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Instead of almost 3,000 comments, why don't you all agree on the 3 people to represent the opposition, and we'll debate those 3 people.

Only 3 people were willing to debate.

They are all listed here: https://airtable.com/shrSEEbWS3aadecYs

All three believe themselves to be highly qualified for a debate.

Shall we use those 3?

I've asked for an initial meeting to ask some clarifying questions, but only one person responded and he can't do it until Friday because he needs to have an audience.

That's how science works.

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see my other pinned comment.

I've updated the article with two papers from Sin Lee and the "Sin Lee Challenge."

I've also added a debate challenge at the end. They won't debate us. I'm hoping there is someone who is qualified who will.

You REALLY have to be suspicious of their experiment which uses PCR *or* lateral flow assay to confirm their samples instead of Sanger sequencing. Why would they specify samples with an unreliable test? This sets it up from the start for unpredictable results. And how do we know each lab got the same samples?

They don't seem to be interested in meeting to DESIGN their challenge in an open public recorded forum. That's very troubling to me. Why didn't they ASK us to participate in the design of the challenge? And have all the discussion in an open public forum that is recorded?

I added the email I sent to Poornima Wagh. If she responds, I'll let you know what she said.

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So your proof is, I got sick so it must be covid because two other people had it that

I came in contact with so that must prove it was covid. If it wasn't covid then what was it?

Then you say because they won't debate you or pay for someone else to try to prove viruses exist that they must be wrong.

How about you going to the book Virus Mania, sight a few of the books reported findings, and give your reason why they're wrong?

It's interesting that there is literally billions of dollars of funds, both government and special interest, going for the solution to something yet there's no real scientific proof using the scientific method to prove it exist.

In the meantime millions of people are dying around the world from the mRNA blood clotting concoction injections!

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Steve when your sick why does it have to be a virus at all ? I thought they were out there too til I got off my arse and read Steffan Lanka, Dr Cowan, Dr Kaufman, Dr Harmer NGM, ....it's all occult witchcraft not even proper Pagan witchcraft cos they were real why...Christian Priests don't like God market çompetition. Just flex your brain and get outta the pharma monkey tissue DNA, human cell, bovine soup for a tick.....and breath new light into the old consciousness.....cos viral madness is over. At least for me it is.

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Steve, I have just seen this, not read all of it, just the gist, so forgive me if this reply is not what you're looking for. As is often the case, one side is talking apples, the other is talking oranges. I think Sam Bailey et al realise this, and are hesitant to debate with you because they're not sure how to reconcile the two. After much, much reading and listening, I do not believe that a pathogenic piece of DNA is invading our cells and replicating itself to create the symptoms of Covid-19. I have written about this here: https://linlaz.substack.com/p/positive-covid-test-what-does-it. I have also made some comments about the difference between "Covid" symptoms and normal flu in this article: https://linlaz.substack.com/i/81545801/but-why-the-pandemic. I do hope this goes some way towards answering your questions. I am sorry you and your wife were sick, but I would urge you to remember that you may have been exposed to a toxin at the same time, which might appear to be an infection. The body's reaction is the same. I'm happy to debate with you further by email. With good wishes for your work, Linda.

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Forget the debates and I think that Cowan, Kaufman and the Baileys make good points about there never being any controls (cultures without the addition of trypsin, gentamicin and other toxins) since the time of Enders in the evaluations of cytopathic activity within virus cultures. And who chose what the symptoms were for SARS-CoV-2 for the phlegm grab from the one or two Chinamen?

Now simply a clinical study is due to be conducted to prove the contagious spread of SARS-CoV-2, Chickenpox, Measles, or what have you. Dr. Milton Rosenau did this and published in 1921 regarding the Spanish Flu and conclusively proved that it was not contagious. Polio was nothing but fraud. From there you could try to uncover if there are such things as weaponized viruses that are replicant competent.

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Let's go back to basics, 1) use Koch's postulate to identify that a virus exists that causes an illness. 2) Identify a unique test that can detect the unique virus in a person's cells in their respiratory system, nasal cavity etc. 3) Isolate the unique virus in people who demonstrate severe symptoms. 4) replicate the virus and infect other people. 5) Determine if the virus is external and aerosolized and transmitted thought air into another persons respiratory mystery system resulting in infection? 6) Determine if the "virus" is an internal expression of cellular garbage in response to toxicity, e.g. 5g or other influence?

