Hey Steve, since I mentioned you in this piece, I thought I would send you a copy.

Commercial Aviation on Short Final for a Hard Landing -->.


Yours in freedom,

J. Lee & The Good Help Network

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Masks have to be fitted by qualified medical direction. If any facial hair disqualification. OSHA go there, if still posted. Not everyone can be fitted, due to lung capacity, etc.

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Absolutely correct!

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This will certainly need to have a closer look

A passenger with no flight training was able to land a Cessna Caravan in Palm Beach on Tuesday after the pilot collapsed at the controls


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OK. Call us. We have done about a quarter million in free legal work so far. Need some paying cases. 330.535.9160. www.covidlawcast.com www.warnermendenhall.com. Let's talk May 3 or 4 in Columbus.

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“.. Meanwhile, the Air Line Pilots Association is telling its members to not take part in clinical trials for vaccines because they’ll lose their medicals, perhaps for a long time. “… since no trial COVID-19 vaccine has full FDA approval, the FAA considers participation in COVID-19 vaccine trials medically disqualifying for pilots for an indefinite period…”


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Malcolm Roberts drops bombshells in Senate after COVID Under Question inquiry


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Totally agree! I am absolutely appalled and horrified that vaccinated pilots are allowed to fly aircraft - any aircraft - but especially commercial! Seriously

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Absolutely, and thank you for your thoughts and comments. -jeff

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Apr 5, 2022·edited Apr 6, 2022

Yes, it might be an inconvenience to the flying public, but these pilots bear the responsibility of many passengers when operating a plane. Since these "vaccines" have not been put through enough trials to know the long-term consequences, the pilots who are vaccinated could have any type of reaction when flying a plane.

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Yes, please file the TRO maybe this will help wake people up?

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Haven't seen Steve reply for a while.. I agree, the FAA needs accountability, and they have a huge mess brewing.. Rectifying medicals and verifying no blood clotting and Nero concerns.. someone will pay for this, and Corporate America may be holding the "class action bag until the Pharma and government shoulder the same bag (hot potato) loosing they're Indemnification.

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I'm an insider, and haven't heard any inside stuff.. my suspicion could be combination of other and sick calls.. SWA reported weather issues for Florida, but I don't see what I would consider extensive weather delaying flights.. they also say internal computer issues.. we've seen Florida weather as an excuse many times in the past.. can't discount staffing and sick calls..

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The fact is:

A plane must have a landing slot before it can takeoff.

There is a little cushion to account for a missed approach or emergency, but not that much.

Sometimes, the controller will have the pilot keep the speed up to get him in early or slow him down as needs be.

The next plane in, or out, cannot be given clearance to land / take off until the one in front has cleared the runway.

Sometimes this can be seconds before the "go around" call.

Go to liveatc.net and listen to the tower of big airports to see how close things are cut when it gets busy.

Go to ventusky.com to check the weather anywhere and see what the forecast at your destination will be when you should arrive.

I have found this site to miss the mark only once in 5 years and the report was simply 2 hours behind what the window was telling me.

This may provide verification of the weather excuse being legit or not.

I once walked into an airport and knew things were bad when the place was full of people and planes. All those canceled and delayed signs lighting up the boards.

I saw two pilots with that look, they were flying as passengers to there plane somewhere or another, and were now looking for options. I asked "What up here?". They said storms in, and rattled off 3 major airports way far away, so nobody can get out to there and their inbounds to here are delayed. Pretty much the entire country is in a tizzy.

I said "Your passengers going to draw straws?" One of them caught it and said, "Maybe we should just wait, it will be here eventually."

I went to the counter and told the, so far abused and fussed at lady, "Miss, I know already so please just work your magic". She understood when she hears the drawl and smiled, hesitated, thankful that somebody understood how it all worked, and within 30 seconds handed me my ticket and said, "Sir, go down that hall, the plane you see in the window is at gate 8 and heading right where you want to go in about 10 minutes."

I gave her a smile, wink, and a nod and off I went.

Which brings us back to the original issue.

Why are rational people still flying and putting up with the risk and abuse?

I have been asking this since the moronic changes that were brought in after 911.

Do the math to see how driving is better within a certain range.

By time you go through the rigmarole of flying, a 6 to 8 hour car ride is about the break even point.

You fly, I drive, and we arrive at about the same time. Except I had better food.

So, will you endure the time and avoid the risk?

Stop flying and I bet the garbage will stop.

If not, you need to remember the America of old was not won by men who simply rolled over and exposed their privates to tyrants.

Sacrifices take many forms and one person can make a difference because it all starts with one.

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Yes, we need a TRO. No, we need two of them. The second is to stop airlines from continuing to ship lithium batteries as cargo in the hold of passenger flights. Yes, they all do this, on huge pallets. That lights up the fireworks and the plane will melt/snap in half way faster than even any unvaxxed pilot could put it on the ground.

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