My letter:

Dear servants and representatives of the American public,

To grant the WHO powers over US public health policy and action would be a betrayal of the American people, and a seditious violation of US sovereignty and our Constitution.

The WHO is a deeply corrupt organization with criminals and misguided revolutionaries in high positions. Some of them have political agendas that eclipse their concerns for health, namely globalist tyranny that would destroy over three centuries of centuries of human progress.

The United States must remain sovereign over its own affairs and responsive to its citizens and the scientific and medical leaders they support, through free speech and public debate. The proven corruption of our government and scientific and professional institutions would be accelerated by granting extra-constitutional authority to foreign interests.

Those who promote harm to US sovereignty will lose support and be replaced, by a people who are incensed at efforts to violate what they hold dear, the intrinsic right of self-determination of individuals and of the people as a nation.

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Tess is in for the Reawaken America Tour, (NWO) so beware of her.


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Thank you Steve. Question: mustn't the US Senate ratify all treaties? Can we stop this insanity in our Senate now or in 2022 when Democrats are decimated?

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We can’t let them get away with this power grab

Dr Tess Lawrie, MBBCh, PhD​


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Apr 15, 2022·edited Apr 15, 2022

They know exactly what the vaxxing is about. They’re in on the genocide and the new world order because it’s happening through THEM.

They couldn’t do it through religion like all the so-called christians beLIEved would happen. That would be too big of a challenge and too obvious for a “mark of the beast” prophecy fulfillment, even though all of that is based on misinterpretation.

The bloodlines oligarchy have set up 12 systems of control…religion, education, and the sickcare system are just three. Everyone must fit into each box or the control grid doesn’t function as they want it to.

Throughout time, the renegade rebels have been snuffed out because that’s what they do, snuff the lights. They made public spectacles of the rebels to instill fear in the villages and towns. This is always how they have maintained control….fear, and enough of the sheeple complying.

But this time, there are more rebels than they can manage. They expected to get 90%-95% to run to get the vaxx. A CEO from Pfizer is on video record saying, 95% of the population would not have voluntarily submitted to the genocide jabs if they had called them what they are, chemotherapy, instead of using the word, “vaccine”, which the majority has been conditioned to accept due to brainwashing the past many decades since the Holocaust.

ALL VACCINES PAST AND PRESENT ARE KNOWN INTENDED BIOWEAPONS. THIS IS A KNOWN FACT. Find and read the Strecker Memorandum and find the video where Dr Ro wet Strecker presented all the evidence to congress in 1986, the same year congress passed The Act giving pharma a free pass by removing all liabilities so they could continue killing people without penalty.

People haven’t been paying attention! The sodium fluoride has calcified millions of pineal gland/antennas and disconnected people from divine consciousness, our birthright, and dumbed us down from who we are.

The bible says that “Jesus” said we are gods. The body is the temple of the living God.

Luke 17:20-21

The kingdom of God cometh not with observation:

Neither shall they say, Lo here! or, lo there! for, behold, the kingdom of God is within you.

But they’ve been conditioning humanity for hundreds of years to beLIEve they’re worthless sinners after “Jesus” said we are the light of the world…SUN SPARKS, fractals of the SUN. You have a SOLAR PLEXUS/nerve center which is connected to your tree of life/vagus nerve system with 144,000 nerve endings which must be saved to continue bodily re-generation indefinitely and receive eternal life.

There are practices that must be done to preserve all these functions and the knowledge was hidden by the bloodlines oligarchy. Genesis ch 6 says the lives of humans was reduced to 120 years so that man could not become gods/attain God Consciousness, because they would not live long enough to reach the top of the mountain and KNOW who they are.

Plant medicines that pump up the DMT, which a clean pineal gland releases during birth, sleep and death, accelerate awareness expansion and exponentially advances one to total consciousness. Psilocybin shrooms are ancient in use. Ayahuasca is the mother of all plant medicines. Cannabis is in the bible, it’s use was for spiritual elevation. All this is why the criminal psychotic greedy hoarding thieving parasites made them, “illegal”. That’s the word used today to let you know they don’t want you having what they have and use against us.

