More great evidence of 'vax' dangers and deceit of Big Pharma at the expense of human suffering and death caused by Big Pharma's useless deadly depopulating 'medicines'.

MickFromHooe(UK). Unjabbed since 2019 when I began to realise that devious and manipulative Big Pharma have no genuine interest in public health and wellbeing, but mercenarily creating useless, sometimes deadly, concoctions for financial gain.

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Thank you! However, No matter what I show a certain friend - he just wont see it!

What is (in anyones opinion) the BEST paper (or other) that is rock solid and indisputable in its findings? I can't let this go......Yesterday I showed him Peters substack on the 14 yr old Japanese girls death and this F'er got hung up on the words Peter used "Parents beware, your child could be next." Siting it is fear mongering and anti vax movement and that was it - he got stuck on THAT and NOT the fact of what I was showing him - that a girl died. He then said (if true) that the parents should sue Pfizer - I said (to the best of my knowledge) they are not liable as that was part of the contracts.

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Do we have the link for Dr. Bridle's study? I cannot find it. Thank you!

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Thank you again Dr Bridle! It is time that the “misinformed” scientific and non-scientific community starts looking at data and analysing it themselves! It seems that the pandemic of vaccinated began in Oct 2021 and nothing in record yet!

I completely agree on the medicos switching sides now! Some docs are switching sides after their family members have side effects! So where was their clinical decision making ability before that! Does it mean that at the start they looked at side effects as collateral damage?!

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Branch Cividuans are more than happy to point to CDC and Health Canada vaxxed vs unvaxxed stats which show clear benefits to the jabbed, yet here in Canada, since before Omicron hit, provincial Covid websites showed the vaxxed consistently overrepresented in all categories. These vaxxed vs unvaxxed donut charts were removed early last summer. Australia did the same last month. Gee, I wonder why?

Obviously there is a lot of statistical *uckery going on...including the fact one is not considered "vaccinated" until 14 days post-injection.

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I'm not even a doctor or scientist but have said to my covidian family "HOW would you even prove that it reduces severity and death???" They've all gotten it multiple times and are "thankful it wasn't worse".

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For those who don't know, this Canadian vaccinologist was the one who broke out of to the world that the findings that spikes go Way Beyond the deltoid (from the Japan FIOA request).

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Jan 25, 2023·edited Jan 26, 2023

Regarding #4 - "There has NEVER been a vaccine in medicine which made you more likely to be infected, yet reduced your risk of hospitalization/death. NEVER."

I think this statement requires reconsideration. Here's why:

FDA research published in 2012: https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/24277828/

Title of study report: "Acellular pertussis vaccines protect against disease but fail to prevent infection and transmission in a nonhuman primate model"

(BTW, The same study tested whole cell pertussis vaccine and came to the same conclusion about it.)

The problem in tetanus, diphtheria, botulism, and pertussis is that these bacteria produce toxins that make people sick. The vaccines for tetanus, diphtheria, and botulism don't provoke the immune system to attack the bacteria (preventing or reducing infection); instead, they contain "toxoids" (weakened toxins) that provoke the immune system to attack the toxins the bacteria produce. That's why these vaccines are called "toxoid vaccines" or "anti-toxin vaccines."

Whole cell and acellular pertussis vaccines weren't designed as anti-toxin vaccines, but the FDA research showed that both types of pertussis vaccine function as anti-toxin vaccines. So they *do not* prevent infection and transmission, but they *do* protect against the disease (symptoms) caused by the pertussis bacteria's toxins. So they should reduce hospitalizations and deaths -- though I don't have a cite to back this up with real data on hospitalizations and deaths.

Following the FDA research, Santa Fe Institute studied outbreaks of pertussis in human populations and concluded that the research findings explained the (previously "mysterious") dynamics of pertussis outbreaks in humans. (They also concluded that "cocooning" infants by vaccinating their families and other contacts *does not work.*)

And in 2014, the CDC's own pertussis surveillance system provided data showing that the acellular pertussis vaccines being used in the U.S. made people *more* (not less) likely to become infected with the PRN-negative strain(s) of pertussis dominant in the U.S.

