I think the main problem is that the jabs truly are effective at suppressing the PCR results. That is all they do. They do not prevent illness. So vaccinated die from the flu, while unvaccinated die from covid. So if you are vaccinated you can die with the peace of mind you had a negative PCR test.

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Right off the bat, their headline should be "unvaccinated people who have been officially tested for covid." Since this is Texas, a vast majority of the people who get covid probably won't even bother to get a PCR test...I in fact mentioned this to a friend in Texas when she texted me, annoyed by this announcement...sure enough, she (who is unvaccinated) said "you're right, I wouldn't go get tested if I had covid, I'd stay home and treat myself." The people in Texas who are most likely to get the shot are also the ones probably more likely to get a PCR test when sick.

Either way, 20x .001 or whatever the numbers are is still a very small risk.

It reminds me of how they made it sound like kids who had covid had a much higher chance of myocarditis...until you look at their sample data and it was taken *only* from kids in hospitals...which means they were comparing covid myocarditis cases potentially to kids who were in the hospital for an auto accident.

Using this skewed data, they blared out a headline saying kids who had covid had a 37 times higher risk of myocarditis than uninfected children.

I wrote about this here: https://wholistic.substack.com/p/shameless-cdc-recommends-pfizer-for

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How do you rig the science - first you start by skewing the number of people looked at heavily - this is from the study itself:

Among people with positive COVID-19 tests, including PCR and antigen tests (n = 1,545,390):

1,314,337 (85.0%) were unvaccinated, 184,732 (12.0%) were partially vaccinated, and 46,321 (3.0%) were fully vaccinated.

85% of the people they looked at were unvaxed - it can only lead to the fact that 85% of the deaths would be unvaxed too - right? Further this looks really bad because the 3% that were fully vaxed expereienced 7% of the deaths.

Among people with COVID-19—associated deaths (n = 28,659), 24,517 (85.5%) were unvaccinated, 1,942 (6.8%) were partially vaccinated, and 2,200 (7.7%) were fully vaccinated.

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Its Texas. The unvaccinated who perished likely include a substantial number of illegals, Mexicans who went over the border for treatment, and poor Mexicans-Americans. Texas has a lot of obesity too, which seems concentrated in groups that have low vaccine use including but not limited to African Americans and Latinos. . The study is really telling you that C19 is a disease that disproportionately effects the poor and illegals.

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How does a hospital know that a patient is vaccinated? By asking them? Taking their word for it? Not likely. They check your medical profile. But does the medical profile include vaccinations that were given at drive-thrus, drug stores, fairgrounds and other venues well outside the hospital/clinic system? Perhaps the vaccinated are being labeled as unvaccinated.

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In Canadian provinces they use a start date of December 2020 to calculate their vaccinated vs unvaccinated stats but fail to mention that in most of Canada no one was actually fully vaccinated as a significant percentage of the population by around June/July 2021.

They do this all the time to game the numbers, it's so frustrating.

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Hi Steve, I analyze data on my own substack.

I similarly doubt California numbers. California provides a rich daily dataset. It shows that vaxxed Californians are 4-5 times less likely to get sick, but their case fatality rate is only 40% of the CFR of unvaxed. (so about 10x less likely do die) This seems to be completely incongruent with England. In England, the vaxxed are MORE likely to get sick, but the CFR of vaxed is much less than CFR of unvaxed compared to California. England uses a different vaccine mix, but still there are some major incongruences.

I would like to somehow show that their data is fake.

For Texas, look for major skullduggery like using "number of vaccinated" as denominator, as opposed to "man-years". They possibly divide all deaths among vaccinated from Jan 1 (when nobody was vaccinated) by number of vaccinated on the last day of the study. This dramatically changes the overall ratio. This is what CDC does in its scam releases.

My email is i c h u d o v @ g m a i l

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The game is push the vaccine by force, lies, bribery, misleading, deception stb. Nothing matters.

