Perhaps it was time someone explained Mr. Kennedy that "unconditional support" for a foreign power (be that Israel or whatever) is INCOMPATIBLE with the function he aims for?!

I can even make a drawing for Mr. Kennedy so he doesn't feel like jumping into a lake (or something just as silly)... Say, Mr. Kennedy that the interests of that foreign power are completely at odds with the interests of the United States; unconditional support means that you WILL betray the ONLY country you are suppose to represent...

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To presume that RFK Jr. is unaware (or flippant) about his position drastically underestimates the complications he must deal with. The levels of influence in our government are disturbing enough at the visible level. I am quite sure, as with an ice berg, there is a far greater level of mass to deal with than the average mook sees.

As you may have noticed, in the scheme of results, in his current position, any comment RFK Jr. makes is sliced diced and shredded to the satisfaction of whichever mockingbird chick is reporting and to the greater satisfaction of the source of his/her/its paycheck.

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Then what is the solution? Vote for him and hope he would do the right thing once in office? This is NOT how things work in DC; they promise the stars in the sky BEFORE the election, then totally ignore their promises afterwards...

Besides, he is divorced from the dems, so he should say what he means. As Scott Ritter said, the conflict in 404 would be over (unless we were burnt to a crisp by then) for the next election cycle and Bobby's stand on the next disaster is not different from the pack...

Perhaps Bobby needs to "jump in a lake " again? And if he is still looking for silly and meaningless "challenges", I could suggest a few...

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Speaking for myself alone......I know Bobby over years and several meetings. He is no fool. He is well educated. He has great instincts. He is courageous in his work and in his life. He lost no fewer than 3 close relatives to violence or suspected violence. He is no stranger to the Israel/Palestine situation, since Sirhan was (wrongly) accused of murdering Robert F. Kennedy Sr. THere are cards which must be played close to the chest and timing which must be observed. There are NO VOTES to be cast in the next few months, at least and the world is feeling calamitous clashes and maneuvering of great forces. Frankly Bobby would be a fool to put ALL of his cards on the table now.

With the present administration almost inviting danger unto Bobby Jr. at this point, he is fearlessly navigating dangerous territory with his faith in God, his instincts and his trusted (perhaps too much) team to help him. Frankly, depending on him is foolish. He is prepared for the worst, while hoping for the best and DEPENDING on me/us to have the playbook and ball handling well known so that if he becomes unable to continue WE will carry the load. We are neither qualified nor correct to demand anything more than we are getting now----especially when there are NO VOTES being cast and with BOBBY 80% censored and 99% unable to effect any actions of direct consequence.

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Any reparations funds should only come from the people and corporations responsible for loss of jobs, not the taxpayers. This point should be made clear. For example, we know the DOD funded the development of COVID and the vaccine for it. The tax payers should not pay for these crimes. These crimes were committed by people. Take the money from those people. We know Pfizer committed fraud in their vaccine trials, and non-disclosure of DNA plasmid contaminants such as SV-40 promoters. This is a clear fact. All Pfizers money should be taken from them, all of it. It should be used to pay family members who lost loved ones and vaccine injured people. It should be used to restore lost jobs from the fake lockdowns.

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Since so many people are slamming him on reparations, I thought I’d share RFK's actual statement:

“My policy of Targeted Community Repair is not the same as race-based reparations. The program will make capital and resources available to the poorest and most desperate communities in America. These include inner cities, the rust belt, Appalachia, the devastated towns of the farm belt, etc. Yes, because Black people are disproportionately poor, this program will benefit them disproportionately. But the criteria will be indicators like poverty, addiction rates, violence, etc. Not skin color."

He is NOT for reparations.

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Oct 25, 2023·edited Oct 25, 2023

Seems people STILL haven't figured out that the two parties just have to pretend to wring their hands, in a stalemate, to get away with murder, rob us blind, and grab all the power they want.

Easy peasy.

How hard is it to imagine? Democrats and Republicans pretending to disagree so they can 'compromise' and everyone is happy....except US, eh? We always get the shit end of the stick on ALL of their 'compromises.'

To pull it off they'd have to make you believe the other side is truly their enemy and sow division. Unseasoned actors in politics might be a dead giveaway with overly dramatic performances and inexplicable unawareness that they are supposed to be acting like the quality of their performance will have an effect on their reelection chances...because we're still being told that the number of votes decides elections! You might see a retired politician turn up for their 'bitter enemy's' funeral...you might look back and see a politician's sworn enemy actually once sat in the front reserved pew, ALONE, at their wedding and was their personal houseguest.

Ringing any bells?

No matter which side you choose you choose the Uniparty. No matter what party you choose there's a conflict of interest between the party(ies) agenda and the US Constitution.

The record keeps skipping...can't you hear it?

