Always, always follow the money.

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The Thailand study is a shocker, especially as they only looked at the second dose.

I know of young men and women who got heart inflammation from the first Pfizer dose. I've mentioned here before the two young men who are friends in their early 20s who got post-Pfizer myocarditis. Neither case is mild or transient.

At least one of these young men got myocarditis after the first dose (His mother told me he got an exemption for the second but she was worried it was only temporary.) The young men are being treated by the same cardiologist here in Melbourne (who asked to see the friend too) and the cases were reported to the TGA.

I've also mentioned I walked into a random pharmacy near my house and asked about side effects. It's tiny, not attached to a medical centre, and most of their clients are elderly. The pharmacist told me one young man in his late 20s came back to say he wasn't getting the second dose because of a "swollen heart".

Jodie's case (also Melbourne) is not unusual. She's a single mother and had the jab to save her job. She got heart inflammation after the first Pfizer dose but STILL couldn't get an exemption. At the time of this interview she only had a temporary exemption and says the cardiologist wanted her to get Pfizer for the second dose:


The authors of the Thailand study say cardiac MRI may be the best way to confirm a diagnosis of myocarditis and it doesn't appear that it was used for all the cases with abnormal biomarkers. They say that long-term follow-up with cardiac imaging is required, obviously to look for fibrosis, which could predispose to heart failure in the future.

The paper contains the usual requirement of refs to studies that appear to support the mantra that"Covid is worse". One meta analysis they link to whittled studies down to just six, most of which came from Wuhan. In the first study (the only one I looked at so far) the mean age of patients was 58, a significant number of whom (35.3%) had underlying cardiovascular conditions.

Also, another consideration is that a number of the patients had been vented, which can cause cardiopulmonary damage.

Within the constraints of fierce censorship, I think the authors of the Thailand study have done a very job highlighting the terrible damage from the shots. It's also a heavy blow to the "It keeps you out of hospital" brigade - two participants were hospitalised, one ending up in ICU.

And most of us who follow Steve and others doing genuine research know beyond any doubt there have many deaths, including of children.

Dr. Phillip Altman has 40 years' experience designing clinical trials and developing drugs. He worked closely with the TGA. Note on page 23 the children who have died from heart attacks:


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I have a friend who is 23 year old college assistant tennis coach. She along with her team were more or less told they had to get vax to travel with team and in order to play(FL). Since her second jab over a year ago she intermittently started having pain just below her heart near her sternum along with arm pain then her Hand turns purple. Drs said it wasn’t her heart and that it was an inflammation of some sort and they don’t know what caused it. She is an elite athlete. How many other college students are suffering with mysterious ailments?

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My son, 33, was forced to have the shot. He is a lawyer in NY and worked for a federal judge. In order to go to court, he needed to be vaxxed. He had two episodes of heart palpitations that rendered him at the time to pass out. I made him see a cardiologist who said the vax had nothing to do with it. I am still reeling from this and sick that I tried to protect him but this government is pure evil.

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The Thailand study also says they all fully recovered in 14 days.

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Alas, I have been hearding of quite a few deadly consequences (such as aberrant clots and cardiac arrest) related to those shots, abroad the USA. I have lost several steemed colleagues and acquitances myself.

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It looks like the Thai study is no longer preprint? Housekeeping the on article.....

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We had to work at the "speed of Science" to save everyone from Covid 19, my Arse! If this wasn't so tragic, it would be laughable. This was all mapped out in their game plan before 2011. They knew the vaccine was a BIOWEAPON long before they ever mandated it. If one doesn't truly believe that they want us all dead, you are oblivious to any honest facts and have done nothing on your own to investigate what is happening, thereby allowing yourselves to be cleansed from the Gene Pool by the Law of Natrual Selection. In the name of Yeshua, please bless these deceived sheep, and wake them up along with the rest of the world. Amen.

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I wonder what Dr. Steven Gundry has to say about this. Remember when his presentation came out in the publication Circulation almost a year ago? https://www.ahajournals.org/doi/10.1161/circ.144.suppl_1.10712

And it was shot down because it wasn't a peer reviewed study?

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After midterms, we will delve into this nicely in this country!

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Steve, many more than reply here read this and are forewarned and thankful.

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Unfortunately it takes away from the seriousness of the matter. Sort of like gallows humor. It reminds me of when Lot tried to get his sons-in-law to come with him out of Sodom. "So Lot went out and said to his sons-in-law, who were to marry his daughters, “Up! Get out of this place, for the LORD is about to destroy the city.” But he seemed to his sons-in-law to be jesting."

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The study concludes: "We found the risk of these symptoms to be not as low as reported elsewhere, but in all cases, symptoms were mild with full recovery within 14 days."

This could be misleading. Is there really a full recovery or are there long-term effects that are not within the scope of this study?

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Just saw this data from the Philippines:


"There are 238,622 excess deaths compared to the overall forecast deaths for 2021 of 640,807, to give total registered deaths for 2021 of 879,429. The sharp rise in excess deaths in September seems to have dropped off for the last months of the year. Further rises may still be expected in the final completed data."


"There were 1,364,739 Registered Births in 2021. This is 18% lower than the registered births in 2019, the last “normal” birth year. 2020 births were 9% lower than 2019 with 1,528,684 births being registered. The average daily 2019 birth rate of 4,586 dropped by 847 babies a day to 3,739 in 2021, giving 309,184 fewer babies that year. Add this to the 145,239 fewer babies born in 2020 and there are now 454,423 fewer Filipinos in the past 2 years."

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