they wanted that shot in everyone so there would not be a control group

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The people selling and distributing the shots don't want them to stop. The SAEs are the foundation of a niche market. What made you think that they would care about anything you say? Dear Mr Kirsch, you're dealing with a bunch of psychopaths with God complexes. THAT'S who you have to stop. Asking nicely in the absence of anything they see as an effective deterrent won't do a thing. Think rapist they don't stop just because the victim tells them to. Same thing here. Response won't work. Pre emotive strike might if applied correctly and often enough. I'm a big fan of yours by the way.

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Hi Steve,

Your paper could have used the Pfizer 393-page report of about 10,000 different types of Adverse Event known to the company by June 2022. It is known as PSUR3.


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I'm proud to have helped, in some small way, bring facts and data back to peer-reviewed literature. Some of the crap we saw during the CCP Virus hysteria was just a joke and while I'll probably never fully trust a doctor, hospital or public health official again, this is the road we must pave to bring back medicine which leads with "First, do no harm."

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The road to hell- is paved with peer-review...

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The Great Dr Jessica Rose's work is a must follow on SubStack!

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What does the m in mRNA stand for? Misguided maybe?

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Note the use of the word "Modified"...

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Link to the paper: https://www.cureus.com/articles/203052-covid-19-mrna-vaccines-lessons-learned-from-the-registrational-trials-and-global-vaccination-campaign#!/

Congrats Steve et al - Looks like a very good paper.

Your conclusions were:

"Since early 2021, excess deaths, cardiac events, strokes, and other SAEs have often been wrongly ascribed to COVID-19 rather than to the COVID-19 mRNA vaccinations. Misattribution of SAEs to COVID-19 often may be due to the amplification of adverse effects when mRNA injections are followed by SARS-CoV-2 subvariant infection. Injuries from the mRNA products overlap with both PACS and severe acute COVID-19 illness, often obscuring the vaccines’ etiologic contributions. Multiple booster injections appear to cause immune dysfunction, thereby paradoxically contributing to heightened susceptibility to COVID-19 infections with successive doses. For the vast majority of adults under the age of 50, the perceived benefits of the mRNA boosters are profoundly outweighed by their potential disabling and life-threatening harms. Potential harms to older adults appear to be excessive as well. Given the well-documented SAEs and unacceptable harm-to-reward ratio, we urge governments to endorse and enforce a global moratorium on these modified mRNA products until all relevant questions pertaining to causality, residual DNA, and aberrant protein production are answered."

Please compare to my letter to I wrote my government reps 3 years ago on 8Jan2021, just before the Covid-19 "vaccines" were released here in Alberta.

I strongly advised AGAINST the deployment of these injections. The risk/reward equation was all wrong.





There is no real Covid-19 pandemic. Covid-19 was only dangerous to the very elderly and infirm, and is similar in average mortality to other seasonal flus of recent decades.

The Covid-19 PCR test is not fit-for-purpose and provides many false positives. Routine testing of asymptomatic people is a waste of resources and drives erroneous policies including lockdowns.

The Covid-19 lockdowns were never effective or justified. Harm done by the lockdowns exceeds by 10 to 100 times the harm from Covid-19. End all lockdowns now and do not lockdown again.

Simple, inexpensive treatments are known to save lives – Vitamin D, Ivermectin etc. Why are these treatments not being widely recommended and implemented by Alberta authorities?


IMPORTANT: The Covid-19 vaccine developments were rushed and are not proven safe or effective and should NOT be taken, especially by the low-risk population - those under-65 or recovered from Covid-19. The two experimental Covid-19 vaccines that contain mRNA (Pfizer and Moderna) are especially risky – due to unknown future side-effects, the risk-to-reward is far too high for the low-risk group."


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Steve, love your work but I'm still offering a debate.

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What is wrong with these people that they deem it necessary to depopulate the planet. I know that a lot will say, tin foil hat, but having spent some time looking at the Edwardian period, you find similaties in neglect & outright hatred towards the lower classes. The homeless could not sleep at night for fear of arrest, so they slept during the day on mass in parks, benches etc. Poor houses treated you like trash, the courts would imprison someone for simply being homeless, or stealing enough to eat. When a book came out in the states, the uk government was not at all pleased, neither were the armed forces as the men were malnutrioused, stunted, smaller than they should have been & unsuitable as soldiers should we have to defend the country again. The government & royalty denied they knew this was going on, how could they not? They've never cared about us 😔 then you get world war one & the clever 😉 idea to depopulate most of Europe & Russia with the Spanish flu, vaccinated American soldiers sent off to the war, vaccinated soldiers that carried the Spanish flu. Why did they use Spanish, a ploy to deflect the true outbreak, manufacture, source of the outbreak

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Phenomenal work Steve.

There's so much to unpack within: Nudging of the trial data which in hindsight appears purposeful, the onslaught of Severe Adverse Events which didn't become apparent until after EUA, dampening of the immune system making infection and hospitalization more likely with each successive dose, natural immunity which Israeli data clearly demonstrated to be more robust and longer lasting than vaccine immunity, the autopsies by Arne Burkhardt (may he rest in peace) that have since been replicated by others clearly demonstrating a high percentage of 'cause unknowns' died from complications of spike proteins showing up in tissues where they were never supposed to be -- and on, and on, and on.

I keep going back to Pfizer's trial data.

What kind of regulators knowingly approve a medical product when the group that took the product has a 1.235x higher death rate than the group who took a placebo?

Again, phenomenal work, and many thanks for being so relentless on this.

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Thank you! God bless you!

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Steve congrats, I see it as part of YOUR WORK to have got this far. We'll done brother. Now all we need is the gallows to be built, at warped speed

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