applies to the government, in this case, the CDC.gov.

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Can someone help me? I'm a lay person who's having trouble applying the PRR formula (possibly because it's not logical). I can't understand the concept of of "All other adverse events" -- is that total number of reported adverse events of all kinds? Why would they use it as a denominator? Why wouldn't they use "total number vaccinated?"

If that's true, then it wouldn't be particularly useful formula, would it? A dangerous vaccine creating a very large number of adverse events could make some of the worst adverse events seem insignificant, and safe vaccine with a tiny number of adverse events would magnify them, triggering an alarm for a relatively rare adverse reaction.

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"We use their numbers (that are in public view) and their own algorithm (also in public view) and show that it should have triggered a safety signal for “death.” There is no way they can argue their way out of this one. There is no rock that is large enough for them to hide under. "

"and show that it should have triggered a safety signal for “death.” "

It "should have" been signaled but it was not signaled so there is no proof of a signal of something, for instance death, that would have taken place officially at some point in time. That is when CRIME has taken place and that is when the CDC, that is, the government, can be sued for I guess, violating the First Amendment. The CDC has DELIBERATELY ignored a data point (if it was officially signaled) that works against the CDC's agenda or official narrative of the day.

Misinformation and disinformation is NOT a crime against the First Amendment, but the one exception where the CRIME of censorship (or "suppression") is legally allowed is when the government (CDC.gov) suppression of such speech (speech about data) causes harm to people. Ignoring IS censorship of the ignoring kind. Censorship about death numbers of people causes harm to people.

If lawsuit against the Federal government cannot be pursued for some reason, maybe there is another way to get this crime prosecuted since the defendant is the government.

I want people and CRIME PROSECUTED NOW.

Same goes for pharmaceutical company criminals.

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What gets my goat is the fact that they don't compare the events of vaxxed vs. unvaxxed, only vaxxed vs. other vax. What kind of safety signal would we see then?

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Steve, thank you for pointing out the absurdity of the PRR formula. That the PRR value for the COVID vaccines will rarely exceed one because there are so many adverse events from the COVID vaccine is clearly intentional. There is no way that any statistician could be so stupid as to think he/she was creating a formula like this that would produce meaningful results.

If we had a real Congress -- which, at this point it seems we never will, since the Uniparty is firmly in control -- the members would hold hearings that focus exclusively on how this formula was conceived and adopted. Everyone involved in the process is blatantly corrupt and should be prosecuted for "Conspiracy to Defraud the U.S. Government" (i.e. devising a formula that tricks the U.S. government into purchasing more and more of these deadly vaccines).

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The protesters here in UK, are now throwing eggs and things at the so called King Charles now , lovely . I hope the next one hits his in the eye , he is best friends with physcopath schwab

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thank you, Steve Kirsch.

"there are lies, damn lies... and statistics"- Mark Twain

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Thank you for sharing your brilliant mind and compassion with us, Steve. I hold you up in prayer and am ever grateful for committed warriors like you. Shine On Brother👍🏾

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Thank you for your tireless research. The Unites States of Amnesia is surely profitable condition for the medical industrial complex thanks to the blind loyalty of the gate keeper and hooded henchman.

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Steve your efforts are very heroic. Please don’t stop.

One must continue to push back. One must never stop. WHY? Well obviously it’s telling them we know what they are doing and why. We must judge them and warn them that when Gods Judgement happens (and it will) they will be judged for killing millions of people because of their desire for money and power and chosing death over life.

This weeks story of Abraham begging God to spare Sodom and Gomorrah forced God to take a good look at peoples behavior and God judged them accordingly because He could not find any righteous people. Most probably there were some righteous people but they probably chose to look the other way or didn’t warn their neighbors or leaders about Gods judgements looming against them.

Steve Kirsch and others have now fulfilled the job of warning people. Now when God judges at least their choices will direct Gods choices.

Heaven help the poor, the victims of evil, and the weak the innocent.

May those who continue to murder and commit other sins stop or be stopped before it’s just too late.

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🤯 One day the jig will be up, I pray, so the killing can stop.

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Dear Steve-Just thankful to God for you, your tenacity, your brilliant mind, and fearlessness. You are doing GOOD work sir.

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Without infection (7% excess report proportion in 80+ males):


With infection (20% excess report proportion in 80+ males):


I OR'ed the DIED field from the DATA files into the preferred term "Death" from the SYMPTOMS files.

The same thing happens for Atrial fibrillations and more importantly for myocarditis. The proportion of reports that mention either myocarditis, troponin increased or both reaches 33% for 15-17 year old boys who are double and had an infection.

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I've created a pseudo-placebo reference group for every combination of age group, gender and vaccine received and then did an PRD analysis, presenting the results here:


Explanations of what I did can be found here:


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“How could the CDC not see a safety signal in plain sight like this? [image of crazy bar for Covid “vaccine”]” And the “truthseeker” bit—sad stuff but written in a really funny, entertaining manner!

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