I appreciate all the heartfelt passion and hard work everyone has collectively contributed in trying to stop this God awful 'self perpetuating killing machine'... but, the unfortunate reality is... we’ve lost this battle. We lost it from the very minute they rolled this thing out on us. They own the media machine—the politicians— the medical agencies— the police force— the military! They own the lot! Hell, they even own and control the minds and thought processes of the masses!

THE most chilling aspect of all this is the mere fact that—“WE know,” that “THEY KNOW,” what these so called “vaccines” are doing! There’s no way they don’t know! But they keep pushing them onto an unsuspecting global population regardless!

Why on earth are they doing this?

Because it’s their ONLY OPTION! That’s why!

They can’t suddenly turn around and put out a global public announcement…

“We regret to inform you— the Covid-19 vaccine roll-out must be ceased immediately! Worldwide and without delay! Public health officials worldwide, have received conclusive and totally irrefutable scientific evidence, that these injections have killed and permanently debilitated millions of people of all ages globally! And they will continue to do so unless immediately halted!”

They CAN NOT, and WILL NOT do this! Not ever! Why? Because they can’t! It’s simply too late!

They have no option whatsoever but to continue on with the murderous lies, denials and cover-ups—and let millions, perhaps BILLIONS— DIE! There’s simply no alternative course of action available to them at this late point in the game.

And there's another deeply troubling side to this too... so many people "supposedly on our side," i.e., the “truth telling” side… continue to promote all this Wuhan gain of function bio-weapon crap—wet-markets, infected bats, pangolins, virus variants, endless mutations, hordes of Chinese people falling down dead on the spot and other such horse shit!— not realising (although some no doubt 'fully realising')… that all they’re doing is helping in solidifying the notion, that we were in a “REAL pandemic.“ I’m certain that in 20 years time the popular historical version, i.e., the "accepted narrative for all time," will be just as big a sack of shit as 9/11 and the assassination of JFK.

We have to start facing reality—and REAL QUICK!

We (the truth and justice league) are an incredibly small island in a massive ocean of lies and cunningly controlled deception. This machine of global criminality controls all the various means towards silencing opposition—therefore, there’s not a single ghost’s hope in hell of ever convincing our friends of the reality of what’s being done to them/us! They’re not listening to us! They NEVER WERE listening to us! And they're not about to start now.

Many of them still fully believe they’re in a life threatening pandemic and everything we try to present to them is nothing but fictitious tinfoil tomfoolery! That’s what they’ve literally been programmed to believe! And believe me—they’re STILL BELIEVING IT BIG TIME!

Many of us have known this for some time now, but hey... still we try.

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Technically (imho) there was no (criminal) offence nor (criminal) intent and no personal nor collective harm done to any person / group by his actions... but perhaps certain top gov. officials, that can be viewed now, as hiding this data and obfuscating Barry's requests for its release and/or further analysis.

Charged with: NZ's Criminal Code Section 249 – Accessing computer system for dishonest purpose (let's analyse it, since B. shall not be charged/sentenced on some (elite controllers) whim, as it seems.):

Everyone is liable to imprisonment who accesses any computer system and obtains any property or advantage; or causes loss to any other person.:

- obtains any property or [he had clearance and proper access rights to "obtain", hence N/A]

- advantage; or [i.e. financial advantage, any use of advantage? hence N/A]

- causes loss to any other person. [no loss, no personal details released, data wasn't deleted/modified and is in original condition at source, WHO is that exactly that incurred any loss? hence N/A]


This law is NOT absolute. There is no mention in the NZ's CC Section 249 about (criminal) just RELEASING of certain parts of such property to public (its de facto owners). Reasonable person would agree that he might have, PERHAPS, breached some part(s) of his employment contract and/or acted against his employer wishes / regulations in place (and that's NOT criminal offence).

Circumstances matter. We now know (and Barry become reasonably aware, while dealing with his superiors before his data release) that data wasn't going to be (PROMPTLY) released by (and with) following a long bureaucratic process. Have they analysed missing part of data (or any part of any data whatsoever and reported on it, so far), that they still keep hidden from public? No, they did not (and WHY NOT do you think?). Hence, it's fair/reasonable to say that, whether such analysis is not performed and its conclusion are not provided asap, potentially more NZ citizens can (still) die. That recently exploding "sudden death syndrome", due to some "unknown reasons", period appears still not over. He might, rightfully, excuse himself by explaining to the judge/jury that fast release was crucial in order to prevent more deaths. A good example would be: passer by (that observed Rescue Services present at the scene, but, for whatever reason, abstaining from help), a good Samaritan pulling someone from a car wreck that has caught fire and victim will be burned alive, if Samaritan did not pull victim free, but victim become seriously injured by such rescue, Samaritan is protected, as it would be a reasonable act to do so. Isn't what Barry did comparable or unreasonable?

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31 year old woman dies. Her baby boy died in 2022.