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Isn't it funny that the first people to say it's none of your business, make everyone else's business theirs. Die on this hill, and your children will die on the Vax hill. Take your pick. You can't have both. Either people have the right to control their own body or they don't. If U can tell others they have mandatory medical procedures, then U and your children can also be ordered to have random medical procedures. Either U are a slave or U are not. But U cannot make others your slave and then think U will remain free.

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Oct 25, 2023·edited Oct 25, 2023

Amen. If people didn't see enough to draw a line and reject anyone and everyone involved in the horrors of the Naziesque Covid response and those vaccines, then they have their priorities screwed. There was ZERO effective opposition to atrocities, like sending Covid patients into nursing homes. What I witnessed was mass murder and clever ways to pass the buck and act like 'I tried, but failed or couldn't....'

It only takes a lick of common sense to NOT rush vaccines through while the other side is farting on about reasons to not use HCQ and IVM or repurposing other drugs already proven safe.

I expected Trump to say, "No. Vaccines are not the only answer and many people won't want to take a rushed vaccine. NOTHING is off the table. If you disagree, I won't fund any vaccine development, at all. Other countries can fund them. I'll ONLY fund safe alternative treatments & repurposed drugs."

He left us high & dry...I said from day 1 I am not taking a novel vaccine for a novel virus that was developed at 'warp speed.'

That was a reasonable decision and Trump had ZERO respect for the eventuality that people would not want to take the stupid vaccines. I hate him for that.

There's no justification no matter what excuse they come up with. Trump is the reason people believed 'the vaccine is the only way back to normalcy.' No one's hands were tied. We didn't need ventilators to open up and they aren't a first line treatment. We didn't need X# of contact tracers and if we did, then hire them and hire them fast...NYC stayed closed because of that reason alone.

Erase everyone that 'tried and failed' or was 'in on it.' None of them are fit to serve.

If your candidate can't say, "Those vaccines are dangerous and must be pulled immediately for the sake of public safety," then your candidate is either dumb or dishonest...and I don't take you seriously.

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Remember “right to try”?

Why was that a groundswell? Because, it allowed people who had nothing left to lose to try a long shot. It was considered merciful whereas the prior restraint was considered bureaucratically insensitive to human suffering.

Place that mindset over “vaccine trials lasting years”. There may be a legitimate case for the length of the trial, but in the former frame of mind holding in its gaze the bureaucratic FDA, a reduction of red tape would be welcomed by all. Only those who understood the full complexity of vaccine trials would caution of little to be gained from the time acceleration.

Consider that the FDA and CDC were playing goalie for a DoD or DARPA wartime germ project, and those in the know (pharma) made a judo move of taking the innate frustration of FDA bureaucracy and using it to crush a vaccine trial and jam mRNA into human testing finally.

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Oct 25, 2023·edited Oct 25, 2023

BTW, the original mRNA drug substance on which all the mRNA vaccines now and in the future, are based, is called 'Nadorameran'...

'-Meran' is the non-proprietary part of the name.

That's where Tozinameran (Pfizer) and Elasomeran (Moderna) got their names.

Anyway, it was tested in humans in a 'proof of concept' trial, between 2013 and 2016. It is a rabies vaccine, tested in Europe...here's what the trial showed:

"This first-ever demonstration in human beings shows that a prophylactic mRNA-based candidate vaccine can induce boostable functional antibodies against a viral antigen when administered with a needle-free device, although not when injected by a needle-syringe.

The vaccine was generally safe with a reasonable tolerability profile."



I repeat..."...although not when injected by a needle-syringe."

What changed?

There is pretty much zero risk of being exposed to rabies in Europe, so we have no idea what real-life consequences that had on the subjects that were injected with a needle-syringe.

'Warp speed' was a terrible idea with these novel vaccines.

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Oct 25, 2023·edited Oct 25, 2023

'Warp speed' meant -- "We aren't giving you any time to learn about these products and ask questions. We also don't want you to know anything about long term side effects, but do not be suspicious of that."

People want to ask questions and inform themselves and understand. They don't want to 'trust' experts that may not have gleaned any more information from a longer trial.

I remember the FDA contraindicated HCQ with Remdesivir, so, "No, you can't try both," was the easiest thing for a doctor to say. The FDA also allowed pharmacists to believe they had some authority to withhold IVM & HCQ.

"Right to try" was a lie to buy time for the vaccines and by the time it became painfully clear there was no such right being recognized...*voila* muh Covid jabs. If you wanted to exercise the right to try...you had to resort to buying ivermectin at Tractor Supply for early treatment or pay through the nose.

No biggie though...resourceful people made it work if they were fortunate enough to know not to scoff.

They trampled on so many of our 'rights'...I never held any hope my 'right to try' would be respected by anyone but me.

