Steve, I suggest you research ASIA syndrome , AKA vaccine adjuvant induced auto inflammation to varying degrees. What did they expect to happen when they injected billions with mercury, aluminum, PEG and other ingredients that are designed to trigger inflammation? 1One estimate is that as many as 150 million people worldwide have inflammatory disorders caused by vaccines! They hide this huge problem by the miriad of diagnosis given to the affected, including telling people it's all in their head.

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With mega out-sourcing 'seems the production line of ALL injectables can somehow be covertly corrupted with graphene by the powers-that-shouldn't-be with no one in the supply chain any the wiser! Dr Ricardo Delgado showed that the crapola is in flu shots, shingles, fauxvid and even Lidocaine™ dental anesthetic injections!

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Thank you Steve, I’m sharing this with friends and family!

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I almost took the pneumonia shot.I decided to ask if that the vaccine first.They said it was.I said no Thank you.How dare they give the vaccine and call it a pneumonia shot.How it appears the flu shot might be dangerous also

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Kirsch's comments make no sense unless there is a net neutral benefits of vaccination. What is the death rate of the control group?

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Wow now if only Steve would objectively look at the lies of germ theory, we might FINALLY get somewhere. Truth is, EVERY SINGLE QUACKZINE is poison and has no benefit. Zero.

Tell me, if your government has lied to you this much about so-called "COVID", is it REALLY a stretch that they'd lie about germ theory to continue to prop up Big Pharma who provides billions in lobbying funds & other incentives? Big tech, The Government, and Big Pharma are all colluding together and have been for DECADES.

The only reason Steve adamantly refuses to look at the counter evidence is because he makes money by continuing to believe in germ theory. But I think deep down, he knows......

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If I hear one more frikin ad about the covid jab by Martha Stewart and that sicky sweet voice, I'm going to puke.

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Hi Mr. Kirsch,

Q1 of 2021 was when the mRNA shots were still being rolled out to Medicare patients.

Is there a way to find out how many of these Medicare patients also received their mRNA shot on the same say as their flu shot?

Maybe a different quarter would have shown far fewer deaths on day zero after their flu shot?

— Von

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In early 1996 my 70-year-old father suddenly fell in and my mother took him the hospital. On his second night there he had some sort of seizure and fell into a coma. He spent a month in the ICU before his doctor informed us that he was brain dead and would never wake up. For years he had told us he didn't want to be kept alive in a vegetative state so we brought him home where he passed away after five days. By then his kidneys had shut down so without dialysis he was soon gone.

For over two decades I didn't know why he had suddenly gotten sick, but then one of my brothers informed me that my father had just gotten a drug store flu shot, probably from the nearby CVS. That's when it all started to make sense.

During my father's month in the ICU there was a point at which his body was flooded with liquids, bloating him up like the Michelin Man, and then he was drained, leaving him gaunt. In retrospect I now see they were flushing him out so that later, if we pursued an autopsy, there would be nothing to find. It was also clear that the seizure he suffered on his second night had zeroed out his brain and almost certainly the hospital staff knew it, but they didn't tell us. Instead, they gave themselves enough time to erase any lingering evidence of harm from a flu shot plus rack up a month's worth of expenses to bill Medicare.

Also, certainly no doctor was going to end his or her career by telling us, "The flu shot did this to your family member" and incur the wrath of Big Pharma as well as everyone else in the hospital food chain. Even before Covid "vaccines," we were told that flu shots were "safe and effective."

As we took our father home from the hospital, one of my brothers asked a nurse if there was going to be an autopsy. She responded that the doctor had said NO autopsy. When he later asked the doctor about it, she denied it. He had worked as a prosecutor for the county courthouse for years and knew when people were lying to him, and he knew she was lying.

That same brother later had a daughter who received an MMR vaccine as a small child and within the week she suffered a seizure that took her back to zero. She suffered permanent brain damage and will always be a child, although she is now in her mid-20s. My brother enlisted the aid of a law firm that specializes in vaccine injury cases, and although it took 14 years (and the chances of a successful outcome are very slim), his case won because the damage done was so obvious. Yes, he is receiving a 50-year annuity for his daughter, but it is only a fraction of what is has cost him, and the damage to his daughter is permanent.

