They claim in there that mask compliance helped reduce severity and that the (filthy) unvaxed "press for variants". From what's I know, that's BS, esp. the latter. It's not in their data and only some casually isnerted claim, but I don't feel like forwaring this to people who aren't used to read studies and take this with a grain of salt, nasally or otherwise...

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Nasal irrigation is best when it's performed by pulsitile nasal irrigation. This utilizes a Water Pik with a nasal attachment. This method was pioneered by Dr. Murry Grossan ENT in the 80's. ( http://www.ent-consult.com/) It is the easiest (IMO the most effective) way to perform nasal irrigation. Neilmed has bought the rights to the Grossan device. The Water Pik pump helps restore cilitory beat frequency witch is tied into mucocilatory clearence. Which decreases viral load. There are several solutions that lipid enveloped RSV's are susceptible too.

SAR CoV2 utilizes ACE2 receptors. Sulphated polysaccharides mimic the attachment site for the spike protein. The simplest sulphated polysaccarhide is Iota carageenan. It can be bought as a food grade ingredient and incorporated into a nasal irrigation solution. It can also be bought as a nasal spray, from Betadine called, cold defense nasal spray.

There are also essential oils effective against lipid enveloped viri. Alkolol Nasal wash is great.





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I've been doing nasal wash with saline solution for almost 10 years because I used to have chronic allergic sinusitis. Saline solution solved my problem.

I always wondered if this daily habit could be preventing me from getting covid (and flu and cold). I'm not vaccinated and only time I got "sick" was 1 day I measured 99.5 °F temperature, which is not even considered fever.

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This whole episode is so sad and tragic. Unnecessary panic, pharmaceutical profits, and swollen egos of public officials caused billions in suffering, some of it permanent, and millions in deaths.

In 2018 Fauci extols the virtues of an mRNA vaccine but complains it’ll take too long to certify unless some sort of crises comes along. Lo and behold a few years later from a lab in Wuhan he funded, using a gain of function research he favored, a virus suddenly allows him to use the mRNA vaccine he also favored.

He’s like a Bond villain, except real. And working for our government.

Reminds me of the line from the sheriff in the Bond film Live and Let Die: Secret agent!!! On who’s side!?!?

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Oct 8, 2022·edited Oct 8, 2022

Steve you should really look into vitamin D, because vitamin D isn’t really vitamin but a pre hormone that controls around 2000 genes after being converted to an active hormone in the liver and kidneys and if your levels are around 50 ng/ml (125 nmol/l) or higher, then your immune system can handle Covid-19 You can get sick but not as bad as if you had low levels (20 ng/ml or 50 nmol/l or lower). The three main groups that are too low in vitamin D are people that with high BMI, people with dark skin colour and people that stay mostly indoors (i.e the elderly). Most countries recommends 600 IU of vitamin D per day. But people usually need around 6000 IU or more daily. Joe Rogan takes 6000 IU daily and the same does Anthony Fauci.

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That's study used either 10% sodium bicarbonate as the saline solution, or 10% povidone iodine 10%. Does using the alkalized sodium bicarbonate solution have the same effect as using regular table salt or iodinized table salt?

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I have been using Xlear nasal spray since the day I heard the primary incubation area for COVID is in the deep sinus passages. I use this as my primary prophylaxis when traveling or in large groups. The primary ingredients are grapefruit seed extract, Xylitol, in saline suspension. Not one of my team members contracted COVID while using this on customer job sites, yet other vendors regularly had members infected. I fly constantly and not holed up in my home and have yet to catch COVID.

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You can use a regular plasic water bottle from the store, mix some salt into the water, then make a small hole in the plastic cap, then you can squeeze the bottle for the nasal rinse.

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For those in the know, Dr. McCollough has been saying that for over a year. But you all are thinking the CDC and W.H.O actually want to help us,? Nada. Their top idea, after a few more billions, is to de-populate. Which one can only do by getting rid of people. If enough people will finally realize they can kill this virus with a few simple inexpensive means, maybe, just maybe, they will think one step further and ask: What? If it's this easy and simple, why did they let so many die? EXACTLY!! Duh!

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Oct 7, 2022·edited Oct 7, 2022

We used the Hydrogen Peroxide Nebulizer treatment when the family caught it in January 2022:

* 4 grams sea salt

* 240 ml distilled agua

* 3/4 teaspoon food grade hydrogen peroxide

Put it in the refrigerator too cool, and then nebulize for ~20 minutes every 4 hours until symptoms diminish, and then when comfortable thereafter until recovered.

Very convenient, and quite refreshing, and when mixed with our Horse Paste, Quercetin, Zinc, D3, and K2, we were just fine, and my wife an I are in our 60's now. Horse Paste by far really reduced the duration of the infection.

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I knew that 2 and a half years ago Steve, because I listened to Alex Jones.

What jones says now you will scream and call him a right wing nutcase who needs to be silenced.

Then in 2 years you'll be announcing it as news again.

Thanks for your courage and integrity steve.

Better late than never.

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No money to be made by big pharma off saline nasal irrigation, there's your answer!!

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Take your D3 daily and you can sleep thru anything...

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This is not new.

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Dr McCullough has been talking about hydrogen peroxide, povidone iodine/betadine, or saline nasal washes for quite some time as both a treatment and a preventative.

He points out if you think you’ve been around someone infected, whether you have symptoms or not, do the wash/gargle a couple of times a day. If there is a positive test do it several times a day.

Fast forward to 42:10 on this podcast from last year: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/the-mccullough-report/id1562849542?i=1000545091216

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