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I can't speak for your 'opponents' but there are some issues with your commentary. First, no practitioner or researcher will or should comment on a personal and unknown case of anything. Second, the PCR tests are fraudulent. You should know the very 'inventor' of that test stated emphatically it was not to be used for diagnosis. Third, its use has been used in an unethical manner to create the illusion of massive illness when there was little to be found in reality. They did this by up cycling cell fragments excessively till they found a fragment of a something and they named it without any real identification. The list of aberrations in the narrative is quite long. But one thing that really stands out is that no one have been able to produce or replicate such a microbe. Even Fauci told requesting researchers he had no samples of the 'virus/' No one in t he world had any. From the very beginning the Koch principles were not met and Fauci's solution was to trash those standards which have formed the basis for science since the late 19c. This is fraudulent in its own right. So my problem with your challenge and criticism of others who won't step up to your plate is that so much of what you claim is blatantly questionable in light of all we know from so many sources. One of those sources is the CDC VAERS data base itself which show the vaccinated much more susceptible to being seriously ill. And those dying are not particularly treated well nor are their deaths honestly listed. And that problem is a whole chapter in itself.

Perhaps a better avenue is to find the points of concurrence and work to build a coalition that will challenge the aberrations of a system controlled by big money and that pushes people into a state of co-dependency and bodily enslavement against personal interest.

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Jim--I feel very honored to have received positive feedback from you on my songs. I will check out your link.

Check out some of my more recent music videos:


A child asserts his independence from other children who wear the mask



A familiar figure pulls the strings behind the plandemic



The story of Mary Mallon, one of the first victims of medical tyranny



An American is conned by a man from Pakistan who claims he’s been left indigent due to the lockdowns



A man takes the “virus” as his bride



A man ditches his girlfriend after she becomes a Covid fanatic


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100 years of observations' and 'This is not how science works. In science you collect data and you figure out which hypothesis best fits the data'!!!

this is hilarious.

You do not design the hypothesis to fit the observation. You design the experiment to disprove your hypothesis. If it still holds you do another one.

I could make up all sorts that would fit the data. Until I do experiments and not rely on 100 years of observing things I won't know if they are valid.


Also how do you know that the genome comes from a virus when you never separated it from everything else that the RNA could come from?


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People aren't getting Covid-19. They are getting the flu/pneumonia or another type of coronavirus (Sars, Mers, etc). This is how they deceived people that Covid-19 exists. If the media and public health officials have lied about everything else they are lying about this. Plus, the fraudulent and meaningless pcr and antigen tests also prove it doesn't exist. FDA documents from 2020 prove it doesn't exist. Everything being ruled as Covid-19 by the CDC is proof it doesn't exist. Yes, there are viruses circulating. In fact, the human body is never absent of viruses. They are allies and because we have viruses living in or on our bodies is another reason people have been duped that covid-19 exists. Lastly, viruses don't make one sick. It is poor diet, poor lifestyle choices, and enviromental toxins that cause dieseae. It is all the fake foods (gmos and proceed foods), vaccines, medications, personal care and cleaning products that we are putting in and on our bodies that are making us sick. Lean into terrain theory and trust God's design for your health.

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Steve. Why don't you at least go back to Patrick Gunnels and present everything you have to him? He said he is "ALWAYS" open to change his mind.

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As with most debates I think the answer lies in between. Like the intelligent design versus evolution debate I believe they are both right and both wrong.

I am no specialist but have had a life full of things considered rare in the allopathic system. I had to learn health from scratch by abandoning all prior knowledge and learning by observation and experience because what the allopathic system was telling me did not add up. I’ve spent many decades on this.

I believe viruses exist but I don’t believe they are directly responsible for severe illness and death.

What I have observed is that the virus is the trigger and just how insects always attack unhealthy plants first it’s the same with a virus.

I am hypersensitive to many metals and have had adverse events to two spinal implants, bone cement, amalgam fillings and glass ionomer fillings, the mercury in tuna, the titanium dioxide in food, the aluminium in antiperspirant to name a few.