When the case was over he thanked his lawyers and apologized for it taking so long (lawyers don't get paid until there's a favorable judgement and then they get a piece of it), but they smiled and said it was no problem, that they have tons of other business from clients suffering injury or death from flu shots. Apparently there's a LOT of them that most people never hear about.

The last time I got a flu shot was in the mid- to late-1990s, before I knew better, and that time I went to a Kaiser-Permanente hospital near my office. Not only did I get sick, I was sick twice, and the second time was worse than the first. I was so weak that I could hardly get out of bed to get to the bathroom. I've never had a flu shot since then and I haven't been sick with the flu either. Lesson learned! Unfortunately my father didn't know about the reality of flu shots and he paid the price.

Before you say, "Oh, he was 70, so he probably had one foot in the grave anyway," be aware that his mother lived to 102, his older sister and one older brother lived to their mid-90s, and his last older brother lived to 101. That flu shot shaved a solid 25 years off of his life. He survived the war in the Pacific and getting shot at by the Japanese but what did him in was a needle with a flu vaccine, and I am never going to forget or forgive.

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I agree with those who see that humanity is under siege by a global cabal.  What is completely discouraging to me is I do not see many scientists or doctors fighting for freedom from this bullshit.

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Seems like maybe we should demand a separation of medicine and state.

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Wow. Thanks Steve, for adding to my education about flu vaccines.

Not a field I ever worked in & to my shame, not one I’d ever given much thought to, either.

At one point a few years ago, I stumbled across a Cochrane Foundation “review of the efficacy of flu vaccines after a decade of free prescription to the over 65 year olds in U.K.”. Something along these lines.

The horrifying conclusion was that they didn’t reduce the rate of hospitalization or death. Since that is what people worry about, not about being sick for a couple of weeks, they’re pointless and expensive.

Once I thought about c19 “vaccines”, I realised that they could never have been successful EVEN if they’d been well developed and manufactured. I base this belief from the flu vaccine outcomes.

But why don’t they work? We could concoct all sorts of possibilities, but I think the one we can’t get by is this. It is the most elderly and already frail / unwell who are most likely to perish in response to almost any physiological challenge. But why is that? One likely contributor is that their immune systems are less responsive than are those of younger people. So, vaccinate them, right?

Afraid not. Their immune systems respond poorly to vaccines, too. It’s the same immunological defect.

If all that’s true, then it would follow that flu vaccines wouldn’t work well, either. And they don’t.

This means that pharma and the governments knew before they even kicked off this lie about a virus that their story had fatal flaws.

I wasn’t aware of the lethality of flu vaccines.

That’s a particularly good reason to pass on them, too.

I wonder if the lethality varies between lots of flu vaccine? If it does, that’s unequivocal evidence of very poor manufacturing quality. A good quality pharmaceutical product is a consistent product both in terms of efficacy and safety, as you’d expect of each dose contains exactly the same ingredients.

Thanks again,


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The primary purpose of vaccinations is not sudden death, it is cancer for population control.

Cancer rate in 1900 was 1 per 70.

Today cancer rate is 1 per 2 people.

Cancer is now No.2 cause of death, if we don't count U.S. medical care system.

Vice president of British Childrens Hospital said "chief reason for increase in cancer is vaccinations."

Sugar is cancers main food.

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Thanks Steve, very good. Stating of course the blindingly obvious. The greedy doctors and corrupt 3 letter agencies are blinded by money so will not see. Until money loses all value. Then they will, if you will excuse the phrase, shit themselves.

Shit is a useful 4 letter word for 3 letter agencies. :)

P.S. The Ides of March just passed on the 15th. The phrase 'Beware the Ides of March is well-known.

A part anagram includes the word 'medicare'. Makes good sense in the light of your article.


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could these have been administered on the same day as a Covid shot?

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No shots no more

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