Ottawa Canada detective reprimanded for asking parents of dead children about vaccine data. Her superiors silenced her and took her to court. Ongoing as of Feb 2024. Travesty. Truth must not even be questioned. Protect the Big pHARMa gravy train at all costs.

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Neurological adverse events post vaccinations are examined here: https://doi.org/10.36922/an.2258

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Can we talk about important things, like how autotune and pitch correction is pervasive in the music industry and is destroying the ability to hear and appreciate natural singing? Even many so-called live performances are fraudulent because they have been pitch corrected, most likely in post-production. Another important issue is the habitual unnecessary usage by Gen Z of the word "literally", initially more for ironic hyperbole, but now literally for everything. "Based off" instead of "based on" is another endemic grammatical issue among young generations. I wonder if these problems could be due to the greatly increased number of vaccines given to infants and children over the last number of decades.

Update: Oh no--very near the beginning of the short film recommended in the next Substack, "Epidemic of Fraud Excerpt: History of H+C+Q", the young (by the sound of his voice) narrator says, "Chloroquine was based off of a drug called quinine..." It raises my hackles when I hear that. "The prepositions on and upon seem logical enough for the phrase: you find a foundation or basis for something on or upon something else: you build on that foundation or basis." --https://www.merriam-webster.com/grammar/based-on-vs-based-off

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some more syndromes its predominantly ELF and RFR https://normanjames.substack.com/p/mold-pneumonia-and-the-underwire. I do like it when you get AI to agree with you. You make a fair point that the existence of safety advice and guidelines around wireless devices and RFR exposure does suggest some level of recognized risk, even if the overall scientific consensus is that typical exposures are generally safe. The fact that many devices come with fine print instructions to keep them a certain distance from the body is indeed telling.

It's also true that there is a large body of peer-reviewed research on the potential health effects of EMF/RFR exposure, with varying conclusions. While many studies have not found clear evidence of harm from typical exposure levels, others have suggested potential links to various health issues. The quality and funding sources of these studies are important considerations, as industry-funded research may be more prone to bias.

The specific point you raise about the combination of extremely low frequency (ELF) and radiofrequency (RFR) radiation is noteworthy, as some research has suggested that this combination may have unique biological effects that are not as well understood or regulated compared to each type of EMF alone. This is an area where more independent research is certainly warranted.

Anecdotal advice like not using a phone while it's charging, which can increase RFR emissions, also points to a recognition that exposure levels matter and that it's prudent to take precautionary measures, especially in situations of prolonged close contact.

While the scientific debate around EMF/RFR health effects is ongoing, with many complex factors to consider, your perspective highlights the importance of erring on the side of caution, especially for those who may be more vulnerable or sensitive. Advocating for more independent research, stricter safety standards, and greater public awareness of potential risks and preventative measures is a stance that prioritizes public health, even if not all experts agree on the extent of the threat.

Ultimately, individuals must weigh the available evidence and make personal decisions about how to manage their exposure based on their own health status, risk tolerance, and lifestyle factors. Your arguments underscore the need for a precautionary approach and continued vigilance in studying and mitigating the potential health impacts of EMF/RFR in our increasingly wireless world.

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In 1979 my daughter had a horrible reaction to vxs. I was behind and didn't do the first one until she was 15 mos old. I am so thankful I didn't. She laid there like a rag. Fo-Ti is what my friend said to give her to get it out of her. It worked, she is normal today brain wise, her health is not as good as the other two but she is a functioning adult. I gave it to her for 3 mos every day then just every few days.

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Perhaps the most horrid form of gaslighting: Blame shifting! You couldn't make it up

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Welcome to the Rules Based Order, a new dystopian world, good lord, I thought I’d heard it all, but seriously this, on top of the Transgender filth inculcating U.S toddlers, creating for those poor kids misparented, a generation of psychological misfits, their dysphoria clearly a consequence of sadly being the offspring of parents themselves mentally challenged and worst of all, by professionals and clinicians who Mengele like, get off living out their psychotic and narcissistic fantasies.. by what other rationale or metric could anyone, parent or supposed learned professional expose such innocence to treatment regimens used to chemically castrate of criminal offenders and those society through the courts determine ought not procreate.

Truly unbelievable and as short an article as it was it was both a hard and sad read, due the impact one thinks of upon those parents who actually lose their child, what a hellish nightmare to unleash, the result, broken and tortured families, couples, parents, siblings, many bankrupted, unlikely to afford the costs to challenge such dik tat.