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Really only saying that the public was played 3-4 different ways by pharma and their handlers.

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Unfortunately...it included people with mental disabilities who were given a vaccine IQ test, jabbed with unsafe products, & then judged for not being smart enough to know better.

It's the public's fault for being dumb...not the fraudsters that preyed on the trusting...including those who have been misled to trust in light of mental disabilities.

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His insane support of the genocide in GAZA has made me regret donating and supporting. It’s horrific

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RFK is pro reparations and anti nuclear so this is a big no from me. I really hoped he was going to be the one to take down Biden too.

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Trump is our only hope....period

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Well genius, do you not remember how well our economy was under Trump? And he was fighting off constant attacks by the very people who were afraid Trump would end their little gravy train? No because you are a supporter of the cabal that is indicting the only one who will end the corruption so don't lecture me.

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Please. I am sure you meant to reply to me but I haven't voted for winner since 1996. I didn't do this...this is all on two party voters.

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And Jr is not an Independent. The dem blood runs deep in him.

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Oct 24, 2023·edited Oct 24, 2023

Trump bitches and moans and tears his party apart because he's too dirty & dickless to ditch the GOP. All he does fracture the party for his BFF Hillary...we all know it. We've all seen it.

I'll take the guy with the self respect to leave.

Trump has belonged to the Democratic party, the GOP, and the Reform Party which BTW he single-handedly destroyed, too. He has NO convictions nor principles...he's been prochoice, prolife...his policies change when Hillary tells him to change them.

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That doesn't make any sense - Hillary Clinton hired Robert Creamer to send thugs to Trump rallies to start fights in order to claim there was violence at Trump rallies. Why would she do that if your theory was true?

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Oct 24, 2023·edited Oct 24, 2023

He blew so much smoke up your behind....there's no convincing Trump supporters. I voted for him in 2020 ONLY because Trump supporters took so much sh*t for 4 years, I couldn't stomach Biden winning.

Never again. You guys wouldn't piss on me if I was on fire.

I've known, since 2011, that Trump is a fraud who ran interference for Obama on his birth certificate. I was the one he interfered with. I gaslit myself in 2020...but I was confident from my experience with him that he was a fraud.

Trump supporters aren't so likable anymore. I think you are still too traumatized from the stolen election to think clearly.



I've watched them fix every election they've needed to since 2000, when GWB, Jeb, and Gore worked hand in hand to make that election a debacle and set the stage for the Help America Vote Act, in 2002.

^^THAT is how our elections were stolen. That and getting rid of real time exit poll reporting. These days, they're adjusted to match the actual results before releasing them.

They can turn a national election easily and have been padding the voter registration rolls for 2 decades.

Trump supporters are nowhere near awake and will never be until they hold their own to the same standards as they hold Democrats or RFK Jr, in this case.

I don't agree with all his policies, but he's the same man he was 20 years ago when Trump was cozying up with Hillary.

He's not deceitful. He's reasonable ,extremely intelligent, capable of compromise, can defend his positions, and he is able to communicate his rationale effectively. Where we differ he is reasonable, so BFD? Maybe he's right and I am wrong? He's the first person that brings a dignified image to conspiracy theorists, in my life. Trump is like Alex Jones...another obvious shill that long time conspiracy theorists know better to disassociate from.

I want consistent...not, "Well, yes, Hillary did sit in the front reserved pew, alone, at my wedding and she was my personal houseguest while all the other guests had to find their own accommodations. I let them use my gold course though. Anyway, Hillary and I had a huge falling out that I never mentioned before, and that explains why we are enemies now. I. lied when I said we weren't close friends."

You have no leg to stand on criticizing any other candadte as possible deep state. Biden doesn't even have to campaign on his dismal record because 'he's not Trump!!!'


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Your link doesn't prove anything, my friend and your theory is quite wacky. I don't think anybody believes your theory that Trump is following Hillary's orders.

Nevertheless, I would rush to put you out if your pants happened to be on fire.

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Oct 24, 2023·edited Oct 24, 2023

Brett Kavanaugh, Patrick Knowlton, Hillary Clinton, and Vince Foster should have been a HUGE red flag for you. But I suspect you were distracted by Christine Blasey Ford's scripted sideshow.

Patrick Knowlton provided Congress with his addendum to the Starr report...and both sides brushed it away under a rug before your very eyes.

Ford's high school 'He got handsy with me at a party!' story was classic Bill Clinton.

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See? But if it was RFK Jr. and Hillary..THEN I would have outed 'Muh Deep State.'

I had to wake up on my own, too. I challenged myself though. I dared to admit I was fooled and I was wrong about the Democratic party & so much more, after I ditched them.

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Because they hate you...both of them. They make you look bad on purpose.

