Another great post Steve and thank you for highlighting our latest article. Please follow our work at www.nocollegemandates.com. We need more people to join this fight until all of the 1000 colleges that mandate vaccines and the 325 colleges that mandate boosters drop their unscientific and unethical vaccine mandates.

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Following your site and saw the ridiculous mask mandates for Mass. students.

With the absurd mandates, next stop: Mass General!

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Harvard students are required, yet Harvard employees are recommended?

So those imposing the rules are not held by the rules?

... when the CDC is now saying the people should not be treated differently based on their vaccination status?

STUDENTS: Don't let authority figures require you to inject experimental drugs into your body that are shown to be a particular risk for your age group, have skipped clinical trials, and have only been tested on 8 mice.


Where there is risk there must be informed consent!

Students need to peacefully protest at their university to end this double standard. Bring your phones fully charged at dusk at your union square, shine your flashlights as your vigil for change. Paint the "rock" to denounce the double standard. Write how you disagree with this double standard to your student newspaper. Distribute wristbands showing your solidarity. Post flyers and memes explaining how students need to wake up:


... BEFORE covid shots are combined with the flu shots and/or "over 110 other influenza therapies are under development", including ones using mRNA technology.


Parents have tried to stop this, and they were censored.

As a adult now, please do your part. It is appearing that this can only be stopped by you not complying with rules that do not make sense, are hypocritical and harmful.

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Thanks for your work and your support. If we could just get these students to critically think about all the data that is out there, I really want to believe (perhaps naively) that they would push back. Many already know, but feel alone and afraid to speak out. When the college students rise up, the college mandates end.

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For a mere $52k annual tuition and a 3.5% acceptance rate, this is what you get?

Or is this just lip service with the religious exemption form requiring a checkmark only?


Perhaps why students aren't rising up.

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Schools like Boston College have denied all religious exemptions, because you know, the 80 year old Pope says its a moral obligation. They even fought some medical exemptions.

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Yes. I disagree, and why I haven't returned to the church I had been going to.

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Yup - that is it, but last year it was more involved. They have "evolved" to rubber stamp exemptions basically b/c NO ONE requests them.

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What are the ways to speak directly to the students effectively? I realize many feel they are invincible and is a big part of the problem. Perhaps a collection of vaccine injuried testimonials specifically in the 16-22 age range?

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It is very difficult to get injured students (or their parents) speak out (or sue the colleges) for fear of retribution. The majority of young adults get their news from TikTok (sad but true). Do you know an influencer who would post some of these stories before they get cancelled? We working on trying to get the attention of college newspaper to investigate and print recent studies on the dangers of the vaccine of their age group. No luck so far but we keep trying.

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Schools have been indoctrination mills for conformity for several generations. They're the last to protest autonomously these days. Organize a rally for the latest meme issue like tyranny abortions and they'll put on their costumes and join the worst riots in an instant. Shouldn't be too hard to herd them in more constructive directions. They are trained to obey, now we need to train them to think. Save the schools to save civilization.

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Comment deleted
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Not just noticing. Simply presenting good questions

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It will take a very expensive lawsuit or two or three to get the attention of ne of these institutions, sadly.

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Steve - I wish everyone would drop the argument "harms outweigh the benefits". That is a pro-vax position, and we need to stop using their frames.

For example, let's pretend there is a new vaccine where 1 in 1,000 people die from the vaccine, but 1 in 999 die from the disease. Would the mandate then be justified? Should the vaccine even be approved?

OF COURSE NOT! And the reason is, vaccines are a preventative intervention. There is no guarantee you're going to get the disease, so its apples & oranges. You're comparing a certainty of death with a hypothetical situation. This isn't a cancer drug, this is a drug we're giving to healthy people.

Me, personally, I dont care how dangerous the disease is, I want the preventative intervention to have a fatality rate of 1 in a million MAX. Others, like Robert Kennedy Jr, have even higher standards, saying preventative interventions must be 100% safe (even 99.99% isn't good enough).

So please let's all remember that comparing risks to benefits is for medicine to treat people who are sick, there has always been a completely different standard for medicines given to healthy people.

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They are controlled by the big pharma drug cartel. Who are controlled by creatures of the dark.

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Here are the reasons mandates are taking place:

1) Greed

2) Fear

3) Delusion

4) Ignorance

5) Arrogance

6) Blackmail

7) Apathy

I tried to come up with 11 reasons but all others are rooted in these. In fact, you could probably put all of them as a byproduct the first two.

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Aside from mandates, it's still disgusting seeing the promotion of this crap at Texas A&M where I am pusuing an advanced degree. After communicating with their staff that I did not want to be bothered with the incessant emails on the topic, the only recommendation they had was to mark all communications from the heads of the university as spam, which I gladly obliged. Texas needs to do better. Chase these rats to a hole or a state that doesn't value critical thinking skills.

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Just to let you know. Harvard University Libraries are not expecting outside researchers to present vaccination proof. I was told today, 10/7/22 they are relaxing the policy, but a mask will be preferred in the reading rooms. I am a very happy camper!

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UK fertility data should scare us all.

Colleges have been forcing this on our young adults and if it has sterilized them, or made their offspring damaged there will be a lot of people that need to be brought to justice.

I warned my daughter's college administrator when they sent out their 'we follow the science' that they should only be passing on mandates dictated by others. They did not. The wording was that the school was doing the mandate. They're useful idiots: tyranny of the bureaucrats.

They may as well have worked at a death camp. When will people see?

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I am one of those outside researchers who uses the libraries at Harvard. I can't get into the reading rooms to work on special collections because of my vaccination status.

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It's a good reason for nationwide student strikes. College kids used to do that for causes that were a lot less urgent or personal.

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Well eventually(within a couple years) colleges are going to run into a huge block of incoming hs student classes that haven’t taken the Covid shots and if they still persist with the original mandate (I think most will end up dropping boosters) we’re going to have cohorts of colleges with only left wing Covid-shot nuts. Like may happen right now, for instance, with booster colleges like Fordham, requiring the bivalent. You’re now getting only a certain type of students and parental group coming in. What is your university made up of of at that point? Maybe that’s their goal, but I actually doubt it bc it’s got to be mostly about money. Smaller enrollment colleges like wake forest fordham etc can get away with it for a little while, but how long, really? If at least half the students at these places simply just did not comply it would go away. There needs to be a don’t comply movement at these booster colleges.

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Why do they still believe there is a virus? It has never been isolated.

Efficacy was rated at 98% (but that was comparative) it was really 0.84% absolute.

The risks have been hidden and torture has been used to get lab rats to take it.


If we use the increased all cause death rates since the mRNA experiment began then it is responsible for over 2 million deaths and a hundred times that in damage and adverse events in the US alone.

Why go to uni anyway? "Dread" Clif High does not think it is worth the trouble as they are collapsing


What do you value more, your educational papers or your life? If you succeed at uni they can stick the pass on your casket when they bury you.

These bioweapons are worse than Russian roulette. Everyone who has had them will be dead within 5 years. In fact the last mRNA trail of 200,000 people has only 5 survivors today and none of them are well.


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Oct 6, 2022·edited Oct 6, 2022

Nothing will change until the students realize they hold the power - they have to become community and say I want my money back... we will not follow these rules. What kind of University is it when they are either terribly uninformed or in line for extra funding from the Gov't to keep Vaxx mandates in place? What kind of student is it that follows the rules without doing their own due diligence?

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I agree with you. The powers that be will not allow anyone to question the COVID jabs because they know they have lied about everything from the beginning and continue to hide info vital for the public to see.

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Maybe it's time students boycotted any university that requires injections?

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