My doctor shared this video with his patients in his Substack. I am blessed to have found an informed doctor who isn’t afraid to spread truth.

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Based on human history during some of its darkest times it would be a safe bet that the tearful chorus of “ I had no idea I was just following the guidelines of the CDC “ would reach a deafening crescendo in a very short period of time if justice was to be meted out to the psychopaths behind this hideous experiment.

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The stats are terrible, Exclusive: Sen. Johnson Demands DOD Contractor Turn Over Military’s Medical Database Records https://childrenshealthdefense.org/defender/sen-ron-johnson-dod-military-medical-database-records/

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Jillian, expanding on what I previously said about the universe providing us with "outs", and blessings in disguise, I just opened my YouTube notifications, and what did find?

Well... Something "weird". (Not so weird if you're me, but perhaps it's weird for you.)

This fellow went in search of "weird". (He'll explain why.)


I'm only 4 minutes into his presentation, but decided to pause the vid and quickly pay it forward.

You may or may not find it interesting. 😁 💕

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Aww Jillian!

On the bright side, and this might sound callous on my part, but...

My mum once taught me an old adage, long ago. I repeat it often. (It's rather unlike her not to sugar coat, whereas I tend to shoot from the hip, so I remembered her uncoated words of wisdom.)

"Meglio sola che mal accompagnata".

You can cut and paste that phrase into an online translator if interested. 😉 ("Italian to English".)

Sometimes the universe does us a favour. 😁 (Your neighbours. My fair weather "friends". Wilfully ignorant family members...)

We are forced to hunt for like minded truth seekers online.

We come from far and wide, and we are LEGION.

We're also able to communicate with our tribes people by physically attending ralllies and protests.

Long after The Freedom Convoy was brought to a violent halt in mid February in Ottawa, when Turdeau invoked The War Act and jackboots on horseback and on foor stomped upon kind, loving, peaceful truckers and their supporters, we "HOLD THE LINE".

Inch by inch, step by step, we're move that line forward. Eventually: We Shall Overcome.

Cheers girl! ✊ ✌ 🚛 🇨🇦

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Isn’t it strange, I can open that link on all but Twitter!

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No, I've already gone over this. Don't know if it was on this substack. It is not the Doctor, it is the administration of the hospitals the doctors are licensed to use. Those hospitals will lose their Medicare/Medicaid payments if they are "caught" not following CDC and other fed guidelines, mandates, and dictates. Every doctor is threatened, because those hospitals will know who violated the rules (govt surveillance). The doctor will lose the hospital license and be turned over to the state board. You have to go after the feds, or the states have to put a bureaucracy between the CDC and feds to protect the hospital administrators. Given the deep state, the only answer is at the state level; it is not having doctors speak out.

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Was waiting for the inevitable push from my 2yr old's Pediatrician's Office/Group (copied in pertinent part below). The kneejerk response from others is most commonly: "Well, you don't have to give them to your daughter" - but this totally disregards the poor judgment upon which these pediatricians are basing their recommendations in the first place. How do you trust any of their other medical recommendations? I'd love to take the Dr. to task, but don't think they'll have the time/inclination. I have no problem becoming persona non grata but my wife does and I worry about any potential downstream effects on my daughters' medical care. Just look at the garbage stats they gin up as justification. My immediate family are in the medical field (both parents & sister) and I have lost tons of respect for their professions. Tougher than it seems to not let that bleed over into the personal realm - these are some of the best people I know (my family, that is) - just led astray by this golden calf of a corporate/medical establishment. Stay curious and vigilant.

Dear Patients and Families,

On June 18th, the FDA and CDC approved the COVID Vaccine for infants and children 6mo-5yrs of age. This decision was endorsed by the American Academy of Pediatrics.

After careful review of the safety data on the vaccine and the risk of COVID, your Allied physician recommends you consider vaccinating your child.

442 infants and children in this age group have died from COVID since the pandemic began

During the last surge, infants and children had a higher rate of hospitalization

Unvaccinated children experienced more complications from COVID illness including MIS-C and "Long COVID"

The vaccines, both Pfizer and Moderna were well tolerated with little to no side effects

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I’m one of the lucky ones. My Dr. testified before the Tx Senate against vaccine mandates. He’s a functional medicine doctor. I stopped trusting traditional doctors after my 4th baby was born. Not one thing in particular caused this, but a series of incidences over the years. I stopped making appointments because I knew I didn’t believe what they said any longer. Thank the Lord I was healthy to begin with. After about 5 or 6 years, I started seeing an integrative functional medicine doctor. What he said seemed like common sense to me. I’ve learned so much about health and what my body needs to function properly since I’ve been going to him. Wish all doctors practiced medicine this way. Root cause verses treating symptoms.