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Not even close. Trump is the ONLY one to stand up to the swamp and bring America back to where it was in his first term.

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Oct 24, 2023·edited Oct 24, 2023

Newsflash: The Father of the Vaccines is in bed with the Mother of the Mandates. Are you THIS stupid that you still can't see it?

Trump IS the swamp.

Do you honestly think Hillary sat alone in the front reserved pew at Trump's wedding and was his personal houseguest because they are NOT 'just like family?'

Why do you suppose Trump nominated the lead investigator who fixed the Vince Foster investigation FOR the Clintons? Brett Kavanaugh. Did you even have a clue that he got the Clintons off the hook for killing Foster?


No. You have learned NOTHING.

You fell for a conman that Hillary Clinton trained very well. Time to wake up and stop dragging the rest of us down with your uttter stupidity. He set you up on 1/6 and then left office with pardoning any of you.

You're gluttons for punishment.

Trump + Hillary = BFFs 4-Ever:


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If you think Trump and Hillary are friends, you just haven’t been paying attention. Who colluded with Russians to create the fake Steele dossier that was then laundered through our intelligence agencies to effectively undo the Trump election? She basically got the ball rolling on an actual insurrection.

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Did you happen to notice that Chief Justice Roberts closed Obama's and Biden's Oaths of Office with a religious test:

Roberts: "So help YOU God?"

Obama/Biden:"So help me God."

But with Trump he administered a lawful Oath that started with "raise your right hand & repeat after me..."

And ended...

Roberts: "So help Me God."

Trump: "So help Me God."

His choice whether to repeat it or not.

To put it in perspective...what if Obama's and Biden's Oaths ended like this:

Roberts: "So help YOU God?"


It is a religious test that requires an affirmative answer.

I look around and wonder how people don't see what's in front of their faces. Obama had to take the Oath a total of FOUR times. It wasn't an accident five times.

Biden's & Obama's records PROVE they did not take a lawful Oath to uphold and defend the US Constitution. They never had any intention of doing that. All in plain sight.

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Oct 24, 2023·edited Oct 25, 2023

Oh, I paid attention to fakes and I only have so much patience for the bread & circuses. That's for you to chase until it goes nowhere and just makes you feel more angry at Democrats & RINOs.

As for the election...HELLO?

The Senate found Trump 'NOT GUILTY' when the House put it to them to decide whether Trump's statement that THEY -- CONGRESS - "should not certify the election results" was false.

It was an ALL OR NOTHING VERDICT. They decided Trump's statement was NOT proven false.

Now tell me...how can ANY court overturn the branch that ACTUALLY certifies the election results & settles electoral college disputes on that particular allegation?

They can't. Separation of powers.

Even Trump's Defense pointed this out in their pre-Impeachment argument. They argued the allegations "must be separated" and a "separate verdict" on each one or else if they found him 'Guilty', he would be 'Guilty' on every allegation.

They elected not to separate the charges...but the Senate voted 'Not Guilty' instead. Therefore, 'NOT GUILTY' on that allegation.

Biden was disqualified with that verdict and you missed it. I assure you Trump & his lawyers did not. He's helping Biden weaponize the justice system against We, The People. He's no victim. He's helping dismantle the U.S. Constitution.

I actually listened to the Impeachment trial and read the arguments. You were distracted from something very, very obvious. How did that happen?

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Oct 25, 2023·edited Oct 25, 2023

Even when I tried to fight for your votes, you didn't listen to me. You need 'talking heads' to tell you what to conclude & if something is important. It's time you draw your own conclusions or just stop accusing people of falling for narratives.

I trust myself to think logically, be critical, and draw my own conclusions. There's a lot of obvious crap they pull right in front of people's faces. Just sick of being 'understanding' and trying to be patient while you catch up or catch on.

I think you may have liked being victims a bit too much...you didn't even notice it was official...you won.


Maybe it's best to let fair-minded people, like me...like RFK Jr...have a voice and some say, now? I see how they do you. I feel your pain. He does, too. Neither of us have any love for the Democratic party, they chewed us up and spit us out.

I have not voted for a winner, since 1996. I vote on my principles...even if I only voted for Trump, in 2020, because I felt his supporters did not ask too much that he be given a chance. And I was one of the few willing to do that.

I have tried everyone else's way and they are all too selfish to give anyone but themselves a shot.

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Have a constructive and successful meeting, from us over here in the UK! We're on your side and with you all the way! Mick from Hooe (UK) Unjabbed and ready to fight the oppressors!

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Sadly RFK Jr. is nuts on nearly every other issue.

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Anyone that doesn't align with him on this issue is nuts. If you can't see that...you need to try harder.

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Yikes! I come here for covid jab information and NOT political posturing!

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Support an anti 2nd amendment guy? You have got to be kidding me. I will support his opponent though.

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