The truth exists for everyone to see. Those who continue to lie have nothing left but lies, and they will eventually be held accountable for their participation in crimes against humanity.

Uninformed human experimentation is against the international laws set by the Geneva Convention following WWII that specifically call for informed consent when it comes to human experimentation. People who participated in the uninformed experimentation will eventually be held accountable. History will show this time as a horribly misguided and criminally negligent time.

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It's almost comical. She's a receptionist who can't connect you to their employees. You should concentrate on what expert MIT President Sally Kornbluth says about climate change. She took post-doc courses from Al Gore.

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Remember this during your station's next pledge drive:

"Robert F. Kennedy Jr. wants to get on the ballot in all 50 ...


"https://www.npr.org › 2024/03/13 › rfk-independent-ca...

"Mar 13, 2024 — To run for president as an independent candidate, conspiracy theorist Robert F. "Kennedy Jr. needs to get on ballots, a complicated and ..."

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Based on who RFK chose for his running mate, he's been relegated to the doghouse.

Another one who's been leading us on the road to medical freedom then does a U-turn.

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No worries! Your wellbeing is in good hands.

It's all safe and effective!

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Well written Post...

Also, just in case anyone wants to know..

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Who do these people work for, it does not appear to be the public?

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I wonder if they even know themselves.

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In San Diego yesterday, Wilma Wooten, HHS was handing out awards, everyone patting themselves on the back at what a great job they did. Sickos.

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April 16, 2024 9:30 am is the one and only Santa Clara County Supervisors meeting this month. Maybe one of them can direct staff to answer your questions on public comment at the start of that meeting. Would be fun to pack the audience seats and the Zoom public comment queue. Bury their clerk with written comments ahead of time. April 16 =Tax Day! How fun.



Trying to find out if the County medical facility masking health order which started November 1 expired on March 31? Ah, Santa Clara County of Silicon Valley which organized the first regional counties' lockdowns on March 17, 2020.


Supervisors meetings public comment agenda times have been packed since before December 2023 with nurses who declared a strike April 2, 2024 after months of begging for a new contract with the County which runs some hospitals. Estimates are those eat up about 50% of the County tax dollars.

If the County website remains glitchy, anyone can ping the Supervisor running for Congress who was the big D pick in the primary with 100s of endorsements from current and past elected officials. Half his face has been paralyzed at least since maybe the late 1980s? Wonder why?


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A.J, if you live in that area this would be a great meeting to attend by zoom. Just saying. Great substack!

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I bet Aaron Groff never thought that being a sleazebag was a job requirement. They’re all so well meaning and righteous, these bastards, aren’t they? Truth is, they’re sick and evil.

I like how the receptionist gave ‘obstructionist’ responses. LOL

If one had integrity and worked for this circus, they’d be shown the door.

Continue to shine the light, Steve. The cockroaches are running for their lives.

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Why not make this sharable to GETTR? Thank you.

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I believe Substack does those, contact them here: https://substack.com/support

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Every Single one of these should be investigated and prosecuted for homicide and racketeering.

We pay colleges to help educate our kids. Not to kill them.


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Keep up the good work Steve. Reductio Ad Absurdum my friend.

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Excellent point, and now we have much more info. There is massive fatality from certain "batch" #'s

Saline may have been used. Clearly the evil doers cannot have too obvious death and disability.

However there is another category. Latent malignancy or auto immue disease often much slower to advance along with immune system variability. There may be a smoking gun marker in any or all of these cases.

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Big Pharma want you to be sick from the medicines they design for that purpose. More sickness = more medications = more profit!

This compounds our suspicions Covid was a designer virus, sponsored, created and financed by all those with a financial interest in human illnesses. The WHO (suspected as being part of the WEF - New World Order) orchestrated these illnesses for the financial interests of all concerned.

WHO's slogan "There's no profit in healthy people"!

Incredibly, some suckers fell for Covid & the CURE - that became available almost immediately, (as if by magic).

Some blindly accepted the experimental injections 'hook, line and sinker'!

Some didn't enquire of the injections side effects (giving their informed consent) as was there right.

Some still believe that the medical profession is honest and not motivated by fear or profit.

Some even still believe Covid was natural.

Some never bothered to establish whether the 'new experimental' injections were 'SAFE & EFFECTIVE' and save lives.

Some still think Big Pharma, governments, medics, the authorities, the media, are honest.

Some became ill as a result of their unquestioning TRUST of authority. Some - maybe permanently.

Some still accept the (DEADLY) SAFE and EFFECTIVE injection which carries NO LIABILITY!

Many died as a result of their stupidity. Can you believe it?

Mick from Hooe (UK) Unjabbed to live longer!

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