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1st I am just one of those naturally immune pure bloods, who has only been taking an immune suppressing protocol of quercetin, zinc, bromolain, curcumin, coQ10, d3, k2, A, N-AcetylCysteine, AlphaLipoicAcid, Omega3, Magnesium, C, and the liquid distillation of grapefruit & lemon rinds, these past 4 1/2 months and other than weekly shopping, occasional restaurant meals, everything is generally eaten at home, wife & I well at home in Central Florida. It pays to be a resident in the Sunshine state, with EOs, by our Governor, who keeps trying to protect Floridians from the unChristian, unAmerican lefty loonies in the Fed Admin! We pray that all of you who have been jabbed have your eyes opened, the poisons removed from your bodies and are healed, Amen

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Just heard Steve speak to the Concerned Doctors conference in Huntsville via video link. Great job, really enjoyed the info.

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The biggest issue may simply be that the vast majority of people were unvaccinated at the beginning of 2021.

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This information follows the current 'woke' narrative. #1 change the definition of what it means to be unvaccinated...anyone who hasn't had at least 2 to 3 boosters is now considered unvaccinated. Go figure.

#2 If you have natural immunity because you had covid and survived( which is 99.98%), you don't count. Go figure.

#3 If you have any ( and I mean any!) Idea of what "real" science might have to say about this current "cold" virus...you are deplatformed and canceled. Go figure.

Why should anyone believe anything coming out of the CDC, WHO, FDA, or any other Gov't alphabet soup? They haven't told the truth in at least 3 decades!

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You missed the biggest flaw. The study period. was from January 15, 2021 to October 1, 2021.

The majority of the Texas population was unvaccinated for most of this time period.


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So they used the ImmTrac2 system which is the Texas database on who is vaccinated. First, this system was put in place to track children's immunizations. There are adult vaccinations in the system when the patient signs off on it. But only then.

So every adult who got vaccinated and who had a vaccine provider who asked them to sign a consent to be tracked in the state database - and who consented to that - is in the ImmTrac2 system. Okay, so right there, how many adults who got vaccinated are in the system? I can't find the information - maybe someone else can?

But let's assume that only a fraction of the adults who got vaccinated are in the ImmTrac2 system, a fairly safe assumption imo. This study then only counts people who test positive for Covid and who have 100% matching information with the ImmTrac2 database. So if there is a typo, a name change, a middle name excluded, etc. then it doesn't match so that person is counted as unvaxxed.

Now you can start to see that the number of adults in the ImmTrac2 system who match up to positive Covid tests is likely to be small. All other positive Covid test patients are counted as unvaxxed. And this is how you get to a "study" like this one.

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Looking at the report, this further proves chance of death from covid is 1) still very low for unvaccinated and 2) has no significant difference if you take the vaccine.

This report conveniently leaves out a comparison of the death rate for vaccinated vs unvaccinated. Assuming death rate is calculated at deaths/cases * 100%, looking at the data, this is what I get:

*per 100,000

Jan - Oct # cases* # deaths* Death Rate

All ages Unvaccinated 14,196 463.7 3.266413074

All ages vaccinated 315.9 11.6 3.672048116

This is further proving that the vaccine does not prevent death... Pulling the numbers from the 'Delta' spike:

Sept - Oct # cases* # deaths* Death Rate

All ages Unvaccinated 1,767 63.66 3.602716469

All ages vaccinated 133.8 3.2 2.391629297

This is only slightly lower and the assumed error can easily address this small percentage decrease in death (among the vaccinated) due to the small number of people in this time period.

What is clear from this is that people who are 'fully vaccinated' are less likely to get covid, but that could be a result of 1) small vaccination numbers (during this time fully vaccinated people made up 40 - 50% of the state's population) and 2) people willing to get vaccinated are more likely to live life more 'cautiously' and as a result are less likely to expose themselves to the virus.

Thank you for sharing this. It further proves that my chance of death from covid is roughly the same if I were vaccinated vs now when I am not.

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