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I (dual uk/usa citizen) got a 5 page reply back from my MP regarding vaccine injuries, he used all kinds of half truths and factcheckers to explain why mRNA 'vaccines' are safe and effective and adhere to highest levels of safety testing, etc. Defended MHRA to the hilt.

STEVE, are you up for a propaganda challenge? I can email you the 5 page reply as a pdf attachment,. I want to send a rebuttal

In his reply, my MP references 7 vital questions from:


Which is mostly misinformation mixed in with some half truths.

Then he references mainstream media factcheckers like Reuters.

Then he says he did his own research with vaccines. It's one long denial of any vaccine harms and denial of nanotechnology,  etc.

Anyone want to help me with my rebuttal?

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He needs to join Rumble and GAB

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Ironically enough, I have been following up here in Texas with the "Chief Epidemiologist" for all cause death data by vaccination status. The "Chief" and "Deputy" Epidemiologist of course do not call me back or respond to my emails. I finally got someone at the Texas Dept. of Health and Human Services to respond to me and they let me know that they do not collect this type of data with a long story of how they do not link the death records with the vaccination records.

The person pointed me to the UK data as an example of something I may want, but then let me know again that they do not collect that level of detail in Texas. Well, of course, and no kidding. What was even more funny, well really maddening, is that the person let me know that the "Chief" Epidemiologist is out on maternity leave. By the way, this person is a male.

And again, no one (at the international, federal, state or local level) has been held accountable for the crimes over the last 3 years as of this late date in April 2023.

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Regarding UK oversight or rather lack of oversight by co-opted UK's MHRA (similar to the FDA), today 26th April is the last day to sign this letter to get the gov to pause experimental gene editing injections in order to do a safety review:


Today is the last chance for to sign this open letter to the UK Government - Undertake urgent review into MHRA's approval of Covid vaccines.

The MHRA (Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Authority), which is responsible for the safety and efficacy of medicines used in the UK, announced that it has morphed “from Watchdog to Enabler.”

Everyone is invited to co-sign the Open Letter to Health Secretary Steve Barclay below. We will be delivering a hard copy in April.

Thank you

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The proverbial silence is deafening or deathening.

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John Campbell, now trumpeted as a

"heroic, conscience driven truth-teller/whistle blower" type, was both fulsome and enthusiastic in his recommendation that people "go git" the 💉jab in the early part of the roll outs, and routinely has people mentioning this on his channels comment section deleted. Oh, there are still "some" left up, but

if you watch some of his videos at the instant of their first airing, skim the comments, then return, hours later, it's quite evident. I kinda think that he's "seen which way the wind's blowing" & changed his tune radically from 2020, 2021+. I have difficulty watching or trusting him now, and also, many of his "revelations" were ALREADY out there BEFORE he championed them.

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OK, after some reflection, I'm beginning to agree with your description; but, I hope his wind direction sensor is accurate and in good repair.

P.S. I like your user name verbiage about turning off the TV, and MSM tentacles, etc.

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Thank you. Being that EVERYONE around me is a complicit, jabbed 💉 dupe, & now all immediately tell me that they "don't wanna hear your delusional, paranoid conspiracy theories, thank you!", I tend to spew my conspiratorial verbiage, so pent up and frustrated, onto whatever forums I can find of sympathetic sturdier mental stuff. I had started listening to Campbell in 2020, but by

March 2020 I had attained the Pirbright Institute's AZ patent for their jab, and immediately considered that it WOULD be "miraculously" formulated & rolled out before the end of 2020, & that ANY doc pushing it thereafter was either too stupid & therefore dangerous to hold the position they did, or were consciously a part of the agenda. I had liked & thought him genuine initially, but he DID push 💉it pretty hard, & so, I lost all respect for him. Dunno if it was him or PooLube YT, but quite a number of my critical comments on his channel have been quickly yanked. With the amount of negative data I was able to gather, even before the biopharmaceutical industrial complex cartels announced "We've cracked it!", as much of an uneducated dullard as I am, I have NO respect for the notion that the likes of Campbell, with their training,

could possibly have been ignorant of what was gonna happen & was in

the depop-shots 💉, when they had REALLY been formulated & patented.

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I wrote him off when the pfizer docs came out and people were raising questions on the tests, or lack thereof and the side effects/deaths in the test. I did watch him again about 6 months later and saw he changed his tune. I then watched his older vids until that point to see him change his view on it. I think he is genuine to be honest, he just viewed the official data and reported on it. He's been smeared multiple times by the media for misinformation, despite them championing him when he was in favour of it.

I get where you're coming from though regarding censorship, but youtube also auto deletes replies with certain words in as well, no matter the channel.

I still think he's genuine though, seems like he actually cares and he is an outcast 'conspiracy theorist' or whatever in mass media as well for daring to ask uncomfortable questions.

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Apr 30, 2023·edited Apr 30, 2023

To: Clotshot, CorScorpionis, unhappytocomply, Deanna Kline, Baldmichael, etc...

A friend of mine, who is against the mRNA-shots, recommended Dr. Campbell to me (after the point in time Dr. Campbell was no longer recommending Jabs), and told me about how much he was speaking about real-life cases of PoisonPoke-harm. I challenged him about this, as by this time YouTube was

de-platforming anyone who was openly critical of them. But my friend answered me with his keen observation: that Dr. C. has been able to avoid suspension because he is very careful to report only verifiable facts, and when he mentions ClotShot-injuries, he merely interviews patients about their symptoms.