Knowledge is power. An ignorant people will follow like sheep because they don’t know any better. But willfully ignorant people, those who think church has taught them the truth and all they need to know that they have accepted, those who blindly reject any new knowledge and keep their mind closed and locked in the box, commit the unpardonable “sin”/shortcoming of shutting out the Spirit/Energy of the feminine aspect of “God”/Source Energy moving through them. This is the manipulation of the patriarchal ruling bloodlines.

Find my other comments on this thread. You have much to learn. They’re hoping more people won’t find the truth because they’re still manipulating those whose minds are locked in their religions boxes more than anyone else. But they’re making so many mistakes that have the opposite effect of waking up even more people that this house of cards is coming down and will soon crash.

Viva la apocalypse! 👁

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Indeed they are a joke -- they couldn't even so much as respond to Geert when he sent an open letter plea to them TWICE.

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COVID Satire/Memes/Jokes: Best World Health Organization (WHO)'s Tedros is a China Lapdog Puppet Memes

- Best Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus of the China Health Organization, I mean Wuhan Health Organization, I mean World Health Organization (WHO) is a China lapdog puppet memes!


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Abolish the WHO.

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I made this submission on the WHO's power grab... (250 word limit):

I oppose the WHO's Pandemic Treaty

In light of the grossly disproportionate and ill-targeted global Covid-19 response, there must be revision of the definition of a 'pandemic', in particular to accurately gauge the seriousness of the health threat and appropriate response.

In regards to SARS-CoV-2/Covid-19, it was known from the beginning this did not pose a serious threat to most people.

The response should have been targeted towards the vulnerable. But instead an extraordinary plan to vaccinate the entire global population was hatched - on what basis was this plan evaluated?

Now billions of fast-tracked experimental Covid-19 jabs have been spread around the world - but these are 'leaky vaccines' that do not prevent infection nor transmission.

Was it a deliberate plan to inject the entire global population, and try to make people dependent upon these jabs, potentially destroying natural immunity? And create massive lucrative repeat 'vaccine' markets? Is this ethical? Is this fraud?

It's way past time for an examination of the WHO and conflicts of interest - this organisation serves the pharmaceutical industry and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

I challenge the WHO's interference in countries around the world, and its imposition on the freedom of the people.

The WHO must not interfere with the sovereignty of countries and the people, the will of the people must be respected and they must be truthfully informed and not manipulated with misinformation.

The people must retain their right to 'valid voluntary consent' and bodily autonomy and bodily integrity.

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Dismantle and abolish the WEF, the WHO, the UN et al - they are all intruments of the criminal ruling class's TOTAL SLAVERY AGENDA! WAKE UP AND RESIST! DO NOT COMPLY!

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Very recent Canadian CDC statistic: 4 out of 5 deaths attributed to vaccinated. 4 out of 5.

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Control freaks never win. WE are more committed.

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Can't have an irresistible One World Government without a permanent emergency and captured national Government politicians who will yield their citizens' sovereignty and basic rights to it. You also will need well trained, One World loyal police/militaries to keep unruly citizens in check, and facilities to take medical dissenters to so they can be force vaccinated.... Never seen anything like that anywhere have we??

Seriously, we have to keep unravelling this thick, ugly ball of string until we can clearly see who is pulling it at the very top. We then must deal with them in a way that is an example for any who might come after them in One World Govt aspirations.... This is the only way we can win our freedom back (note I said win it BACK...)

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Steve...I do not expect you yourself to answer this question, and that's fine, you are busier than a one legged dance teacher.

I have read these words from you before: "That the vaccines kill more people than they save." That statement implies that the vaccines actually do save people. Say what? They save some people? In my mind that makes no sense at all. Hopefully you or one of your medically wise readers can explain that to me.

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The documentory Bought by Jeff Hays. Bought [2015 Vaccine Documentary] Trailer 2:13 min https://www.bitchute.com/video/9xOjO3Jl0fmo/ - Bought Movie Trailer 4:57 minhttps://youtu.be/7lhfD6MbL_8

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While Bill Gates's WHO, run by his personal non-doctor partner in crime, is attempting a hostile takeover of world governments, while said Bill Gates has funneled billions into gain of function research on the Covid virus, our media can't seem to find a story here.

Can a story get much bigger? Well, I guess it can when the actual covid vaccines meant to combat Covid have killed and maimed millions of people around the world at a much higher rate than the actual virus and the media is silent on that as well.

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