Family's tragedy as 31-year-old mum who 'would do anything for anybody' dies

Cally Ann Ahearne was a 'beautiful, supporting, and loving' individual according to her heartbroken mother

A mother has shared her agony after losing her 31-year-old daughter. Louise Lewis' daughter, Cally Ann Ahearne, sadly died on Friday, February 16, less than two years after she tragically lost her baby son.


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Hi Steve. I play EA FC 24 on the PlayStation 5. Fornerly known as the game Fifa. Since 2021 there have been messages on the loading screen advising the playing community that they are removing a player from their game following their sudden death. I have screenshotted the last 2 messages. Please see players Archange Mondouo and Agyemang Diawusie. I can share screenshots of the messages if required

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Anyone know if there is a GiveSendGo for Barry? Could not find anything like that for him and surely he needs and deserves our support.

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Thanks for standing up in this space. The perpetrators MUST be dealt with and Justice must be served in the names of all deceased and suffering.

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Another epic Thursday night and epic after-show X space! VSRF is firing on all cylinders!


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Thanks for the article.. To understand more on current events, pls visit https://bibleprophecyinaction.blogspot.com/

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Here's a question nobody has asked: How many public health employees died from Covid?


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I continue to support whenever I can in this way, in the knowledge of Truth hidden in government propaganda on the basis of National Security.

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It shows everyone that's watching/listen that the MARXIST-LENINIST IDEOLOGY is alive and being pushed down our throats!!! Good Luck Barry against your Fascist country!!!

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Long live Steve Kirsch. Long live Barry Young. Long live Reiner Fuellmich. Long live.........

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Feb 29·edited Feb 29

Supreme Court of Queensland in Australia just ruled that the vaccine mandate for police & healthcare workers was unlawful, & breach of their human rights, we are waiting to see if that ruling will be extended to other States in the country & other professions & jobs.

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If international deadbeat and professional scum-bag, Hunter Biden, can get away with all his illegal goings on, surely a top notch lawyer should be able to spring Barry no problem. Meanwhile, I hope he fights it hard all the way and makes as much media noise as possible. A brilliant chap! We all owe him a massive.

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Hello from NZ. Marc, you have a quaint 20th century perspective regarding my country. There is no free press here, in fact we have government sponsored censors. The only media noise will be a chorus slandering Barry. As far as brilliant lawyers using truth to win justice and vindication - nope, won't work here. We did win some High Court battles in 2020 and 2021, which were ignored by the the Govt and media. The rulings were not enforced. The PM's uncle was in charge of the police at the time. We have a South Pacific banana republic, run by kleptocrats, same as any other petty dictatorship in the global south. Fake parties and fake elections which change nothing complete the clown show.

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Doggy, So sorry to hear that. I have been following the trials and unbelievable tribulations of Horseface's reign for the last few years. I had hoped the insanity had passed with her demise. How could this have happened to your island paradise. But we've still got the alternative media so we will be watching! Keep spreading the word.

PS The situation in the UK is no better.

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I don't know how it applies in New Zealand, but the U.S. has laws that make this whole thing legal. Read Katherine Watt's Bailiwick News: https://bailiwicknews.substack.com/p/orientation-for-new-readers

She wrote today:

"The laws need to be repealed and nullified, because if they stay on the books, they will be used repeatedly to hurt and kill more people, day after day, year after year. That’s why they were put on the books in the first place: to authorize, disguise and pre-exonerate acts that would otherwise be recognized and handled by human societies as outrageous crimes.

And the killers have been very, very clear about their intent to continue using the laws to plan and direct and delegate and pre-exonerate the commission of more of those crimes, during the many future “public health emergencies” they will declare, using the many future “countermeasures” they will deploy."

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Katherine is correct. The laws behind everything we saw and experienced made it legal, and because no one is repealing the laws that caused the mandates, Emergencies and EUAs, all the 'court wins' (at least in Australia) are placebos and fake - a thin veneer of 'freedom.' They will do it again and people are celebrating the bars of their prison cells.

I have rather given up explaining this to Australians. They do not want to see it. They want cheap wins and hopium because they have been abused for so long that their minds are no longer working and the 'freedom politicians' are grifting for votes.

Until the laws and Acts behind the mandates are destroyed, there are no wins.

The only way to counter this is to make the personal commitment of non-compliance. All the people crying and suing the state for taxpayer-funded compensation are delusional. You cannot comply your way our of tyranny. You cannot beg a democidal regime for relief. You cannot inject thousands as a doctor, failing to do your due diligence, and then shift blame onto 'pharma.'

You cannot sue your way out of personal responsibility and failure to see the man behind the curtain. Lawyers, even the ones who say they work pro bono are greedy and hoping for a payout and to elevate their profile as heroes to 'get the big win.' If they wanted to make a difference, they would destroy the laws that allowed all this to happen, but they are not interested. They want the veneer. The show trial.

So, at this point, people either see it or they do not. I cannot help them anymore.

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You are so right. In the US it seems that every issue is now a matter of National Security and anything you do wrong makes you a domestic terrorist. It is insane!

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