Our body has trouble breaking down metals and they build up causing a toxic load.

We may feel health and fine but I believe when we get a virus it triggers the immune system into hard detox mode to expel the virus. But in the process the body also tries expelling the built up toxic load. It moves it through the organs and causes severe illness and death.

The symptoms of metal toxicity are the same as a respiratory virus.

If we do not have a type 4 allergy to the metals in our toxic load and have a low toxic load we will get mild or no symptoms from covid like most people.

If we do not have a type 4 allergy to the metals in our toxic load but have a high toxic load we will get bad symptoms from covid

If we DO have a type 4 allergy to the metals in our toxic load we will get severe symptoms from covid and could die.

So the virus is the trigger but the symptoms are an indication of our toxic load and our hypersensitivity to the metals in it. It’s our response to the metals in our toxic load that causes the range of symptoms not the virus.

During the plague it was noticed that onion farmers and their families never got the plague. I think they did but due to having a diet high in onions they showed no symptoms as they had a very low toxic load as eating onions daily will detoxify the body.

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Without the SARS-Cov-2 Steve's whole narrative of debunking stats would fall flat on it's face and Steve's subscriptions would be decimated.

Simple conclusion: Steve 24/7/365 job of debunking stats would fail to exist without SARS-Cov-2.

Why when I subscribe to Steve's subscription am I taken to a Twitter link to spread the word? Why isn't Steve banned from Twitter and YouTube like all the others spreaders of disinformation?

Then Steve changes his narrative and puts up a high stakes wager that his narrative exist. (Mmm... Most definitely controlled opposition.) Why start shooting down the people that are on his side? That's reverse psy-ops: Infiltrate the enemy and then start taking them out with high stakes wagers Oligarchs fuckery!

Steve Kirsch is most definitely paid off controlled opposition funded by clandestine deepstate backers that are untraceable. Meaning Steve is CIA or as connections with the deepstate oligarchs. Its very suspicious how Steve puts up absurds amount of money to back up SARS-Cov-2 exist. It's like the fella is trying to price out oppostion by overinflating the stakes. Why not have a free wager and shake hands then have a debate Steve?

One question I would have is... If I believe Steve is a shill for the oligarchs how do I know that the so called independent board of judges are don't paid off on the incognito tip? Is Steve going to pull them from a hat? I very much doubt it. These judges will have to be highly educated academics with an unbias view on SARS-Cov-2. How can these judges have an unbias view on SARS-Cov-2? It's virtually impossible to be unbias. You're either a believer or a non-believer. It's really is that simple.

If Steve with his vast amounts of money could buy purificated and isolated SARS-Cov-2 viruses like his friends and give them to human test subjects and see if these test subjects become ill with the virus symptoms he believes exist. And then he is able to extract that exact virus from the test subject and give it to another human who has the same symptoms and then convince me that it was actually the virus that made the test subjects unwell then I will believe him. Could I please also look at this so called phantom virus under an electron microscope that he will extracted from a human patient?

What Steve fails to acknowledge is that there's a massive difference between the virus he claims exist naturally and the one that was patented and made and originated in a biolab in Wuhan. If Steve believes the Wuhan theory; wouldn't that make Steve's virus a patented bioweapon and not an original virus created from nature? If that's not the case then why does the virus have DNA matches that are patented to Pfizer? I know why, but can Steve please explain to me why? I thought all viruses were created naturally? I thought biowesoon were made unnaturally? Please don't get to techinal and talk about DNA-direct patterning and playing God, because playing God is not a natural occurrence. Please tell me Steve how come they couldn't find the original source of the virus from nature? That Chris Matersion, PHD from Peak Prosperity brilliantly debunked. You posted his video link in your email. Like you Chris believes the virus is a bioweapon with a patented sequence which belongs to Pfizer.

Now if I critically free think about all of the above and go deep. I challenge Steve to prove he is not controlled opposition, deepstate and I also challenge Steve to show me one viable natural SARS-Cov-2 occurring virus that isn't a bioweapon, which makes people unwell

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Look for proof for contagion for any so called contagious disease; there isn't, so there are no viral particles, so what 'virus'?

See i.e. Rosenau experiment.

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