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Even at the beginning my doc only suggested that the older members (65+ with comorbidities) might want to consider taking it. It was not recommended for any of us under that age or in good health. Once the data started coming in he stopped recommending for anyone - and I don't think his family has taken any of them either. I consider myself very fortunate to have a family doctor that still holds his Hippocratic Oath as sacred.

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I sent this HART video on to the Naomi Wolf/Steve Bannon DailyClout/War Room group of volunteers that is reviewing the Pfizer vaccine trial FOIA data required under court order. I recommended that they contact Dr. Craig and HART Group to get further details on what she uncovered that appears to be more fraud in the latest vaccine trials on babies and toddlers. I see HART Group has been submitting comments to the FDA and their advisory committees https://www.hartgroup.org/open-letter-2-fda-vaccines-committee/ Here's a link to the HART Group editorial on the FDA action approving the jab for 0 to 4 yr olds: https://www.hartgroup.org/fda-approve-covid-vaccine-for-0-4-years/

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Listen now | It's Really True: They Know they are Killing the Babies


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Jun 20, 2022·edited Jun 20, 2022

Several weeks back on a post, you asked if we were able to red pill anyone, and if so, how did we do that? I explained I was only able to red pill two people. I told you my strategy was to red pill my doctor. Felt that was my only way to save the most lives! That I had previously read him the riot act on my last visit. Schooled his erroneous bullshit belief that IVM was ONLY an antiparasitic, not effective for covid, and he would not prescribe it to me for covid if I got it. I quickly shot back that that was bullshit! It was also an antiviral that worked as a zinc ionophere that attacked the spike!! Also told him every FDA approved drug could be prescribed by a doctor for any reason they see fit. It's called "off label" use. No FDA approved drug has to be FDA approved for every subsequent use thereafter, and he KNOWS that! He had no idea what VAERS was! Gave me that "oh boy...another conspiracy theorist" look when I told him this death shot was KILLING ppl!! Please see your post on that for more context. I gave him "homework" to complete before I came back for my follow up!

Last week I had my follow up! Spent 45 minutes AGAIN giving him a "come to Jesus" talk. I'm outspoken. I NEVER FKN PULL A PUNCH!! I schooled him again. Armed with all new evidence on vax that science had shown since I'd last been there.

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While you've plied your doctor with evidence, the real question is: Did it "take"?

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It's a work in progress. I spent an hour with him and told him about 1000 peer reviewed studies. All cause mortality. He said he had a friend who was an epidemiologist and they've talked about side effects. I asked if his friend worked for any university Fauci gave grants to or bought by pharma. He says no. I made sure he understood this was bigger than a few side effects. He's KILLING ppl, the difference between a good doc and an excellent doctor,, is excellence walks through hot coals for their patients, thinks outside the box. And my conscience won't allow me to let you continue killing ppl when I think so much of you!!! It's got to stop!! Repeated Dr. McCullough credentials and told him look into him. Felt I'd make better progress with a doc, opposed to Steve, since he's in uncharted waters. Likely to believe a doc. Since he's "broken" in now, on my follow up I'll hit him with Steve's breakdown if he's still advocating for the vax

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Steve, this is a good action. More important and useful would be doing something about the State Medical Board in each state----a way to get the names of the members? How they are selected and by whom? Then, push on those guys and the ones who decide who'll be on the Board.

The California Medical Board is apparently OK with the proposed law in California that would sanction health care workers for talking about alternative treatments, etc. It's still in process in the California Legislature. That would be another point of push-back by MDs---to write in to the legislative portal in opposition to that bill. PERK has a good write-up and links on how to do this effectively at PERK.org

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My doctor was asked by a mom if her 12 year old son should take the shot, and the doc mentioned myocarditis and the woman reported her to the CA medical board because she didn’t want to hear that answer! She just wanted reassurance. My doctor also was fired as an adjunct professor after telling her med school students that they should know the side effects before taking the shot or giving it. Too much logic I guess!

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