To demonstrate how someone else had outsmarted censorship, my friend sent me a link to someone else's YouTube video who also managed to avoid suspension. This latter YouTuber was able to direct people to where they could find information and other truthtellers by literally writing out with a Sharpie® onto Post-It Notes® the URLs and/or names of sites or people who were exposing the lies about the Jabs, and holding these Notes up them up to the camera for the audience to write down. That way, the keyword-searching censorship bots would not automatically detect names and URLs they've been programmed to search for (that contain "misinformation") in order to take down the channel.

My friend was convinced Dr. C was similarly able to stay on YouTube by boldly pushing his points but deftly stopping just short of the line the would trigger his suspension.

I haven't independently researched all these assertions, but it is definitely something to think about.

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Covid: No evidence shielding helped vulnerable people, Swansea University study says

Researchers said the findings 'raised questions about the success of shielding'

There is no evidence that shielding benefitted vulnerable people during the coronavirus pandemic, according to a university study. The study by Swansea University compared 117,000 people shielding in Wales with the population of three million.

It found that deaths and healthcare usage were higher among those who were shielding than the general population. The Welsh Government said that shielding was introduced on medical and scientific advice and that it will continue to review evidence from the pandemic.

The rate of coronavirus was also found to be higher among those shielding, at 5.9% compared to 5.7%, according to the study. Researchers have said that the data raises questions about whether the shielding policy worked.



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I am in the UK, West Sussex. I was diagnosed with cancer at beginning of 2020. When the COVID 19 nonsense came along the NHS designated me among the clinically extremely vulnerable.

I said to myself 'That's a load of bollux' as by then I had worked out what was going on and am not that stupid.

At the beginning I thought that this is the 'flu and people need to get out in the glorious sunshine to boost their vitamin D.

The Welsh government had like the other countries of the UK some guidance. I did my own satirical take on it. It is very long but someone might fancy reading it if they are very bored.


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That Speech by June Raine would have made Joseph Goebbels blush. The one track Narrative perpetrated by the New World Order 'Overlords' must be followed by their Puppet Politicians. In New Zealand the sole source of Truth according to our current Government is strictly from them and them alone. This whole psyops structural Agenda from the World Economic Forum is reminiscent of the WW2 Nazi regime but on Steroids.

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As I say it is the Nazi regime, the Fourth Reich in operation. Germany is one of the key players as it hates the UK's guts, especially after coming out of Germany's pet project the EU.

And as we follow a timeline similar to WW2 only 80 years ago the references should be clear.



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While its good Campbell finally spoke truth and created a following who slowly saw it with him, I have to say he was sooooo sllooooooooooooowwwww to get it. Some say he did it to stay on youtube, but I am surprised at how sloooow he was.

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It took me until maybe early 2001 to "get it". A family member introduced me to alternative media which initially shocked me, but I quickly became a convert and never looked back (to avoid shame and embarrassment). But I never would have gotten vaxxed--my strong sense of self-preservation precludes taking untested drugs, or really any drugs except as a last resort.

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Then you are a great person to testify to how powerful just a quick look at an alternative, independent media source can be to those still in denial or worse, mocking the injured. And show them a look at the FDAs own list: https://www.fda.gov/media/143557/download

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You're telling me! I knew it all as far as the basics went in June 2020 and I consider myself slow. people were saying how wonderful John Campbell was and I was thinking 'Hey, he's misleading you, look at me, I know the whole truth, and vaccines are Nazi!'.

Mind you with my facial palsy, and lockdown hair I look a sight, so perhaps it's just as well people can't see me!

Anyway, I rather think he knew more than he was telling and didn't want to rock the boat. I still say he is a controlled opposition to release information slowly so that the masses don't die of shock at just how vast the virus/vaccine/big pharma scam is.


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I doubt that "dying of shock" would concern them, but revolting from shock might!

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John Campbell should move from ScrewTube to Rumble.

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Yes, it might even elicit a Jekyll and Hyde transformation!

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keep killing it kirsch. had to come to Substack Twitter is Not free speech they banned me & John o'looney same time for calling for Real justice of the world economic forum Fuaci gates etc. some people get there feelings hurt if you say they need to hang for what they've done or something like that

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As always, England will Prevail. Remember...

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Indeed so. My first post on substack if you are interested. I have a somewhat silly approach perhaps but there is method in my madness.


My main site is WordPress, I currently mirror posts on substack from there.


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Lime there was in the United States... good line

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HANG who! who? yea who, HANG WHO

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The UK is a totalitarian fascist Orwellian state. Just like Canada, New Zealand and Australia. Most democratic run states in the US are no different. None of this is about covid. Covid is just a tool

It's about totalitarian control and the enslavement of humanity. Most humans will accept their enslavement.

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I don't think it is all quite as bad as many continental countries, as I am in the UK myself, but I appreciate that areas will vary.

It has always been about the countries that fought as allies in WW2 against the Axis forces, especially Germany. Germany hates the UK's guts and is trying to sabotage us.


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I can't 'like' this but do agree

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