So -- provided it's correct that the acellular pertussis vaccines currently (still) in use in the U.S. do reduce hospitalizations and deaths, then these vaccines violate Kirsch's statement that "There has NEVER been a vaccine in medicine which made you more likely to be infected, yet reduced your risk of hospitalization/death. NEVER."

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49:36 - How does a placebo group have a serious adverse event? To what? Was the placebo group like other vaccines are, just another older vaccine that was compared with a placebo, of you guessed it! Another vaccine?

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25:00 About the magnetism, Steve says it was about the quality control. I think it goes beyond that.

The entire Warp Speed rollout is a giant experiment, and it's still ongoing. The wide range of lots indicate they are conducting multiple studies including lethal dose studies and studies for biocircuitry for their human cyborg and eugenics programs. COVID-19 is part of the great reset, it belongs in a group of WEF goals including a controlled digital monetary system tied to biological identification, 5g controlled smart cities and 5g controlled humans.

Remember at the WEF in 2019 when Moderna Tal Zaks said we can hack into the software of life? The motives of this entire operation are laid out in WEF, Welcome Trust and Ted talk meetings for all to see.

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18:00 Byram Bridle wants the CDC to remove all PCR based COVID hospitalizations that are due to some other chronic disease and labeled "with COVID" based upon a PCR positive test. I agree. He also asks that they indicate vaccination status for the hospitalized/died 'by COVID' cases. If he is referring to the Jan. 2020 - Dec. 2020 prior to the vaccine rollout, then I will say he hit the proverbial nail on the head.

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16:40 Nailed it! Majority of so-called 'COVID' cases are declared as comorbities with COVID based upon a PCR test [with 10 fatal flaws!] Ding, ding, ding!! We have a winner!

This was where the MSM picked up the torch and gaslighted the public for purposes of herding the sheeple into the vaccination pen.

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12:49 How many of these 'cardiologists' are checking D-Dimer and Troponin levels?

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Stress raises cortisol, which leads to compromised immunity by disregulating hormones. Vitamin D, for example is a hormone. The effect of stress, excess cortisol, can activate retroviruses that were injected into people through the vaccine schedule causing Long Haulers COVID. But stress alone does not account for the damaging effects of mRNA/DNA viral vector injections.

So using stress as an excuse for excess deaths by the vaccine lobby is typical of the snake oil served up by the criminals running this OP. It's akin to 'a little leaven leavens the whole lump.'

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It would be interesting to see who would win a debate if you added in a third position. Regular old fashioned vaccines vs doing nothing or the mRna.

Advantages for the old school vaccine would include how fast it could have been gotten out and less "vaccine skepticism". More people would have taken it and they could have gotten it out much quicker, which would have meant it was available during the worst of the covid pandemic. It wouldn't have needed the refrigeration either, which would have made getting the entire world some protection faster, much easier as well. The other knock on advantages would have been that with more people vaccinated and sooner, they couldn't claim as many excess deaths due to lack of health care. Less skepticism would have meant better health care for non-covid illness.

Am I sure that old school vaccines would have saved more lives than doing nothing? Not really, but I am sure I could "prove" they would be better than the mRna, at least based on logic and the WHO's numbers in regards to China's vaccine efficacy. Pfizer's own CEO admitted that they could have made the old school jabs much quicker and without nearly the technical trouble. The mRna would have to be a whole lot better and safer to make up for the fact that it took them so much longer to get them into production. As it turned out they aren't showing better efficacy or safety, they were slower, caused skepticism and couldn't be rolled out to third world countries quick enough to have any hope of stopping the virus from becoming endemic. There is also the fact that old school vaccines are not narrowly focused on the spike protein itself and thus would not be as easy for a single mutation to cause immune evasion.

I believe the easiest debate to win against the mRna folks would be the third position, regular old school vaccines would have come out quicker, when it mattered most, less skepticism would have meant more people would take them and because they don't require refrigeration, third world access would have been much higher as well.

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