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i would participate, but, alas. do not qualify. I consider myself a vaccine expert after spending 24/7 for 2 years reading only malone McCullough, kirsch, kory, marik,, etc etc etc more, every single one, for 2 years. just kidding about competing , i am not competitive type although some who have read me on twitter might think that.

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I'm not a medical student, but here's my crack at the questions

1. We estimated that over 150,000 Americans were killed by the vaccine. Tell us what the correct ESTIMATE is and how you calculated it.


based on the vaccine fatality rate VFR that is used in the Stefanie Seneff paper https://www.skirsch.com/covid/Seneff_costBenefit.pdf . For 65+ the VFR starts at .026% and goes up. The VFR for 30+ starts at around .01% and goes up but I'll use that for everyone under 65. vaccination amongst 65+ is almost 100% , so I'm just going to assume everyone 65+ (~52 million ) received their full vax. then I'll subtract that from the estimated 220 million vax to get the number for <65.

vaccine caused deaths 65+ = 52 million * .026 % =135,200

vaccine caused deaths <65 = 220 -52 million * .01% = 16,800

Oh ya I guess that's around 150,000. Wow, I thought maybe you were using a crazy URF with the VAERS to get the 150,000. The only thing is it seemed like there was less certainty with the VFR for the 65+ group.


2. What is the VAERS underreporting factor for 2021 and the COVID vaccines and how did you calculate it?


I like Matthew Crawford's estimate of about 30


"In fact, judging by the original Pfizer trial report (5.2.6 page 33) in which 0.7% of vaccine recipients suffered SAEs, we should now expect there to be around 2.4 million SAEs among American vaccine recipients. However, as of today, there are only around 78,000 in the VAERS database, suggesting a 30:1 underreporting rate for SAEs."

3. The rates for pulmonary embolism and other symptoms were elevated by over 1000X vs. baseline rates in VAERS. If the vaccines are perfectly safe and effective, how do you explain this dramatic increase?


here I think it would be really interesting to do a study on a kaiser permanente 2020-2021 database and do a similar calculation that was done for determining Vaccine Fatality Rate (COVID vaccination and age-stratified all-cause mortality risk. By Pantazatos and Seligmann), but instead look for Vaccine Pulmonary Embolism Rate. They did some regression to predict the vaccine fatality rate based on the previous and current years monthly deaths, monthly vaccinations, previous months cases etc..


4. In the first 2 months of 2021, there were just 3 cases of myocarditis reported for all vaccines combined (except for COVID). For COVID vaccines, there were 445 reported cases. We can't figure out how the CDC could possibly have missed this safety signal since it was there since January. How did they miss it?


This one I'm stumped by , but I've been assured by pro vaccine groups that our safety systems

are working because they caught the myocarditis issue right away. Hmm, seems like there was a big signal early in January, but we only heard about it when no one could rationalize 16 year olds being in the hospital with myocarditis?

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Philip Dormitzer has left Pfizer, Marion F. Gruber and Phil Krause have left FDA. Only lunatics stayed there. It is just fair to say these authorities are gone. There is no real point in offering these people anything. It is about time do dismantle NIH, CDC and FDA. They have done such a poor job, that USA and the whole world would be better off without them.

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I threw away my TV twenty years ago. My wife and I got wilderness medicine training thirty years ago and learned our hands-on practical medicine from running a small ranch. I get my teeth cleaned at the dentist but haven't had a cavity in thirty years because we follow Weston Price. We have a basic understanding of herbal medicine and haven't taken a prescription or nonprescription drug in over 40 years.

Walking away from industrial medicine isn't difficult. My advice: Stop trolling the Kool-aid drinkers and focus on figuring out how to un-phuq vaccine damage. Drs. Z & K think ivermectin might help and going forward this will be the #1 need for those who were deceived into taking the poison.

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Steve, here is a big lead for you. Visit the doctors participating in the comments section on medpagetoday.com. It is rife with ego-filled, narrative driven doctors spouting their age-old lies about the benefits of the COVID vaccine. I am very frustrated that because I am not a doctor I am not allowed to comment. One such doctor who refers to himself as, yourdoc, makes this ridiculous claim: "While it is possible to be infected or pass the virus along even if vaccinated, the viral loads in those vaccinated are much lower. "

I just wish I could have simply pasted this from the CDC from Rochelle Walensky back in July:

"Today, some of those data were published in CDC’s Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report (MMWR), demonstrating that Delta infection resulted in similarly high SARS-CoV-2 viral loads in vaccinated and unvaccinated people. "

Of course, this is only one proof of viral loads in vaccinated. There have been several more since July.

This guy has enough of an ego and thinks highly enough of himself that he might just be willing to take you on.

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Damn the Authoritarian torpedoes... Full Speed Ahead!

Act out in unexpected ways.

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It was so easy explaining all the so called "statistical anomalies" in VAERS and defense department injury tables using simple math: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MS2aEfbEi7s Can I have free med school?

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Catherine here…

You are a credit to humanity!

God bless your endeavors!

I pray for you every day!

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We all like to think that if we had the big money, we'd use it well. Kudos to you, Steve, for walking the talk.

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This is brilliant.

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Steve, you should probably keep your financial bait offers for turncoats within reasonable limits. Eventually the truth will come out. And you will have many takers.

Assuming Mr. Biden legitimately took a second booster, I doubt he will be a cognitively competent President much longer. Eventually enough vaccine proponents will be put out of commission that it will be safe for people to speak the truth. Maybe in time you can organize people for their testimony, and develop an educational documentary for future generations, so no one tries this stupid social experiment again. 🙂

You are perfectly positioned.

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I was just watching the tele-interview between Professor Michel Chossudovsky of globalresearch.org ( a really great truth site ) and one of the researchers in Spain who have examined the vials and found mainly graphene oxide and little traces of RNA that would have no effect at all. The deadly toxic nano-metal graphene produces the exact same symptoms as so-called Covid 19, causing clots, permanent injury and death. The Japanese found it and halted the shots entirely. Now in Spain lawsuits are being brought to stop the injections. The University responsible for finding the graphene is the University of Almeria. The same ingredient has been found by researchers in Chile as well. Naturally there is not yet any "peer-reviewed studies" confirming this due to the widespread suppression in the medical journals, and fear in the medical community of loss of livelihood under openly-announced state threat. I encourage everyone to check the interview on YouTube or globalresearch.org. Apparently the Spanish team found that glutathione as well as NAC ( the precursor ) will degrade the metal, which has been placed in the vials as part of the 5GW or what is known in New World Order speak as Full Spectrum Dominance. The graphene works as a neuromodulator and is excited electrically and wirelessly, which is why many recipients of the shots found that magnets stuck to the injection site and elsewhere on their bodies. I am receiving intravenous glutathione and my lung inflammation and digestive problems following the second shot received a year ago are finally resolving completely and my immune system is being restored..

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I genuinely think that at some of those in public health believe the narrative but think that the small things that change (that they consider they’ve been forced to misrepresent for the greater good e.g. efficacy against infection) mean they won’t be able to get their message across. The cognitive dissonance is strong. I think you need to get a bit more aggressive and overt with your baiting.

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I guess all those peiple (CDC etc...) get more money from Big Pharma! That's why they won't accept.

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They missed the signals, because they are busy approving new EUA and the new boosters.

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Hello Steve. I am aware of the mother of a med student who has a virology background. How can they get in touch with you? Please respond to dtep@protonmail.com. Thanks

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