This Dr. was at a large corporate town hall I attended remotely, in the spring of 2021 encouraging pregnant women to get the \/. "It will protect you and your baby". I clearly was astounded that he was saying that. I was eventually fired for this company at the end of 2021 for non-compliance with the mandatory \/ policy after 20 year.

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Ugh! Do you ever feel like beating your head against the wall?😡

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The ending is reassuring.

> He is on the wrong side of history. I guarantee it.

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I have just sent the following to the ROYAL COLLEGE OF PHYSICIANS (RCP) in the U.K.

The Board

Royal College of Physicians


I am sick and tired of hearing that doctors are baffled by the high incidence of death in the under 40’s. Such is their bafflement that they have come up with a new term “Sudden Adult Death Syndrome” (SADS). Why this stupidity when it is clearly obvious that the sudden cause of this new event is due to the COVID-19 so called vaccine, death shot, clot shot whatever you want to call it but nobody is allowed to say so and yet all we have to do is ask the question during analysis “What have we done differently in the last two years that we were not doing previously ?” Millions of people around the world are now seriously injured and many hundreds of thousands have died and still the death shot is being pushed on children ! This is criminal and should have been stopped long ago.

Suspicions arise in particular because no debates are allowed, experts allowed to give the official government advice are only those who have been compromised, no consultation from real doctors and scientists, media is censoring everybody and anyone going against the official narrative are struck off if they are registered doctors or otherwise silenced. Some are being thrown in jail. Why isn’t mature informed debate permitted ? Because the official narrative does not stand up to scrutiny. We all know what this really is and the government doesn’t have truth on its side. RCP as a body is complicit by its silence.

Nobody, especially the medical profession, is allowed to employ sensible common sense reasoning for fear of being struck off the register. Who is driving this madness ? It has come to the point when nobody trusts doctors anymore. There are those courageous, eminent members of the medical profession in the U.K. and around the world who do speak out. They provide ample peer reviewed evidence of the problem with these death shots. World renowned specialists, scientists and virologists speak out but are censored. What has happened to the medical profession ? Shame on all of you !

Pfizer, one of the three or four manufacturers of the death shot, have admitted in court that their drug trial test results for COVID-19 injection were conducted fraudulently. In response they said that they cannot be held liable because the FDA were complicit. What has happened in the U.K. ? Why are you as a body representative of the medical profession not speaking out loud to stop this genocide ?

Time will tell and heads will roll so please react now before this continues any longer. All the data and proof is out there and available and by not doing anything to stop it you and others in your position are complicit in this genocide.

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Amazonian, your daughter is asking the right questions. Alas, the same question in schools across the "western" world is universally ignored, often with a reprimand. "You know better than to disrupt the class!" "By the way, what is your gender today, would you like a new nametag?"

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My 12 year-old daughter asked me why I was willing to sacrifice her, our family, our security, safety, and wellbeing for the Truth.

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Wow. Very insightful child...obviously terrified of what she sees in the world she has inherited.

Thinking back to Joeph and Mary' s flight to Egypt as Herod was out to kill their son comes to mind immediately.

Thank you for sharing. A perspective I have not heard or considered. I have three children...all of whom have followed the narrative. I wonder what the children of the 5 doctors who recently died now have to say?

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Grown up, now, she's in Health Care! Thanks for your wonderful reply.

Yes, someone, please, give us the INSIDE scoop...much needed.

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The real question is “where does Pharma money directly or indirectly play in to your position?” What is your interest that conflicts with transparent science?

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That sure seems true. For now. We need to reclaim the truth.

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Can any one expert show the idendtification of covid 19? Will any one of them answer that single question and show the proof, please? Not a computerised picture of it.

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Great question. For me it is paramount that we answer this

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Biden says 'vaccinated people won't catch COVID-19' in resurfaced clip | Washington Examiner

BIDEN HAS COVID President Joe Biden claimed in July 2021 that people vaccinated against COVID-19 would not catch the virus, exactly a year before he tested positive for COVID-19 on Thursday.


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The one question Steve Kirsch can't answer:

It's a simple YES or NO question and he can't answer it. Can you guess what it is?

Does the virus exist, has it been properly isolated and shown to cause disease (by experiment with negative controls)?

The correct answer is NO.

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Say "Hi" to your CIA handler from me.

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While you’re working so hard to spread the truth about the mNRA shots, articles from the medical community are working as hard to normalize sudden deaths among athletes.

Every day my news app shares stories, (for now), of relative younger athletes passing.

But this writer, Katie Davidson, and “verifying” doctor, Meredith Goodwin are presenting something not just disingenuous, but dangerous. Dr. Goodwin’s bio is linked and she certainly presents expert credentials.

How can a dr, knowing what we know now, attribute the rising rates of myocarditis to Covid?

I wonder if Dr Goodwin would be willing to debate you?


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Jul 20, 2022·edited Jul 20, 2022

Collaborative LAW



Each carry 20-99 years per


A) 500k salary; highest•gøv

B) Pharma Kickbacks that he admitted

C) Wife, Christine Grady, on Moderna & NIH💵

D) Pls Google [patents + fauci + justia]

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I hope you reach out to this journalist. She deserves the recognition. Ferrer's not only incompetent but she is completely unethical. https://redstate.com/jenvanlaar/2022/07/20/study-cdc-relied-upon-for-school-mask-mandates-was-authored-by-la-county-public-health-directors-daughter-whos-also-not-an-md-n575405

We may have palm trees in LA, but our corruption as brutal as a Chicago winter/political machinery. But of course Ferrer's daughter helped author authoritarian garbage under the guise of social work virtue. Ridley Thomas' son was the benefactor of a professorship at USC school of Social Work. No ph.d. needed when you have the right connections. https://www.latimes.com/california/story/2021-10-13/times-investigation-mark-ridley-thomas-his-son-and-the-usc-school-of-social-work

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It’s telling . They just expose themselves for the crooks that they are by refusing to answer ! They’d incriminate themselves . But they also expose who they really are ! Charlatans selling snake oil

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Has anything reliable been published on the "science"?

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As Yuval Noah Harari, advisor to Klaus Schwab at the WEF states, on video, "Science is not about truth, but about power":

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