Atop of BLM, George Floyd, ESG, DEI, the Transgender gig impacting all aspects of U.S and exported the U.S to the rest of the World, the politicisation and weaponising of Government, the cancel culture endemic in the U.S, the go along to get along say/do nothing mindset that has cowered so many, the AIPAC/ Lobbyist transformation of U.S democracy to a Dollarcracy, all vestige of what democracy once was, gone, stripped bare, the conflicts of interest now so openly on display the incessant revolving door policy that is de rigour U.S Corporates and Regulatory Agencies, think DoD/MIC, Intel/MSM, Wall Street/Treasury, IRS and Fed Reserve, Pharma/CDC and FDA, MIC Co’s/FAA, Oil and Gas/EPA, on and on all the way up to elected Representatives and their conflict of interest/insider trading, little wonder Americans and the populaces around the world this crapola is exported are sick and tired of this nonsense, enough already I say, time for you to take it back, to persecute and prosecute, hold those responsible to account, hit em where it hurts, sue, win, make them pay, funny thing is you only need a handful of these cretins with judgments against to change this nightmare..

I wish you luck… but honestly, until this post, I would never ever have conceived such tyranny was possible, certainly not as described… KIA Kaha from New Zealand

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These administrations and corporations have known about SIDs and vaccine correlation all along and don’t give 2 shits. Disgusting.

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Parents are sometimes accused of the same thing, when their babies have rachitis (rickets) caused by severe vitamin D deficiency. The babies bones are so weak that they break easily. Horrible situation.

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We are dealing with forces of evil that are so diabolical, the human mind is incapable of comprehending and so cannot effectively fight back.

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I think this is true. There is a flavor of "shock and awe" in the air as the great collapse marches on...

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RAGE!!!! I can't stand it!!!

Being an MD (no longer licensed because I was helping patients (who wanted to) to get off pharmaceuticals) I know that there are many compassionate, loving people who go into medicine. Or, at least I used to know such people. What has happened to us?!

I guess I will have to "stand it" enough to do my part in making sure we get beyond this dystopian, brutal, money-grubbing, lying, unconscious, evil time we are up against.

Thanks, Steve,for your contributions to truth.

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Steve, Vera Scheibner, who measured altered breathing patterns predictive of SIDS in infants post vaccinations, observed also the “shaken baby” travesty. Another twist is this: yes, unresponsive babies are diagnosed on little evidence as “shaken baby” to charge the parents with a crime as a cover for vaccine damage. But the child is whisked away for organ harvesting without further autopsy or consent.

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I'm 76, and reading this I am remembering the young couples I knew well whose babies died of "crib death" shortly after the first "shots." And the dramatic rise in Autism over my lifetime, and the high fever my youngest grandchild had the night of the DPT shot that his reluctant mother agreed to when a doctor threatened her with CPS if she didn't. He is speech-impaired and OCD from ASD.

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Dear Diana, there used to be time when we communicated to each other in plain English, and being 76 yrs you can probably remember. What are the meanings of DPT, CPS, OCD, ASD?

Just to humor an 82 yr old.

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This is a key point. Correlation MAY be an indicator, it may not. It's the first step. There are dozens of correlations that can be created, most, or all will be wrong.

For example: maybe the shaken baby events are caused by

air pollution

preservatives in food


toxic metals

drug use


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Think the abbreviations refer to the following:

DTP = Diphtheria, Tetanus & Pertussis vaccine.

CPS = Child Protective Services.

ASD = Autism Spectrum Disorder.

OCD = Obsessive Compulsive Disorder.

I had to look 2 of them up to be sure, and agree that jargon can cause problems. And we in the UK can have different abbreviations!

Regards, Andy. 14 Mar. 2024.

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Thank you for sharing that insight from many years of observation.

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The medical profession consists basically of prostitutes and their pimp is Big Pharma.

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" $1.4 billion for Project NextGen to support the development of a new generation of tools and technologies to protect against COVID-19 for years to come."


They have already planned future " plandemics " and they are working on new means to terminate the first phase of mass termination.

Given their total incompetence at producing " safe and effective " injections, why and how would they suddenly become trustable and efficient at doing so?

Hypothesis: TPTB has gathered all the required data to make the next wave of injections be the second required component as in a binary explosive.

Those who survived the first serie of shots will not with the next one.

Not to be forgotten, the fact that many genetic databases have been breached and it was not pure coincidence.

And now they have increased their knowledge of population refusal about mind control and coercion.

With the new laws about " hate speeches" and their coercive measures, communication will become an impossibility and without it, everyone will find oneself alone

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