Mr. "33" himself. Won't be tuning in. 🐍👺

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This current poison is (must be) the most dangerous and prevalent medical failure ever attempted. Mick.

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I usually do mention that GoF used to be a DoD Bio-weapon exercise, but sometimes I miss details through rushing the many comments I make. Cheers for the reminder! Mick.

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Steve - Kim Iversen talking about your MIT Auditorium invite:


(you likely are aware, but just in case.....)

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Good luck to all involved. You're all heroes!

We shouldn't need to explain what's been going on since before 2019 so that those sleeping since Covid was created (and the useless but deadly injection was made available) can assimilate the incredible but sinister story. But it seems there are still many of these complacent muppets still snoozing through the CULL of civilisation.

But obviously, the time of reckoning is well overdue and Heads Must Roll!

Hopefully, there are more of us who realise the damage and fatalities these depopulating Covid injections cause.

Cancer is just one of a myriad of injuries and DISEASES the useless Covid Jab activates.

Most of us now seem to know the whole Covid & DEADLY VAX scams were introduced by design after several years of Planning!

It seems there are more diseases and illnesses caused by the DEADLY COVID JAB. The crap does nothing to stop or reduce the man-made virus. The jab, they pretend is a ‘Vaccine’, seems to reduce our natural resistance to every known illness. The jab also stimulates or resurrects long-forgotten illnesses we might have historically recovered from. AND it seems to introduce new diseases and CANCERS along with many other DEADLY health complications. But still, the murderous vax-makers deny all LIABILITY and RESPONSIBILITY for health issues and DEATHS their injections so obviously cause.

Retribution is well overdue for the pre-meditated mass murders the vax makers planned with their co-conspirators at the CDC & FDA.

We cannot simply let these insane criminals apologise and expect to continue a normal life, while millions have died due to their greed or insane beliefs which we’ve all had to endure.

Hopefully, there are some honest leaders who have the will to rid us of the tyrants who want us to be their SLAVES – or dead.

Mick from Hooe (UK) – Unjabbed and ready to fight dirty!

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Upon reflection, Covid is NOT the story of our times. The story of our times is that all the important organizations in the world are completely captured. All Covid did was prove this beyond a reasonable doubt.


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The British Petitions Committee has scheduled a Debate on the International Health Regulations legislation for Monday 18 December at 4.30pm. The Department of Health and Social Care will send a Government Minister to respond.

The Petition has reached 116,391 signatures which surpasses the threshold o

100, 000 required for a Debate - https://petition.parliament.uk/petitions/635904

E-petition debate relating to the International Health Regulations 2005 - Monday 18 December -


The Debate Transcript is available on the Hansard - https://hansard.parliament.uk/commons/2023-12-18

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A voice of reason and he has a purple belt in BJJ. I know this sounds childish, but it would be so cool to challenge these paid liars in real martial arts matches to the death. They would get crushed by Joe Rogan, Lex Friedmann, Russel, Jocko Willink etc. Unfortunately, those in power have an army of people protecting them knowing that they would loose in a fair 1 vs. 1 fight.

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RUSSELL is NOT Your friend...

He proudly wears his '33'...

Know your worth...

Celia Farber explains the associations.

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Can't wait to watch!

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a brand all his own!

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Can’t wait!

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Mother Nature’s Job

Is To Inform The Vaccinated

That They Have Violated

The Terms Of Their Warranty.

- Payback’s A Bitch.


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How exciting! I will be there online!!

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https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C3tgjHtml4M Russell Brand With His Cuddle Buddy And "Beautiful Person" Yuval Noah Harari

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